Why Should We Trust Doctors?

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I always encounter the qualifier of consulting a doctor or medical professional about this or that. However, I've found that they are often quite uninformed on a vast array of health issues apart from those related to disease symptoms, drugs, and extreme procedures such as fixing broken bones and transplanting organs. They tend to be biased in favor of approaches that most enrich the pharmaceutical industry while being woefully ignorant of the merits of other approaches to healing.

In my own experience, I find that I have to second-guess doctors more often than I'd like, such as one who kept on prescribing antibiotics to my toddler, while a second opinion was that antibiotics would be inappropriate and extreme. A nurse once informed me not to worry about my toddler eating floride-containing toothpaste, but a dentist told me that ingesting flouride is bad for toddlers (which we'd already figured and acted on, on our own without the "medical professional green-light").

No, I don't blindly trust any authority, whether medical or other, however highfatutin' they may be. Some of the most highfalutin' accomplished, educated, rich successful and brightest people on this planet are among the most abusive as well, often notable not only for areas of brilliance but for blind spots as well.
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    In the US, there was a nice TV series called HOUSE(The medicine and the way it is done on the show IS TRUE TO LIFE!). On cable, there was ANOTHER called medical mysteries.(ACTUAL REAL LIFE EXAMPLES). Sometimes, on a show called AMERICAN GREED(REAL LIFE EXAMPLES), there are shows about medical doctors. Look at MRSA! PNEUMONIA! I could go on and on!

    MOST doctors are QUACKS! Most of the REMAINING doctors strive only to learn things DIRECTLY related to their chosen specialty. Most of those can NOT be trusted with anything outside the realm of that.

    But doctors have conflicting priorities. Even on HOUSE there was an episode where the director of the hospital owned part of a company and wanted HOUSE to LIE about the companies product to promote it. HOUSE ended up saying, IIRC, that the drug was NOT any better than the old version but was different, and therefore patentable, so they could keep a lock on the market(AGAIN, TRUE TO LIFE). Disagree with me if you must, but such things happen.

    The UNBELIEVABLE treatment of Ignaz Semmelweis in the 19th century is indicative of what happens even TODAY! Because doctors didn't want to wash their hands, MILLIONS of people DIED! And they sentenced Semmelweis to the SAME death because he called attention to it!

    Don't believe me? MRSA and pneumonia are BIG problems today! WHY? Did they just spring up by spontaneous generation? Do they just MAGICALLY appear in patients? They would like you to THINK so. The fact is that Louis Pasteur got credit for destroying THAT belief. NO, they happen because of the careless handling and disregard for patients. MRSA is acknowledged to have been caused by, though they don't say it in these terms, simply going through the motions. One of those? Over prescribing antibiotics, like they did for your toddler!

    And I write this NOT only as someone that has read, watched, etc... things on the subject, and seen other people treated, but they have treated ME that way ALSO! Did you ever notice that the ONLY times they seem to REALLY care is when THEIR health is at a definite risk, or maybe in the operating rooms(REMEMBER Semmelweis!!!!!!). Maybe the ONLY reason why they care in the operating room is because THEY are at risk. SURE, they may wear gloves, but they may come in close to talk and you may even feel spit! They will work long with you on the PRETENSE that this is IN CASE you magically get pneumonia, but may actually give you the illness in doing so.

    And YEAH, they STILL talk about AMALGAM being safe, but have you read how they are to dispose of waste amalgam? I have! It is like the stuff is RADIOACTIVE! WHY? Could it be that dentists are afraid of how the prolonged exposure to it may affect THEM?

    I had OPEN HEART SURGERY that could have been avoided if they used like early 20th century(Maybe this goes back to the 18th century, who knows?) technology, and did it as a cardiologist would. INTERESTING, all the cardiologists I have had do this! I heard about this technique in a school in the early 1970s. That school only went to the 4th grade(Average age of 4th graders is about 9yo)! So it is NOT new! HECK, even AFTER the operation(which left me with an almost audible click to the naked ear), a nurse ADMITTED that, using 20th century technology, a normal stethoscope, she did NOT hear my valve! A trained nurse, years earlier, should have been able to hear my sub par NORMAL valve. If they used the sphygmomanometer on BOTH sides, a deaf and barely capable nurse could have detected my problem, and prescrbed a drug to get e past the occasion with NO operation.

    Did I mention that a doctor gave me a clean bill of health in a "complete physical" only 2 months before my operation? HEY, I went to a military school and THEY demanded that I get a "full physical", and it was EXTREME! I had to go to the HOSPITAL! I had to take barium, had xrays, mris, etc.... The one 2 months before my operation was a JOKE! It seemed like little more than a "doctor" visit.

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    I went to a doctor for something very minor. I was given pills that made me so sick I was unable to defecate for two months. Then I was given another pill to keep me alive.

    The pain was terrible. The pills were so strong I couldn't drive or anything.

    You know what I went into the doctor for? I was welding and poked myself with hot mig wire and went to the doctor just to be on the safe side that I might get sick from that.

    The doctor almolst killed me with the pills he gave me.

    I poked myself again in the same way after that but did not go to the doctor and nothing happened to me, no infection or anything. So not only was poking myself with hot mig wire harmless, but I was given a pill for it that put me through hell and could have taken my life.

    I was 17 at the time and blindly trusted Doctors.
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    Well...you can always get a 2nd opinion...unfortunately, that would be from another doctor...

    And there is a wealth of information to be obtained on the net...we don't have to go to the local barber for bloodletting anymore...(while thoughts of Sweeney Todd dance through my head )
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    Im posting about the title of your post only.

    If you don't trust doctors how are you going to get better if you get sick?
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    I don't.
    Here's the Cliff's Notes version of a typical doctors visit.

    "Ok, Mr. Combs. What seems to be the problem?"
    "I feel like shit."
    "Ok. I'm going to write a prescription. Come back in 2 weeks""

    And for that I pay an outrageous amount of money.

    Basicly, it's the illness d'jour that they treat.
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    I wouldn't blindly trust anyone. If in doubt, I'd get a second opinion and spend a lot of time googling the topic in question.

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