Al Gore sued by over 30.000 Scientists for Global Warming fraud

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    Where did the Koch brothers find 30,000 scientists?

    Oh, and sue him for this internet thingy's kerflooey.
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    That's at the top of the stupid pile for me.'s also rehashed from the same announcement in 2008...which was labeled a "myth"
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    Just for starters...
    Robinson opposes abortion and supports gun rights,[1] cutting taxes, increasing border security and building new power plants.[1] He argues for balancing the federal budget, defunding earmarks and ending special-interest influence in Washington.[1] He also supports restoring sound money and ending the Federal Reserve System. Robinson is against bailouts to Wall Street banks. He also supports a strong national defense, but with a more restrained foreign policy.[21] Robinson is a signatory to A Scientific Dissent from Darwinism, a petition circulated by the Discovery Institute to promote intelligent design.
    Though he is quite credentialed, I would have to see his supportive data...
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    This 30k figure is utterly bogus, irrespective of whatever stance one holds on global warming. Spreading such a lie really has an erosive effect on the credibility of whatever argument one presents.
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    In lieu of hard scientific data...

    Have not the summers felt hotter?
    The winters seem shorter?
    Arent the northern ice caps melting?
    Sea levels rising?
    Glaciers melting at a record pace?
    Carbon emissions at an all time high?
    Hurricanes/Typhoons/ Super storms occuring at greater strength and frequency?
    Or are y'all living on a different planet?

    Yes, Al "me want banana" Gore is NOT the sharpest knife in the drawer
    And his facts tend to be skewed, however, not acknowledging that there is even a minute amount of "Truth" to his claims is living in denial
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    btw: Recycling plays a big part in saving the planet too -
    Wondering what to do with your 'poptops'?
    Here's a creative suggestion...:rolleyes:
    Ah, Casual Friday, the best day to pull out the lighter necklace and soda can tab suit. - Imgur
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    The 30,000 scientists are ALL degreed. The degree is required to sign, unlike the Kayoto petition of a few thousand which included people such as hair dressers. Kewl eh?

    We don't have warming - we have desertification. There is one hella difference. Yeah it's change - but what the govs want to do won't cure it.
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    Maybe it's not 30 thousand scientists...maybe I misread it and it actually is what it said 30(point)000 scientists...they do like to be accurate and all (they are scientists :rolleyes so 30.000 'mad' scientists is not so many...we can handle that...(it's probably more like 29.9999)
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    How come they have 30K scientist are they working together or are they just working alone? This is crazy, we al have our fair share of deeds and acts that caused global warming I think.
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    I'm curious Kurt, how you may have surmised I was on Art Robinson's side...when in fact I am quite far from anywhere being on his side. He could almost be the poster child for right wing Southwestern Oregon fundamentalist/survivalists - he is a nut job, but I wanted to see if there was any creditability at all in his position, as I like to keep an open mind and see what the opposition camp is thinking, and I certainly don't support his crazy ideas regarding radiation...or really much else in his political platform.
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    Gore invented the internet, Bush invented the interwebs. The interwebs are all around us.
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    They are scientists.

    30.000 is thirty and zero thousandths.

    Significant digits will get ya every time.
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    First, this "suit" was brought up in 2008, 4-5 years ago. It was nothing more than a publicity stunt.

    Second, there are no legal grounds for a suit.

    Third, there's all sorts of documentation concerning Art Robinson's "31,000". And considering the facts about his list (such as names like "Donald Duck" being on the list), I'm not sure how anyone can respect his scientific method. He is obviously willing to lie and twist the truth to get his desired outcome.

    Here's a list of references...At least check out the Wikipedia page.

    Taken from:

    Wikipedia page about the petition…

    Current Oregon Petition website

    Current covering letter from Prof Seitz

    The page before 12,000 names suddenly appeared…

    Original version before the wording was fraudulently changed…

    Sourcewatch page about the petition…

    Signatories to the Leipzig Declaration…

    The Leipzig Declaration…

    Sourcewatch page about the Leipzig Declaration…

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