Procrastination - a case study

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I have studied electronics for several years.

Here in New Zealand it can be a hassle getting components - apart from that its all good.

A year ago - a whole year, I decided I would make 10 EEG machines and sell them.

These things are worth about $1000 each US but I'd still make a killing selling them for half that.

OK so first I got a company in bulgaria to make the PCB's, then I had to source the components from all over the world - which was a pain in the ass.

One supplier in Florida ripped me off and took my money (several hundred) but did not send any product. So I had to do a charge back.

This wasted a lot of time and really pissed me off.

Time passed by, I got engrossed in other things - now a full year later I have all these things sitting on my desk unassembled.

I sure could do with 5-10K right now.

I still need to order a few bits from Australia and USA then I will have all the bits.

Well I need to just pick up my soldering iron...

And its just sitting there...

I'm looking at it...

Really I should.
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