The new flesh eating street drug 'Krokodile' just hit the Chicagoland area.

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Apparently this drug cause gangrene from the inside out and they say a persons skin starts to look like that of a crocodile.

Flesh-Eating Street Drug
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    Really horrific. Junkies are not sick enough now this.

    Very sad.
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    If I ever need to rot my flesh, I'll look into this. Thanks.
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    This is truly MONSTROUS - How DEPRAVED whoever is making this and selling it.

    Talk about your Halloween True Horror Story.

    As far as how sick do you have to be to risk your life and every dollar (junkies)? ...and when they get really bad, they wouldn't care about whatever 'risks' or 'poison/danger' warnings - they will risk it to get what they call high. It's a total death trip anyway -

    ... but gangrene from the inside out? monstrous. absolutely of all the things that have happened in the darkness this has to be getting down to the worst possible demons.

    p.s. but i hate myself for watching the video and now i am freaked out after midnight dead tired but just too SICK to close my eyes - and I watched it hours ago...

    goodnight (i hope)
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    Just horrible.

    I know it's hard to tell if the the addicts would take it knowingly, but I wonder how many know that they are taking this drug.

    Edit: After leaving this post, I went to my FB page and there on top of my feed was a graphic picture of what it does. OMG, gruesome!
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    Wow. This is horrible. Horrible. Wow.
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    Jesus christ, those pictures in the video are nothing compared to what Google Images shows
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    I did too ... the Google images and read some of the news about it.

    Horrific... and there's about 1 million users of this drug in Russia. Quite sad.
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    Natural selection at it's most surreal point.

    I can't get my head around the idea that someone would intentionally use something they KNEW was going to do this. Once drug users get the word that this is zombie medicine, I think that nobody will touch it.
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    There are pictures in Google images that show people shooting up that have already started to rot. So it is not that they don't know what will happen. It is that they have to get 'high' no matter what.

    I think that is why they say that 'users' have a life expectancy of two years - because they keep using - otherwise with gangrene you just cut off the dead parts and then the person would otherwise go on living sans whatever part. Or maybe they know they have bought the farm anyway, so why not 'party' on.

    This is just so depraved I can't get over it. I don't know what to think because if it is just the 'normal' death wish they keep shooting up until they OD usually. But to permanently disfigure yourself and keep doing it just because it is 'cheap'? That is beyond any sickness I could even perceive.

    With that said the addiction part is not far off from for example even cigarettes - they tell you it could damage and kill you but we do it anyway - we take the risk and live in denial saying it won't happen to us.

    The really scary part is a powdery substance could be sold as anything - not just heroin. I am wondering if you just did it once and stopped, what it would do, for instance if you thought you were snorting cocaine or ecstacy or one of the so-called 'party drugs'...
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    Thinning the herd.
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    I stay away from cigs with additives. Did the research - the incidents of cancer from cigs corresponds directly to the amount of additives in them - globally. 60% of men in Japan smoke and they aren't dying of cancer. In the US the cigs are up to 33% additives.

    In other studies, aerobically active smokers live as long as non smokers because they push the crap back out of their lungs so it can't build up. Also 2/3 of people in the US with lung cancer never smoked - ever. Also - they have stats for smokers that will get lung cancer............they are the same stats for people who never smoked that get some form of cancer.

    I smoke, but I slow way down if I'm not getting enough exercise, and I DON'T smoke crap that's jammed with poisonous additives.

    On the other hand, I wouldn't touch 9/10s of the drugs out there now - legal or not. They're making some pretty damned leathal drugs now. Pharms and street drugs.

    During the drug craze (1969 - 197?), there were natural drugs on the black market that were bad enough - heroine, morphine, cocaine. Now it's all synthetic. People died then -- they're going to die in groves now.
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    LOL die in droves not groves, Sal.

    The carbon monoxide is still in a cigarette without additives which is what I have smoked for several years.

    In particular it is the ACID (nicotine is an acid = nicotinic ACID) that is really messing with my stomach. It is an exact, direct relationship to the symptoms that I have with cigarettes since they go away 90% as I have cut down and still trying to quit.

    Cancer is also genetic to a degree - I just watched a video about diet - specifically addictions - the guy has a PhD in nutrition, masters in psychology etc. He just mentioned triggers when speaking of addictions and used the smoking analogy.

    He was talking about genetics and environment - ok if he has the gene that says he will be one who gets cancer from smoking, but he doesn't smoke - no problem - (no trigger)

    So while all the stuff you said may be true - maybe something about me and my genetics, etc it will hurt me and it won't hurt you - it may not be cancer - it could be emphesema - it could be TB, it could be a heart attack, it could be high blood pressure, it could be losing your teeth or having your toes amputated.

