Dad forces 12 year old girl to beg for getting bad grades at school

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And says he was teaching her a life lesson.

Girl scores poor marks, forced by father to beg - The Times of India

The girl is supposed to have learning disabilities. This is outrageous. The guy is unrepentant for what he did.

The girl has now been sent back to her dad according to the newest reports.
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    The dad didn't want her back because she ruined his reputation? I think he managed that all by himself when he chose public humiliation as a form of discipline.

    It's clear to me who the ignorant one in that family is.
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    While I definitely do NOT condone the father's actions, some actions like these are born out of a desperation to keep your kids from going through what you went through.

    For example, there are many that think it cruel for a parent to force a kid to continue eating after he's full. But there's a whole generation of parents that went through the depression, and are stuck on forcing kids to clean their plate or not get up from the table. And some even say it's a partial reason for the high rate of diabetes in the United States. - Some consider it abusive behavior on the parents part. But it was not born out of an actual incentive to be abusive.
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    Kids nowadays are forced to do worse things than that... like going to school.
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    For crying out loud, I don't want to sound cold - but it's not like he turned her into a streewalker or something...he thought it would be a lesson in what could happen if she doesn't apply herself in class. An NGO intervenes on her behalf, and he is arrested?

    They didn't arrest the guy for shooting his daughters laptop - and that was assault with a deadly weapon (to the laptop)

    Besides, I seem to remember reading a story about a beggar in India, who was actually quite profitable, and made quite a good living at it. (of course, he might be an exception)

    update: I may have to recant my statement, but where was there something in that story about a learning disability? I missed that...
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    Im open to adopt this girl...
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    Oh Gosh...she is just a kid. Dad should understand her problem...
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    I grew up with a Marine as father who's preferred method of discpline and punishment was pointless manual labor. Typically something like "move all the boxes in the garage from the left side over to the right side" then when it's completed it was "looks good, now move them all back to the left side". These type of activities typically occupied several hours of our day and were done on the weekends. When we moved in with my Grandmother on her ranch it was digging post holes and repairing barbed wire fences if we did bad in school. This was a particularly effective technique because my brother and I would be begging to just get a quick beating rather than conduct hours of hard labor which left the body sore for several days.
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    Ken robinson hit on some things, but then implied the lie. People want a bachelor's degree NOT because they want a bachelor's degree, but because they want a highschool education, and hope such people will have one. Education, like the dollar, has been DEVALUED! So MANY highschool graduates do NOT have a highschool education. I SWEAR, they may start creating a test to test that stuff!

    One COLLEGE did just that, and the test became the SAT, which is now used at colleges across the US! Of course, TODAY, everyone CHEATS on that test! They either study for the test, or may even have a RINGER take it! Many teachers have cheating in their curriculum! I spend time as a technical screener, and basically test job applicants on the basics. People STILL try to cheat! Some are CAUGHT! If someone does OK, I APOLOGIZE for putting them through the ordeal. I feel like I am a guy asking a highschool graduate what 2+2 equals. Still, MANY FLUNK! Don't get me wrong, people off the street can't generally pass it, but ANYONE that dares to claim to have even a PASSING knowledge of this product, and a reasonable aptitude, should pass it QUICKLY!

    And people aren't afraid to go off half cocked. I was told to not contradict the customer, so at one point I basically encouraged them to pick a small unit, instead of larger ones they were considering, to show how to do something, and crossed my fingers HOPING they DID know something I didn't. They DIDN'T! They destroyed 2 days of MY work, SO FAR! They may have destroyed a MONTHS work from others. They STILL don't understand what they did wrong. They don't understand how files created at different times can have different data and thus may be incompatible. SERIOUSLY!!!!!!!!!

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    Many of these things happen in my place and many of parents hit their girl child infront of all.. during marks card day.. Even if they get more marks than me.. or less.. They cry and teachers just laugh..

    Hmm boys like me are lucky the never get hit
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    And I think I live in the worst place... People here are forced into tution's and getting in tution's is harder than getting into schools.. And people hit there children if they dont get admitted into reputed tutions..
    Here they take people who get good grade for tutions not people who get bad grades... And going there is like torture.. They make you revise last year question paper, reference book etc... practice practice and practice.. And now I cant think on my own.. I find it tough now to solve problems which I have not practiced.. ( before I could do all )
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    And ask many of the students here what they do in schools... Teachers use reference books.. even if the question is like " in your opinion" "write on your own" etc and most of the answers given is stupid... no sense etc..
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    Whatever happened to the good old days when you could tell strangers putting their nose in your business to take a hike?

    Isn't change wonderful? :rolleyes:

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