Oh look at the fishies. I'll just lay here on the dock and play with the fish.

Profile picture of the author Joe Mobley by Joe Mobley Posted: 01/17/2013
You might want to rethink that.

Fish jumps out of water, bites man's arm (VIDEO) - WTOP.com
(Second video didn't have an advertisement. At least for me.)

Joe Mobley

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    I'm beginnig to see a lot of fish are more formidable than some may think. Some LITTLE fish have some pretty sharp teeth, and lots of them, and jaws that almost dislocate like a snake. if they were much bigger, and/or people hand their hands low enough, people COULD get hurt pretty bad. Luckily, in many such cases, the fish will scury away. I'm looking at possibly raising some fish, like I described, and I don't think I am going to put my hand into the tank.

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    Sue McDonald
    Yes this went viral and in the end he didn't even have the fish. Next time he will not lie down and dangle the bait. He learnt a very big lesson here.
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    We used to have a goldfish that liked to be petted. Stick your hand in the water and he would come up and bump you ever time, probably good thing he didn't seem to have any teeth. Disclaimer: He wasn't very big

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