John B. Wells gone from Coast to Coast am

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His show probably was the only one I listened to.

The best host of any of them on that show.

I kinda knew it was going to happen.

I personally think Noorey is a Manchurian Candidate and the others talk science fiction as a serious intellectual subject.

John brought guest and talked about stuff you can research, verify and put your hands on, really actual use in real life.

The "others" talk about unicorns, werewolfs, vampires, shadow creatures, dream angels, and very superficial self-improvement philosophies.

George asks the dumbest questions of ALL the hosts, the piercing depth of a 4th grader....,"gee, would'nt that be fun?" every 3rd or 4th question.

Most of the other hosts : if you can picture a reporter sounding serious and intellectual asking probing questions about the multi-verses of universes, sequels, prequels and micro-stories to the Star Wars universe and its deep, detailed, different directions or fake history by the various book writers or Hobbit universe or Marvel universe or Star Trek or universe of "pick a fairy-tale", as though it is "real" and is impacting our lives.

The few times they sprinkle in a guests like Gerald Celente caliber if few and far between.

Hey George, ship master, can you pleeeeaaaaase bring in a serious guests as to discuss the details of unknown history of gremlins or goblins.

Jesus effin Christ, man, the S.S. Minnow has shipwrecked , but hey, what do you expect from umbrella corporation/ shadow government, corporate controlled radio stations.

I guess when only 85 families posses over 50% of the Earths population of wealth, the accelerated buying of every major government/corporation on the planet is eminent.

Carnivora did'nt help Reagans brains and it aint helpin yours George.

Just what we need, more Corporate stooges under the guise of freedom fighters, how tiring.

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