I Need To Move

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Yeah...so I am sitting here going through the WF when I get a knock at my door. I go to look to see who it is and it is the same guy that has been knocking on my door the last 3 days in a row several times a day. Only this time he has a friend.

I never answered the door to him because I just get a bad feeling about him (I grew up around people that were of the lower sort if you know what I mean).

Anyway yesterday my neighbor came to me to talk about him. She said that he was the same guy that knocked on her mother in laws door and when she opened it he came in and robbed her. So that told me I was right about my gut instinct.

But he just doesn't stop knocking day after day and I am a little worried he is watching my house to see when my wife and I leave.

We have been broke into twice this year now. I am so ready to move!

Why am I telling you guys? Just to vent...
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    Some suggestions:

    Phone --> Police

    Several large male friends to be around when they knock on the door again.

    Quit answering the door. Let them never be sure when you are home or not.

    Bullet --> gun --> warning shot to forehead.

    In all fairness, I have lived in an area that was less than wonderful. I did what you are thinking, I got my butt out of there.

    Joe Mobley
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    Sit on your front porch while your cleaning your deer rifle, maybe he'll figure it out on his own.
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    Quick route: Move.

    Longer route and perhaps dangerous because you don't know how bad some can be:

    Get with the cops and city council members and neighbors to get people like him declared a nuisance - especially if he is renting his home or apartment. He can be pressured out or caught for prior offenses... Start a neighborhood watch.
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    Is your neighborhood getting better or getting worse? Are such problem people being flushed out or are they permanent features of the neighborhood's landscape?

    Perhaps you could have a couple of new residents on your property, know what I mean?
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    Take a lamp chord - strip the last couple of inches down to the wire. Wrap it around the door handle. Pretend you are not home. When he grabs the door handle plug the cord in - take it back out fast, you don't want to kill him because then you have a dead guy on the porch to explain to police. The guy will be afraid to mess with your property again. He will spread the word amongst his criminal pals.

    This is a fun remedy. I did it once. The guy was stalking me and following me home from the college campus and was getting braver all the time. I knew it was just a matter of time before he grabbed the door knob. I thought the guy would stick to the doorknob but it blew him off the porch instead. He laid on the grass for a few minutes and convulsed and soiled himself. Then he got up and kinda shook off like a dog - and he staggered off never to be seen again.
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    I think the ones in the photo and at my hotel are these: Perro de Presa Canario - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    They can be guard dogs. My customer is a single mom who
    did get them for their appearance and abilities. I think they
    were gentle giants with me because they had permission.

    I worked in doggie daycare before and Great Danes can be
    very alpha or very gentle - like about any other breed.


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