Can a Bank Stop Recurring Debit Card Payments?

by deuces81 13 replies
Signed up for a 6-month gym member then I moved out of state 2 months later. I cancelled my membership and I was assured that I would not be charged again but I could tell from the guys voice that he was lying.

Anyways, I ended up getting charged this month again even though a recent email from the gym guy assured me that I wouldn't be.

What can I do?

I emailed the bank 2 weeks ago and told them that I'm expecting them the charge me. They said they can't stop it and they suggested that I cancel the card and get a new one.

That just sounded too extreme.

I emailed them again today telling them the payment is fraudulent

I guess I'm just gonna have to suck it up and cancel the card or is there any way for the bank (CHASE) to stop it?

It's $60/month.
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    I'm in Europe and it may be different here(?), but if it's a debit-card, the payment instruction must have been given (probably to your bank, via the gym's bank, via a form you filled in and signed while at the gym?) in the form of either a "standing order" or a "direct debit" in writing, I think? If so, it can surely be countermanded in writing directly with your own bank? That's how it works here, anyway.

    Do you have a copy of the original?

    What you say above (about needing to cancel the card, to circumvent this) is something that can only ever apply to credit-cards, here, not to debit-cards, as far as I'm aware.

    Forgive me if the distance has made my observations unhelpful - and good luck!
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    That's why I never put recurring charges on my debt card - only on a credit card. So if I have any hassles canceling, they can pay a charge-back fee from the credit card company.

    I have no idea why though you shouldn't be able to stop that kind of payment from your end. Makes no sense.
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    Banks will always pay the business instead of stopping it.
    When I had my business I used a well known company (rhymes with wiccan" to be my cc processor/merchant account.
    When my business had to close I sent them all the paperwork I should need explaining that the business was shut down and I was cancelling the service. I kept my bank account open to finish up any late bills I had to pay.
    Turns out "wiccan" kept debiting my account. I went to the bank and filed unauthorized transaction forms and got it recredited. A few days later the funds were taken out again. I went back and forth with the bank and over this till I finally spoke to the bank manager who said that any corporation contract overrides my written instructions.
    Turned out the only way I could stop the improper actions by both "wiccan" and the bank was to completely close my account,which I did.
    I hope you don't have to take that drastic measure.

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      The agreement was between you and the company - the bank's only involvement is processing payments you authorized. It is not the bank's business to deny payments you originally authorized so they won't help.

      Call the gym and don't stop until you speak to the manager. Be firm but reasonable. If no help there - get the number for the corporate office. It could be the employee you talked to meant to cancel but didn't do it or did it wrong.

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    Kay,that was my whole point, the bank should do what you tell them to, it is your money,nbot theirs. But if the goal is to stop the imporper transactions,then he may have to take drastic action and stand up for hias rights another time.

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      It is up to you to cancel the payments with the bank, usually after you have informed the billing company.

      I always do both as can never trust a company not to try and get an extra month.

      Normally one would cancel in writing though. You mention tone of voice so that would imply you did not do it in writing, either letter or e-mail form.

      In addition what where the T&Cs? You said 6 month membership which you broke.

      Was the contract for 6 months then rolling.

      Too many other factors.

      To your thread title though, the answer is yes but only if you inform them.

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    I have a Visa debit card from my local bank (checking account), all I have to do is make a phone call to the bank & they'll stop/reimburse the payment (been there, done that).
    We have the technology.
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      Originally Posted by yukon View Post

      I have a Visa debit card from my local bank (checking account), all I have to do is make a phone call to the bank & they'll stop/reimburse the payment (been there, done that).
      You didn't understand the question. You used a word that does NOT apply!!!!!!! " they'll stop/reimburse THE payment.".

      The problem is that they are not stoping OTHER payments.

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    I've never had a problem with this either. Either the company gives the money back, or I write to them certified mail and CC the bank on it. Then I have the copy to give to the claims dept. I had one they really went in-depth on to get straightened out for me. Still don't trust banks in the least - but if I have to have one, might as well be one that actually does something for you.

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    I had to cancel a credit card years ago because a web host kept charging me after I'd left them. I fought the charges and got some of the money back, but not all. My bank advised me to cancel the card too, they couldn't stop the payments from being taken out.

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