Help me choosing between 3 domain names

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I am having trouble selecting the right domain name between the list below. I read a lot (too much??) discussions about Branding/SEO and I am now confused!
The new website is a directory of holistic (or health/healing) retreats (or resorts) mostly based on reviews. In 5 languages.

This is the choice:
1- : keywords rich domain but not very brandable? Competition and confusion with a lot of other domains I guess. And Hyphen…
2- : short and one keyword, a little bit more brandable but not that great?
3- : Very brandable (my opinion?), no keyword (unless I do it under, but would it loose its attractiveness?). Do you see it too close to tripadvisor so at risk of their lawyers??

Thank you for your time and support.
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    I like tripholistic and also goretreats. I like holistic-retreats as well, but I can see how it might take longer to get good traffic and build that brand up, still doable though.

    I'm no expert but that's my ideas. Maybe I'll list there soon!
  • Profile picture of the author Zeus66 no question. It's very brandable, as you say, and memorable. You're like me... overthinker.
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    I just bought#3 great domain name! Thanks for the idea ty
  • Profile picture of the author Dennis Gaskill -- remind me of the city, Tripoli. Not a very good choice in my opinion. is easy to remember. That could help with branding.
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    I will recommend reason, use five to six keywords in domain.
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    I think that tripolistic says NOTHING. At least add the H - tripholistic - so that people at least start to get a mental image and will recognize enough of what they are seeing to click if it's relative to them. But - if elejeffe77 was telling the truth, it's really beside the point, right.

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