USA Yearly National Deficit Numbers Declining...

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Projected for 2014 - around 540 billion.


The deficit is the yearly shortfall of the federal gov.

The national debt is the total amount the federal gov owes to various parties which is now around 17 trillion.
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    Thank goodness for sequestration...
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    So what happened to the like 20TRILLION outside of that? Last I saw, the average "budget deficit" was like 1.6Trillion/year(So the effect on the debt is 1T, 2T, 3.6T,5.2T,6.8T,8.5T,10.1T,11.6T). and that was since 2008(So just the last 8 years, about 11.6T in DEBT, according to the "budget"! It didn't start with Bush, but it was before this admin.). And don't forget the debts slated to start increasing about 2 weeks ago.

    ALSO, PLEASE tell congress! And PLEASE PLEASE tell S&P, MOODY'S, ETC.... AND PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tell the US DEBT CLOCK: U.S. National Debt Clock : Real Time

    They STILL seem to think our debt is about $17.321T+

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    The deficit is declining. This great news is brought to you by the people who cannot account for 9 Trillion dollars...

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    BTW I will reiterate ****MY**** position that I gave you several years ago with the FIRST bill, which I DID read cover to cover. EVERY one of my predictions that I made up to about 2019 has come TRUE! So maybe you should listen. HECK, even the one I am about to tell you is now *********FACT********** for MILLIONS of people!

    OK, so is there a bailout for the healthcare industry or insurance? In the original bill, and apparently the current one, *****NOPE*****! Will the insurance companies go bankrupt? YEP! So do they have plans for what to do if the insurance companies go bankrupt? YEP! So WHAT is the plan? EASY! It IS in the original bill, and they have ALREADY started implementing it! They switch people to medicare and/or medicaid!

    THAT is the "single payer plan" they claimed that they never provided for and always said they wanted! EVEN people that can pay, like Ted Cruz, are finding that ACA is forcing at least SOME family members to the other plans! IRONICALLY, they tend to be the YOUNGER ones. Is it mere coincidence that these are PRECISELY the ones the insurance companies need to offset the new burdens from the "pre existing conditions OK requirement"?

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    U.S. Posts Record 53B December Surplus on Fannie Mae Payments
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    I think there are plenty of reasons to attack Obamacare, beginning with the fact that, at the moment, it just exists. Thousands upon thousands of people have lost their insurance, the implementation is rife with lawlessness and incompetence, and the adverse effects it will have on the country at large are enormous. People have lost jobs, had their hours cut back, lost their employer-sponsored insurance and don't have the economic resources to get it back. It is a disaster.

    Lipstick on a pig, and all that. And what's worse, when it all explodes, the people who put it in place are going to stand back and do an Urkel:

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