Did Nostradamus Predict The Rise and Fall of Communism in Russia?

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After this the sterile Dame, of greater power than the second (the third Reich?), shall be received by two nations, by the first made obstinate by him who had power over all, by the second, and third, that shall extend his forces towards; the circuit of the east of Europe; [arrived] there his standards will stop and succumb, but by sea he will run on to Trinacria and the Adriatic with his mirmidons.

The Germans will succumb wholly and the Barbaric sect will be disquieted and driven back by the whole of the Latin race.

Then shall begin the grand Empire of Antichrist in the Atila and Xerxes, [who is] to descend with innumerable multitudes, so that the coming of the Holy Spirit, issuing from the 48th degree, shall make a transmigration, chasing away the abomination of Antichrist, that made war upon the royal person of the great vicar of Jesus Christ, and against His Church, and reign per tempus, et in occasione temporis [for a time, and to the end of time].

This will be preceded by an eclipse of the sun, more obscure and tenebrose than has ever been since the creation of the world, up to the death and passion of Jesus Christ, and from thence till now. There will be in the month of October a grand revolution made, such that one would think that the librating body of the earth had lost its natural movement in the abyss of perpetual darkness.

There will be seen precursive signs in the spring-time, and after extreme changes ensuing, reversal of kingdoms, and great earthquakes. All this accompanied with the procreations of the New Babylon , a miserable prostitute big with the abomination of the first holocaust . It will only continue for seventy-three years seven months. 1917-1991.

The countries, towns, cities, and provinces that had forsaken their old customs to free themselves, enthralling themselves more deeply, shall become secretly weary of their liberty, and, true religion lost, shall commence by striking off to the left, to return more than ever to the right.(I think this applies more to communist Germany than Russia)

Oracles of Nostradamus: Epistle to Henry II

End of communism: 18th of August 1991

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    It takes considerable literary contortions to force fit the "predictions" of Nostradamus into modern events. Communism is still very much alive and well in Russia and in its deliberately hegemonic foreign policy. Putin's doctrine for the post-Soviet era reflects his ambitions for Russian expansion, particularly in the Middle East and Pacific rim regions. His kinder and gentler "soft power" (Moscow style) is rooted in the Soviet and czarist past and his own background as a former KGB agent (and later head of the FSB) turned cunning politician.

    Recent events in Syria have revealed Putins's true intentions by affirming strong warnings to other countries not to interfere with the "internal affairs" of sovereign regimes. By wielding his veto power in the UN security council as a formidable weapon of war, and fortifying Syria with massive munitions, Putin has demonstrated his own expansionist intentions. And his own brutality, for example in crushing the Chechen rebels, pales in comparison to Assad. No matter how one may twist the quatrains of Nostradamus around, I have never seen any reference to real historical predictions without injecting vivid imagination.
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    descend with innumerable multitudes
    Sounds to me like he was "predicting" the war of the worlds. Either that or Santa and his elves are getting hot under the collar about something.

    But then I'm still waiting on the coffee to perk, so will have to read it again later.
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    Wasn't he the same guy who predicted the world was gonna end in 2012?
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    A new law will emerge in the new world of America,
    At a time when Syria, Judeau and Palestine are significant:
    The great barbarian empire of patriarchy that men have created will decay
    During the time that the feminine spirit is completing its cycle."

    I doubt the authenticity of this quatrain. I can not remember Nostradamus ever mentioning "America" directly. He used the "new world" or "etas unis". I can't remember him ever mentioning Palestine, either. I could be wrong, but I doubt it's an authentic Nostradamus quatrain.

    This quatrain has also been slightly twisted:

    Nouuelle loy terre neufue occuper,
    Vers la Syrie Iudee,& Palestine:
    Le grand empire barbare corruer,
    Auant que Pheb├ęs son siecle determine.

    New law to occupy the new land
    Towards Syria, Judea and Palestine.
    The great barbarian empire to decay
    Before Phebes completes its cycle.

    adishakti.org's translation:

    "New law to occupy the new land
    Towards Syria, Judeau and Palestine:
    The great barbarian empire of men decay,
    Before the moon completes its cycle.

    It takes on an entirely different meaning.
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    Claude, don't you realize that this entire forum is simply a figment of my imagination? Every single person here is just a different portion of my subconscious trying to get out. In fact, you're only here because I once ate a bad burrito.

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