Lenovo Laptops. Good Quality?

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Hi! I'm planning to buy some new laptops and therefore I'm wondering if Lenovo is a good choice?

Isn't it IBM who produce Lenovo? I remember the good old IBM desctops... Wow! That was Quality!
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    It was only a few days ago I was praising my new Lenovo but admitely the screen is becoming a bit slack which is a dissapointing...
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    It was Lenovo who produced PCs for IBM and then bought the whole PC division from IBM. However, they already have a much larger line of PCs of their own. So as far as laptops are concerned, it is only the ThinkPad series that are descended from IBM, the others are Lenovo.

    I have used over 10 Thinkpads in my business without any problems. The servicing is usually very fast and dependable. But the key issue for me is the pointing stick as I cannot stand using the touch pad.
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    I had a Lenovo and loved it. Strong heavy duty..works well..get it on tigerdirect.com and pay for the extended service. If you drop it break it or anything they replace it no questions asked.
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    Go with the Think Pad Edge is the one to get. I've done extensive research and that is the one I am buying very soon.
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    I'm very hard on laptops. If durability is a feature you need, Lenovo is definitely a good choice. I've had 3 - two which endured extensive travel and one that survived flying out of my trunk at 40 mph with no harm.
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    The Lenovo ThinkPad Edge E520 is a good choice. It's durable and dependable.
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    I have the ThinkPad W701, a 17 inch laptop. It's by a fair margin the best computer I've ever had, and that includes a Mac. (The Mac was actually the worst.)

    I'm travelling for an extended time and doing everything with just one computer, and couldn't have a better one for it.
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    Better pay a bit more for a Dell, i always bought Dell laptops and never had problems, best quality by far.
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    I have sony vaio its good for me.
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    I used Lenovo and VAIO both.. but I prefer lenovo.
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    But thanks everyone for the help! I'm going to order my Lenovos soon!
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    I love my Lenovo. It is way better than my Toshiba and Acer that I had.
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    There are numerous features in Lenovo Laptop. It is absolutely a superior selection. People can experience the excellence of Lenovo.
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    Lenovo's are great and very reliable. I have the X220. Very small, powerful and the battery can last up to 10 hours if you get the extended one! There price is also lower then dell and hp laptops.

    lenovo laptops in pakistan
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    Frankly, there are some problems with dell. Unless you REALLY want it, I would say stay away.

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    Fun to see that this thread has been brought back to live.

    But I didn't buy a Lenovo. I bought a HP Pavilion dv6 with Beats Audio, 6GB RAM, 740GB HD, ATI Radeon GPU, Intel Core i5 CPU, etc. instead last year (13 months ago to be exact).

    I still have it and there hasn't been anything wrong with it yet. Best computer I've had to date, except the old IBM I had 10 years ago of course
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    Don't own any Lenovo's but I see them all the time, they seem to be pretty good computers, comparable to a Dell.
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    I was a bit sceptical when my daughter wanted to buy one, but after 3 years intensive use without real problems, she out run my ASUS Lamborghini VX7. This one lasted only 2,5 years.
    So brand and price, it doesn't say all.
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    yes I remember the quality of IBM laptops and desktops. However gone are those days. Lenovo are not at all like IBM. This chinese company is just focussed on making things at a cheaper price. I suggest you to have HP, Dell or even Apple if your pocket allows.
    But not Lenovo.
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    yes lenovo is the best choice

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