Frank Zappa's Youtube videos from age 22 to 52

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I know there's a few Zappa fans here including Thom, so I thought I would post these videos. Even if you aren't a Zappa fan I think you will find these videos interesting. I first saw these a few months ago. I hadn't seen the Steve Allen video, the Today show, the Crossfire or the one of his last interview. Youtube has almost everything now. I'm constantly amazed at what I can find on there.

The first video is Frank on the Steve Allen Show in 1963 when Zappa was just a 22 year old composer/musician who didn't look at all like he did a few years later. ( You can see the other 3 parts at youtube ):

Frank playing live in 74 mixed in with a cool animation:

This is from a Crossfire show when Frank debated conservatives about freedom of speech in the music industry. Very interesting IMO. I love Frank's calm demeanor and just plain logic. He isn't someone who did these sort of debates, but looks like a natural here:

Here's the Today interview in 1993 when he was very sick and also very candid:

Here is his last interview when he was even more sick:

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    Tim - what did he die of?
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    Wow Tim. After the Mothers of Invention I am afraid I kind of lost touch with his work. I do like industrial rock and experimental music, always have, so when I did run into something of his I always appreciated it.

    I didn't know that he did classical. I would love to hear it. I need to spend some time and catch up on as much as I can now with YouTube...

    Frank was a real genius and it is sad that he wasn't taken more seriously for his music.

    Real nostalgic and reminds of all the initial free speech wars in the 1960s - like with Lenny Bruce, and court in SF over an erotic novel - Lenore Kandel - something about Love - test cases. Gawd, it seems like another century (it was, lol) wow.

    RIP Hot Babe Frank Zappa!
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    Zappa did so much. He had several top 40 hits finally in the 70s and 80, most from his albums Overnight Sensation,Live At The Filmore and Apostraphe.
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    Yeh, Zappa is a third reason to be proud to be a wop! (DaVinci is #1, Michaelangelo #2)

    ...however glad I didn't get the schnozola - looked good on him though...

    do wop do wop do wop
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    I'm a big Zappa fan...Not only was he a great composer, but he may be the most under-rated guitar player of that era. He's as fast as today's "shredders", but plays a lot more tastier stuff.

    Plus, his band always had the most talented musicians...George Duke, Ansley Dunbar, Jean Luke Ponte, Stevie Vai, Tony Bozzio.
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    Totally awesome, Tim - reminds me of two industrial giants:

    Actually been to a live show and lived:

    One of my favorites, unfortunately also embraced by skinheads.

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