Google Chrome Browser Loading Slow?

by Rick B 6 replies
Are you using the Google Chrome browser and it's suddenly loading very slow?

If so, click on the three horizontal lines icon in the upper right-hand corner and then select "About Google Chrome".

Chrome will either say that your version is up to date or it will proceed to update to the latest version.

That fixed my problem! Chrome now loads lightning fast again.
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    Thanks for the suggestion :-)
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    Sometimes it can happen due to a load of history. Clearing the browser history can help sometimes.
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    I have the latest version, and clear my cache often, and had bragged about the 'lightness' and 'speed' of Chrome for years.

    Something has changed - the slippery slide downhill started when I got a computer with Windows 7 - suddenly almost every site 'cannot be found' - most of time just hitting the return key (insist) it will then go to the site.

    Other times it takes numerous attempts - many times it takes so long it times out.

    In Googles attempt to track every movement (even though I have set it not to) there has always been a caching issue - on the one hand one of the things I loved - It will remember usernames and passwords (you don't want to save) until you clear your cache or reboot your browser - it lets you return easily (in my case this because I have to test a number of conditions before (if all valid) I return later to do the actual work).

    - But on the other hand this is imbecilic because it will get hung up and insist that the link is only accessed through that point - no chance of blank so you might input a different login sequence - clear the freaking cache to get around this and you lose everything for the day you have hoped to cache!

    Ok - so it gets worse! Recently I switched security software - Chrome is absolutely crippled (it's not the security software's fault - it works fine for FireFox)

    As follows = every page that has a video - it's a blank white screen for a full minute to load - sometimes it times out completely - the only thing that helps like in the forum? To click something at the top - blank space - to WAKE CHROME UP - then going back to the thread you are waiting to load - there it is.

    - Many pages that have a lot of graphics - like my game club site - really it takes 60 seconds to load - you can't move the cursor or scroll bars - you are frozen in time - then the page loads and is accessible - but when you click something to go to a another page on the site, frozen again - 60 seconds to load.

    oh well - it has always been 1/2 firefox and 1/2 chrome for me in any day because one thing or another is horrible about the other - so it is lesser of two evils. (and wouldn't use IE to this day unless both ff and chrome died)

    I feel like it is the 1980's where you just knew when you hit return you could do something else while you were waiting to 'execute' a command! LOL - it was H-E-L-L and somethings never change. I do not want to wait but am held hostage...
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      Originally Posted by Patrician View Post

      Something has changed - the slippery slide downhill started when I got a computer with Windows 7 - suddenly almost every site 'cannot be found' - most of time just hitting the return key (insist) it will then go to the site.
      Did you tried updating to the latest version of Chrome? I have Windows 7 on my main computer and since I updated it works great! Maybe even remove Chrome and then do a fresh install?

      I also recently downloaded the Opera browser and it looks pretty smooth. I haven't used it much but I've always believed that you can't have too many browser options. If one gets a virus so bad that you can't get online, you simply switch to the other.

      Good luck!
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    I think Google is best but Google chrome is not so good as we need, Mozilla is better than google chrome.
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    Great tips im update my googlechrome
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