    It completely fkcs me up on many different levels - so please don't rationalize why you think it is not true that cigarettes (carbon monoxide, whatever) does not harm and kill people.
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    Apparently Krokodil has been in the US for about a year - with the DEA saying it is 'no problem' -

    Krokodil drug: 2 more cases of suspected in US | Mail Online
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    True - but that is more or less irrelevant.

    My concern is exactly that WHATEVER they think they are buying/doing they will be putting this stuff in their veins/nose, etc.

    They could get this stuff 'thinking' they are buying cheap coke, smack, crack, PCP, MDMA ("ecstacy")- a whole lot of things they consider 'harmless'.

    Many times 'unscrupulous' people misrepresent what they are selling - sometimes with plain baking powder or innocuous substance and sometimes with poison.

    And duh - if someone starts getting weird sores etc after they shoot up they should be quick to notice it is NOT NORMAL HEROIN and stop using it.

    They don't. In this case the girls gave it up after a year when one narrowly was saved from having an arm amputated -

    I would think that lighter fluid or gasoline would have a much different high than opium - probably just the opposite of heroin.

    So no, I don't buy that at all that they think they are buying heroin after the first time.

    Problem is they may never live to try it the second time - this could be the case with cocaine or heroin and certainly this horrible stuff.

    Addiction is a neurological thing and it is beyond 'willpower' or 'logic' or even 'fear' - it has a life of it's own. I happen to be reading about food addiction and the scientists are always comparing fat/sugar/salt with heroin/cocaine - apparently fat/sugar/salt is even more difficult to overcome than heroin. The studies of the experiments done on rats in this regard are astounding.
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    Hi ExRat (and wow the ExSmoker) Congratulations on a major victory! I am so happy for you! I do remember our conversations and I thought you really did understand the darkness. Not many people do and/or will admit it and that says so much about you. You have to FACE the demons before you can conquer them!

    In all this time I have only managed to go from a chain smoker (20-30) to a light smoker (5 or under). I have to make it the rest of the way and am coming up at one year end of January where I have really been serious - I just have to find the answer and enforce it on my psyche -- and hope next time we talk I can say I am where you are now!

    Keep up the good work and I hope your whole life will continue to get brighter, WARRIOR!!

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    Write-on, ExRat. Yes the lists - so many tangible benefits to stopping, so many dangerous signs to ignore if I keep on. So many lists. So many times.

    I think my most 'zen' thought that helps me the most is 'what will happen if you stop' - in other words will your toes fall off? What is it that I am avoiding? You know the opposite of benefits and risks. What is it that I FEAR(?) or refuse to FACE about NOT smoking?

    In reading a scientific description of addiction it meshes with what we think we already know. Addictive substances 'substitute' for ' REAL NEEDS. So whatever VOID I am stuffing is too ominous to accept. Still...

    (I think it is just plain conformity. Never could stand it).

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    Originally Posted by joseph7384 View Post

    Apparently this drug cause gangrene from the inside out and they say a persons skin starts to look like that of a crocodile.

    Flesh-Eating Street Drug
    Really, in this day and age, everyone is aware of the dangers of drugs and why do kids,teenagers,adults even 'start' using???
    I firmly believe, schools should have 'excursions' to hospitals & rehab centres so kids can SEE for themselves what affect drugs, alcohol, cigarettes have on users and their families. PREVENTION I say! Prevent kids from wanting to taste it. Even showing these images of what this 'Krokodile' will do, may be enough to put people off from trying it. And start on the kids EARLY, maybe 8 y/o plus. Don't wait 'til they are 15+.
    When I was 8 yrs old, I used to visit the patients at the local Hospice where my Grandmother worked. Here I saw elderly people with various cancers. I would talk to them and me being so young and naive, would ask them how they got cancer. Majority was lung cancer through smoking. I vowed I would never smoke - and I never have (I'm now 45 y/o)
    Governments and taxpayers pay for rehab centres etc to help addicts, when they should also concentrate on Prevention. Educating young people not to tread that path, don't allow them to 'become' addicts. Most of the time it's half past late once they become regular users.
    I may seem cold hearted here, but when I see addicts cry on about their addiction and blame others for their habit I say to myself "hard luck buddy, NOBODY forced you to use drugs" It was YOUR choice, and you have to wear it. a teen did you use drugs or smoke or get pissed, so you can 'look' cool in front your mates. Yeah, well how cool are you now. Sorry, but no sympathy from me.
    My kids are teens, and they have seen and heard all about drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, and it would break my heart should any of them become addicted. But, ultimately they have to bear the consequences of their actions as they are more than aware of the potential dangers. Just saying....
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    This is really terrible. Desomorphine is the official name for this drug I believe.

    I have checked some images on Google, the images looked disturbing.
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    Wouldn't surprise me if this was put out there purposely to help kill off some of these useless homeless junkies.

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