12 Foot Giants - "Giant of Castelnau" - What Does This Mean?

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Recently I have been seeing discoveries of actual giants from our past. What I man is skeletel bones, that appear human, or humanlike that measure 12 -20 ft in height.

Like the link above.

Watch the presentation below if you have time. It looks like a ton of things were once again hidden from us peasants:

This seriously disqualifies evolution as we know as well.
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    I know a couple of archaeologists who found a few 8' skeletons - and have heard of up to 9', but I've never seen or heard of anything larger. I'd be inclined to call 20 feet a hoax. It's normal to have different sized species - such as pygmies compared to geographic areas where standard size men are 6 foot. I still have trouble swallowing 20', though. There were also some photoshopped pics going around a year or two back that showed people 40 feet or so.

    Actually, any discovery like that will be suppressed. The Smithsonian received the 8' remains and that is the last anyone ever saw or heard of them. That happens more often than people understand. Cremo, though, isn't one of the most esteemed Archaeologists on the block.
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    Annunaki, baby. They're coming. Look busy. :p
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    I know the guy that led a recent exploration team into the Grand Canyon area. They found something. Shots were fired. He's refusing to talk about it.........at all..........to anyone.

    He told me once that most people would hurl if they knew how many very valuable artifacts (gold) are just melted down for the $$ because the scientific "authorities" refuse to validate them. For instance - his team dug 10 feet out in WY to unearth some pretty wickedly splendid stuff. He couldn't even get the "experts" to look at them. They told him it was impossible for them to be where he found them. Period. No further conversation.

    They've done the same thing in relation to stone artifacts found UNDER volcanic lava flow. Being under the flow predated them by tens of thousands of years from the written history gives for a time line, so the finders have been told that they are either 1. hoaxers 2. mistaken.

    When the current bunch of "authorities" are gone, the new ones will look at some of these things and do an expose that changes history into a new and improved knowledge base that will secure their authority, then things won't change for another few decades until the next wave of authorities is old enough to take over.
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    Back many moons ago when I was in Elementary school, we had a special visitor that was
    10' tall. He stood on our stage and touched the school logo hanging above the stage. I now
    know that the logo is 14' 6" from the stage floor. I didn't measure the guys actual height. I'm just
    telling you what they told us and now that I know the logos height I tend to believe it.

    At the time they called him the tallest man in the world. True??? False??? I was just 6yrs old.

    Have a Great Day!
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    According to certain folklore, humanity is in its 5th evolution. The previous strain, if you will, was supposedly the civilization of Atlantis. Before that, Lemuria. Depending on who you listen to and how much of it you want to believe, one or more of these strains had giant sized people. Some believe the entire population at the time were giants.

    As the legends go, each different strain of humanity started out as fully evolved, though primitive humans. They were the people who remained after the rest of the culture screwed nature up so badly that mother earth shook the entire race off like a retriever shakes off water after a dip. A few folks survived but without enough scientists, engineers and other smarties, the culture reverted back to nuts, berries, farming and animal husbandry.

    Of course, none of this has been proved but I'd guess that if certain influential organizations are keeping things from the masses that this might be one of those things. I don't know, even if it's all made up it's cool to think about it. If we don't smarten up there there might be a 6th strain coming along soon.
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    If I remember correctly, the artifacts in the Grand Canyon cave are ancient Egyptian?

    I'd have to dig, but I remember Steve Quayle talking on the radio about many giants
    having six toes and recent military encounters with giants in Iraq.

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    Dan - Whether the ruins are Egyptian or not is speculation because nobody is allowed to see them. What I was told about the Grand Canyon - which wasn't much - it seems that it pre-dates Egypt. What I can repeat specifically is - "would cause a total re-write of human history".

    As far as toes, etc - the pics of the ones I was allowed to see had the normal 10 fingers and toes. As far as I'm concerned, though, I don't see why the fact that some races of humans were larger than others is in any way such a big deal. A lot of species have larger and smaller subgroups and nobody wigs over it. Well....not to this extent anyhow. I did about crap bricks the first time I saw a German Jack (huge rabbit).
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    My Husky did not know what to make of the first English Mastiff (210 lbs at 18 months old) he saw. He literally just stopped and stared.

    I wonder if your Rottie was so large because he ate the first generation of
    dog food made for puppies, which turned out to be too loaded with vitamins
    and made puppies grow too fast. I came across an aeronautical engineer
    and dog breeder who actually published papers in veterinary research literature
    about this. His contention was from structural and joint standpoints that puppies need to grow slowly into their bodies for everything to develop properly and reduce the
    joint problems that large breeds have. It seems the puppy food is not as overloaded as it was originally.

    If giants are different DNA wise and not a mutation, I can see why historical and religous perspectives might be impacted.

    The post 911 report of our military contact with a giant was in Afghanistan, not Iraq.
    There was another report involving the Japanese in WWII - tossing jeeps around with impunity. So, there is military interest as well.

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    Dan - most of the animals I get overgrow. I feed a dog real meat, and plenty of raw organic meat - and exercise them to the hilt. Those two combos result in some really big animals -- even my hamsters got huge. But my dogs have never had joint problems, no matter how big they got. My last guy was pedigreed to the max and he was just an excellent specimen of his breed. His mom was 150 lbs and dad was a cool 200. He was also the biggest of his litter.

    I'm sure some strains of DNA or genes allow for bigger humans than others. Both my parents came from fairly large families. At 5'6", I'm the runt of the littler. My mom's family were Russians - those people that live forever and are rather tall and big boned. My uncle was only around 6' 3 or 4" - but he's one of those human muscle pyramids that could stoop under a small horse and pick it up. He died at 110 yrs- same as his sister. Both still mobile and lucid. This is the type of reason I really don't get the big deal over the fact there were or are some extremely large humans here and there. Of course - if a whole culture of people is large like that, there's bound to be legends.
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    Most giants had two rows of teeth also.
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    I agree.

    I should have known you feed your pets natural stuff that makes sense.
    I can't imagine a dog running through a field of corn and trying to eat
    the corn.

    Larger than average families of humans or dogs is no big deal.
    (Except, for example, to parents who go through five boxes of
    cereal a day, etc. to feed their five boys who all played college
    football and a couple went into the NFL.)

    Gene mutations which create 'giantism' is also no big deal.
    (Except, as cool as Giant Malamutes are, it's kind of sad that
    they've become a breed. Sadder if the military tried to Genetically
    Modify humans.)

    But, if we are talking about a different race, that would be


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