Skeleton of a Politician

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This was found recently in a lock up in The Houses of Parliment behind a boarded up wall. It is believed to be one of the very first Politicians.

An amazing find

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    Hee hee hee heeeeeeeee
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    LOL - How DO they ALL get like that.

    Must be genetic

    #1 Lie whenever lips move.
    #2 Two-faced
    #3 Head up ass

    tsk tsk tsk
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    I don't vote for them, Ken, I only vote for the good guys, who end up being corrupted from such close proximity to liers, thieves and scoundrels.

    By the way, someone needs to turn that skull over, unless he/she went in feet first...

    After seeing your racehorse thread, CTABUK, I was a bit apprehensive to scroll down!

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