Shocking JFK deathbed confession by insider!

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Jesse Ventura, former governor, exposes the conspiracy behind the JFK murder through the deathbed confession of a high ranking CIA agent who was directly involved in the incident. The assassination was planned at highest hold of the Government with several high ranking politicians and governmental employees involved. Is there a present connection between those now in control, from Obama and back through, Bush (I & II), Clinton, Gerald Ford to Nixon and those who were responsible for ordering the removal of John F. Kennedy? The secret tape recordings of the confession will stun you and expose the conspiracy for what it really was all about!

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    It would be interesting, if true. I never knew what to think about JFK although he was before my time,and I had NO interest in politics or general news until much later.

    As for a deathbed confession, etc? The claims as to motive accuse things that are STILL in the works! There are perhaps 4 theories as to motive. Two are very popular, and deal with the NWO and the gold standard. And they have potentially billions of followers, so it likely WOULD require a deathbed confession. And THIS guy was LUCKY! He probably told his son everything, and let him tape it, and asked for it to be released AFTER he died. That way, if he somehow lived, he would still be safe.

    Hopefully this is ok. If not, please just delete it.

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    Well - I have studied this assassination at some length, out of curiosity, and read the Warren Report (the wonderful tale of the magic single bullet), and there was a curious piece of newer info I got a few years ago reading a book about Bush that still sticks with me.

    G.H. Bush, when asked once in an interview, said he could not remember where he was the day Kennedy was killed. Since to most Americans of an age who can reflect on that time, and it was such an event in history, can remember something like that - I thought this was sort of odd, but maybe he was just busy that day...

    Do you know where George was the morning of the shooting? In Dallas. I don't know about you...but I think I probably would have remembered that...

    He was also linked through CIA to a man who was found to be a close associate and 'handler' of Lee Harvey Oswald...and there a several other apparent connections, some are speculative, but compelling.

    Not enough evidence to convict anyone, but just an odd coincidence...

    just some more 'sketchy' bkgnd. info...
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    I have a problem with people that talk like that. I can remember mnor things NOBODY would ever consider and make dozens or hundreds of connections where some might not make ONE and YET.... when faced with something THEY consider significant, I may not remember ANYTHING!

    HECK, during 9/11, I HAPPEN to remember where I was because, to a degree, I have a photographic memory. I remember PRECISELY where I was standing to within maybe 10 feet. I was half way down the hall on the 2nd floor(which was really ground level), looking at a TV set. I was even musing THAT MORNING if that might happen! I BELIEVE I know the project. I had about 3 projects there. But I couldn't tell you what happened before or after that period. And I am EMBARASSED to say how I know it was a tuesday! I started looking for a home JUST before that, since I gave up waiting for the market to collapse, etc... And one person said the market was slow since tuesday. It took a while for me to make the connection. I don't think a channel was showing but, if it had, I couldn't tell you.

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    i was being born the day john lennon was shot
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    I would think most Americans and most people in general tend to remember where they were when a significant event happened surrounding their life. A child being born, when you proposed, or the loss of a significant person - good news as well as bad etc. When a building was hit by a plane, a man walked on the moon, a just launched spaceship blew up, or a president is assassinated, I would consider those to be significant memory points as well. The fact that GH also is reported to have relayed information in the afternoon about events surrounding this particular event, (possibly even to create an alibi) was in the same place at the time, would indicate he should have memory of it.(could it have been another George Bush? Possible, but not probable) The fact he seemed evasive regarding the incident, would to some, suggest he was trying to sidestep the question, rather than give a definitive answer. (jimo)
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    I was in the 4th grade when JFK was shot.I had no interest in politics,yet I remember that day very vividly.
    I do not believe for a second that bush doesn't remember where he was. I don't know who killed JFK, but I do know it wasn't oswald acting on his own.

    I also remember the Day Lennon was killed.

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