Do people seriously still say 'CUT & paste'!

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Is it just me or does it really annoy you when people say 'CUT & paste' if you have any knowledge of a computer whatsoever you will know that 'CUT' means it will remove the text if it is editable, if you are copying from a website you are 'COPYING & pasting'.


Cut = remove text

Copy = text stays in place

I'm not a computer nerd or anything like that but it really annoys me when people don't say it right!

Rant Over!
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    Cut & paste predates computers. People would literally cut out pages and use glue to paste them on to different pages
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    You may not be a computer nerd, but you are probably not old enough to remember when graphic artists and copy editors actually DID literally cut and paste onto a board to make copy layout AND early printed circuit board's a terminology that is understood, but may seem archaic to you, like 'dialing' a phone...or a website 'radio' button - get used to's going to be around for at least a generation...

    And when was the last time you saw a phone with a rotary 'dial'? :p

    Rant over :p...and out.

    "over and out" that always bugged me...:rolleyes:
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    I don't even think I will be able to sleep tonight pondering this......
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    YOU are talking about NEW SPECIFIC METHOD terms that oversimplify an ANCIENT METHOD to meld several documents. In fact, they would often COPY a document to CUT out parts they would use. So what would you call THAT? Copy, CUT and paste?

    There are a LOT of terms that are lost in antiquity. HECK, some are less than 100 years old. Can we please TRY to save this one? MANY languages are related to latin. HECK, the guy that started RUSSIA was from NORWAY! Norwegian, Danish, and Swedish are VERY similar, yet they have decided even to have different alphabets! ALL use LATIN for the core characters!

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    WOW - of all the things to discuss - that's what you came up with. What is worse than your post is me posting a reply.
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    What The H#LL! You could have told me that it wasn't cut a few minutes ago...

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    You know what really p!sses me off?
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    When someone asks me to repeat myself after I just made an effort to say something, I sometimes say, "Copy, paste," instead of the the aggravation of saying it over again. "Cut, paste," would work too.
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    You do what?

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