Need Help! - Someone is using my Phone Number

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Hello Warriors,

I need some advice. It would seem someone (or company) is somehow making my phone number show up in peoples caller ID's and calling thousands of people a day. I have been getting 100's of calls a day from people wanting to know why I called them.

Does anyone know how this is possible? How can I remedy it short of changing my number?

I have a really cool phone number (not 867-5309 lol) and don't want to change it.

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    I don't know if that is even really possible. Discuss it with your phone company though. And SOME people hijack lines intentionally or unintentionally. I have had it happen to me PERSONALLY in some way maybe 5 times! It has happened with ME, and places I have been when they, or someone else, gets a new line and they somehow cross things.

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    It is a prepaid cell phone that I have had for about 5 years now. About the only lead I have gotten was that someone may using Magickjack in some way.
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    It's actually pretty simple to spoof caller ID numbers. In the US, though, it is also against the law.

    You'll somehow have to find out who is actually doing it, though. Maybe one of your irate callers can be calmed down enough to tell you. Then you can call the FBI in your area, because it is actually a federal crime. See Truth in Caller ID Act of 2009 (2010; 111th Congress S. 30) -
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    It seems someone is hacking your number. May be for your personal data or using your number for their criminal activities. Possibilities are there to hack your number. Who knows? Even your friends may also try this for fun. Better to complaint to your service provider before they start utilizing your number for criminal purposes. Why should you change your mobile number? Complaint to your service provider.
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    Probably you're a victim of identity theft, using your phone number and all your personal details. Better to report it your phone service provider and as a legal remedy execute an affidavit to that effect so you are protected. We don't know if your name and all your details are being use for illegal or illicit transactions.
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    Thanks for all the info and help!! I really appreciate it. My phone # is 234-5678 so you can see where someone may input that number in there scheme somehow. I will try giving my service provider (Net10) a call.
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    I do Have Net10. Thanks for your insight about *89. I will ask one of my 100-150 calls a day. You see what I am facing.
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    Hooboy! You would have to luck out and get an engineer (try to get to a 'tech' asap - you might even try to go to a tracphone tech, they seem to be more adept) that actually knows what they are doing with net 10 - everything they do is scripted on their computer, and even if you have all the info needed, and troubleshooting case # (I was a network communications tech, so I try to cover the bases) in hand - they will ask you if you all the repeat questions in a rote of luck in your quest. Pack a lunch

    *there is one other thing I just thought of...if you have recently changed phones or not, you might have them cross ref. your porting and see if someone did a duplicate port?
    Thank you so much for your insight. I very impressed with your knowledge on the subject! I have a feeeling you do some websites (or should) on the inner workings of the cell phone industry.

    Thanks again!

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