Lady Wins Lawsuits Against Terminator & Matrix Movies

by EvolBaby 14 replies
Sophia Stewart wins lawsuit against Matrix & Terminator

This is one wild story. A lonnnnng battle and she finally won all rights. However, even with the FBI on her side it will be interesting to see if and when these companies have to fork over those millions.
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    Where's the story?
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    That's crazy! I love those movies. Might have to read some of Stewarts work.
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    Would you believe that she doesn't have an internet marketing rep. She just won an award from Linked In for being in the top 1% of all Linked In viewed pages. With over 200 million people on Linked In that's quite an achievement. If she had an IM pro helping her with her global brand she'd be making millions easy.
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    Can't wait to read the document signed December 4, 2012 by Judge Clark Waddoups that she said she'd post online.

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    I guess I'll fully believe it when she is actually thus monetarily compensated. I've seen too much of this kind of stuff (with my own film industry connections) and weird twists and turns associated with it.

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    Frankly, I don't see any story here. Any agent in literature or music will tell you that there's one hella lot of theft in those industries and you really have to have a lawyer go over things before signing ANYTHING relative to your own stories/songs. A lot of what you see - listen to has been scammed from talented unknowns....who remain unknown because of wolves. Nothing new under the sun here other than people don't understand the importance of having a lawyer BEFORE the theft.

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