Pawn Stars is Fake!?

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My friend just told me that the store where the TV series "Pawn Stars" is filmed is not an actual pawn store. He walked in and all it was was a souvenir shop.

Really disappointing....
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    He got it wrong, tell him to try a PORN store next time, better result!
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    Your friend is 100% wrong.

    I've lived in Las Vegas on and off since 1987. I drove a cab there for many years. I've personally taken people to that pawn shop many times.

    It's possible that some of the items are staged, but that's a real pawn shop. I have a feeling he went to the wrong place.
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    I think it IS staged, but it would be dumb if it weren't a real pawn shop. The reason I feel it is staged, beyond the fact that it always seems to run so smoothly, etc... is that they ask people before and after going into the shop. Why would a REAL person reveal such things. A pawn shop is almost like an auction. You try to put the item in its best light, and fight for the highest price. Based on what I have heard, pawn shops try to determine what they can sell the item for, and pay you 30% of that.

    And won't such interviews, or the fact that it is televised, kind of scare away some people?

    Still, it advertises the pawn shop, they probably get income from that, and some may go there BECAUSE it is so famous.

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    People still need money, and even though they may know pawn store money is discounted, it's fast. That fast turnaround will keep people going there.

    Why would it be fake? You just ask people if they'd like to take part in filming before they go inside.

    Then there's the editing process. What you see in a reality TV show is not what happened. It's an approximation of what happened. And maybe they re-shoot a scene for clarity. Even something like Survivorman could be called "fake", because 7 days is condensed into under an hour. We simply cannot see everything or else it would take forever.
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    Spot on about the editing. I had a VERY small hand in the creation of the show (about 1/10 of 1%!) and it is not fake. Of course, the film/footage ratio is about 25-1, which is pretty standard for that type of show.
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    Shows like Survivor,the orginal "reality" show is still going strong ( though the last season was absolutely the worst imo) even though by now we know what we see is edited to slant our viewpoint.

    People want pablum, and the industry is feeding it to then.

    While I find the show obnoxious, I would say the show Hardcore Pawn is much closer to what a real pawn shop is like.
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    I'm fairly confident it's a real pawn shop. Now if the scenarios that are presented to us are real or not is a completely different question that needs to be answered.
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    I think all reality shows are fake or at least directed the way the producers want. My personal experience is when my niece's wedding was shown on TLC and everything she and her future husband demonstrated were so out of line. I was not there myself but she told me every line they spoke was written for them. So it was more like a movie making than impromptu acting. I used to love Hardcore Pawn and I thought all those "crazy" customers were real off the street till I saw an electronic monitor tied to the back of a "rude" woman who was being carried off by the so called security. So it was all a set up.
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    What?!!!!! A TV show Not real?!!!! What's this world coming to?
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    I can give you 15% of that show being faked. I can't go any higher.
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    "Reality" shows like Pawn Stars are largely staged and they even do several takes of seemingly genuine conversations. My brother in law just landed a reality show which will be airing on the Travel Channel called Toy Hunters. He and his partner have been in the toy collecting and selling business for years and do know their stuff, but they know what will happen and even rehearse scenes before shooting. He's shooting the first 6 episodes right now.

    Inventory of Toys : Video : Travel Channel

    (My brother in law is Steve...)
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    Awesome Mike! Congrats to him.

    The problem with shows like this is once they get an audience like Pawn Stars did followed by American Pickers,everyone thinks what THEY have is gold,.
    I hope their show is a success.
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    Pawn Stars is as real as Operation Repo!
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    It's a funny show. I am now keeping all my old stuff.
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    I've noticed that the "experts" seem to have a lot of time to research the items in some cases. If you watch carefully you'll notice little things that reveal they had the time to research and analyze the item before giving their thoughts.

    One that comes to mind is a saddle that was brought in and the expert mentioned she "watched the movie again" that the original saddle was in. Yet it was edited to look like she was making an analyzation on the spot (like they always edit it to).
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    Actually it was a real pawn-shop - but from what I've heard, and seen on youtube, it started getting way over crowded with people that just wanted to visit the stars of the show. Now I think they just open it up for real "pawning" long enough to film episodes. The rest of the time the store is a tourist trap, filled mainly with Pawn Stars T-Shirts.
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    Like all "Reality" shows they have a core element which makes them targets for TV production. The way the system works after is through “staged reality” when the producers meddle in the affairs to create “good TV”.
    If you watch the back grounds you can see scenes appear before or after the event. They crew simply go back to film a segment after and in post-production place it in the narrative to tell a story.
    It’s a genre which is thin on content as people’s lives are not that compelling day in day out.
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    This show is pretty much fake it might once have been a real pawn shop once upon a time but all it is now is a tv studio and tourist trap I now it's hard to hear but I'm pretty sure all the show is fake I've been checking online and the pictures and the people who have been there have all seen it's pretty much a tourist trap and some of them have been rite next to people when a women comes up to the person next to them and asks if they want to be on a show they watched the lady give the person a item to sell and a story behind for the person to reherse and then they push everyone out exept for that person then after the fake transaction they walk out the door come back in and give the money back PEOPLE IT'S PRETTY MUCH FILMED ON A TV SET.
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