Welfare Lottery Winner found dead

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Lotto winner who claimed welfare found dead | General Headlines | Comcast
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    Many people would have taken the lottery winnings and started a new productive life. Maybe you can't cure self-indulgent, either?
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    Apparently it is hard to give up free money, even when you don't need it any more.

    It so sad to hear people self destruct when they finally get a break.

    It happens a lot more often than you think.
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    Unfortunately, this is par for the course for many lottery winners. Many, perhaps most of them, end up as bad off or worse off than they were before they won. I wrote an article about this a few years ago. To make a long story short, their finances may have changes, but their mindset and behavior typically doesn't change. The result is, if someone has problems, they often get worse.
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    Kinda stings to see that the ones getting the chance to do something good for themselves blow it so bad.

    I think they should give me a multi-million dollar win so I can show people how to react to it in a way that will actually do things for them........and allow them to do things for planet earth. Is there a write-in vote for lottery winners?
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    It is really unfortunate, but it reminds of how precious life is and that we need to live to the fullest!
    Carpe Diem!
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    Wow... Now that's something really sad. But by this stuff we really get to understand the value of life. MUCH valuable than any lottery prize. Indeed, I have read the same things about the lottery winners, they were the most unhappy.
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    I guess not every one can handle great wealth. Money comes with its own set of problems and if we are not prepared to handle it, it has the potential to ruin lifes.
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    If I won the lottery, I would move to South America, buy a nice property where there's plenty of naturally available fresh water, and keep a low profile.
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    You see the problem is that these kinds of people are with the Impoverished mind set. They see money and they must spend it all before it disappears rather than saving it for later or saving up for that something that they would like to do. All they do is spend, spend, spend rather than Save a little, invest a little, save a little, invest a little and so on. Us people who are not of the Impoverished mind set are the complete opposite. We seek to earn as much money that we possibly can and to save it, build a safety net, start up a business, and invest into our future and the future of our little ones.

    It is quite sad that these Impoverished mind set's have the need to spend money and so when they finally get a nice slice of the pie they must devour it all and devour it all so fast that when there is nothing more to spend they are much worse than where they were before they got that huge boat load of cash in their pockets.

    So yeah I feel like I beat the horse even though it was killed over and over and over.

    All the best!
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    Food stamp fraud? putting the nigerian scams to shame.
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    Wow, that's pretty sad. Perhaps lottery companies should put on self help workshops and motivational speakers, medical exams, counselling, a copy of 'the secret' a few books, and a war room membership, pay for it out of the winnings, and make the winners go through it all before they can have access to their winnings.
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    I keep winning lotteries but i haven't seen a dime yet?
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    I've always wanted to win the lottery just to prove I could stay a good person, not blow the money, and help other people.

    I guess the fates don't agree since I still haven't won...dang it.

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    I don't know, Joe. Now that the Amish have their own television show it could open up a whole new market.
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    Those aren't real Amish.
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    I guess it's true, what Dave Ramsey says: "Money will only make you more of what you already are."

    He's also stated on his show that lottery winners tend to go broke again after winning the lottery. Reason: their finances have changed, but THEY have not!
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    Too much money isn't really good for a person especially if he didn't earn it from hard work.

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