It's Officially Summer time!

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    It is NOT summer everywhere.
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    Actually I prefer the winter, Terra. When we get a few days of 40 degrees Celcius in a row, it really knocks me around. In winter I can put the heater on, have some soup, wear warm clothes, I am not bitter at all.

    However, when it gets down to -0.7 in the mornings, that is a bit TOOOOO cold for me.
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    Well HD... If you don't like my comments, you don't have to read or reply to them. I am me and I don't make apologies for being me.

    @Terra, I doubt I would like your winters as I have never seen real snow and not much actual ice. But our summers get way too hot for just taking clothes off and I don't have good air conditioning either.

    But I guess we all have to put up with the weather as we can't change it...much the same as Horny's sense of humour.
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    How old are you? You've never seen "real" snow. Unbelievable.
    Why is it unbelievable. Here in Australia there are lots of places that never have snow.
    Maybe you're not as enlightened as you pretend to be.

    As for not being outside of Australia apart from when I was a teen and when I first arrived from England as a 3 year old, what's wrong with that? I don't really like to travel.

    As to what I earn...and what I spend money on, that is my business...and I rent so the landlord uses evaporative cooling.

    I completely don't understand what you mean by "wooden" in your context either.
    I could almost guarantee that I have had more humour in my life than you, especially in my earlier years. Sadly health has prevented me from doing some things which is why I write instead.

    As for being a tissue-skinned dude...if you only knew the truth you would not say that.

    I am not going to waste my time replying to more of your jibes when they clearly come from someone without any care as to how their words affect others.
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    Laurence, I was born and raised in SW Ohio.
    Believe me, I've seen more than my share of freezing cold and snow.
    So, last September I moved to Panama City Beach Florida.
    We have about 3 months of Autumn like weather then right back into Spring and Summer.
    Sorry 'bout your luck.

    Oh, and we can take our clothes off and go skinny-dipping damn near
    every day.:p
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    The only things I know of Florida is from TV shows but it does look like a nice place to live.
    The US is one place I would love to visit and maybe one day I will. I have a long involvement with all aspects of theatre and would love to check out Broadway and see shows there, among other things.
    I am glad you have found a place you can call home in a climate you really enjoy.
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    For party-pooper Laurence....

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