Things happen in 3's. What does it mean when...

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...they just keep coming?

People often say that bad stuff always comes in threes. In the past, this seems to have been the case. But what does it mean when you go well beyond those 3, and these aren't small things.

Here's my month (that's just JULY/AUGUST) so far:

1) computer crashed
2) fridge died
3) van died (gone to dump)
4) bicycle for new transportation refuses to be repaired
5) laundry washer burning rubber - needs to be replaced
6) long-lost debtor suddenly demanding thousands of dollars
7) another less serious computer crash

And if that isn't enough...

Today I made one of the most shocking discoveries of my life.

8) I've lost my domain! Someone took my domain that I've been working to promote for over a year. It seems my host forgot to renew the registration.

Yep! That's 8 so far (well, 6 serious ones if you discount #4 & #7) in just ONE MONTH! And August isn't over yet. Oh, and my tenant decided to move, which cuts my income significantly. So I guess that's 9 so far.

So tell me... what would YOU make of this?

I think I'm suicidal!

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    It could be worse - everything you just listed is pretty temporary stuff. It isn't like deaths of loved ones or terminal health diagnosis.

    Take the small stuff one at a time -- check into a lawyer regarding your domain and your "long lost debtor" who might have disappeared long enough to have exceeded his statute of limitations on collections.

    Then prioritize what you need fixed first. If they have or in Canada you might be able to get freebies to replace a few of the appliances.

    I've had close to two years now of that type of thing, but all in all - nothing terminal so I am in good shape.

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