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    Religious & Political Topics Are Forbidden! STICKY in Off Topic

    Religious & Political threads and posts are not allowed in this section or any other section on Warrior Forum. This opens up unnecessary arguments and leads to nothing good. We ... [read more]

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    Funniest commercial ever!!!

    madstan in Off Topic

    Dikembe Mutombo Geico Commercial - YouTube

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    Airlander 10 Crash, What Do You Think About It ??

    Maxime Desalle in Off Topic

    Airlander 10, the world's largest aircraft, has crashed during its second test flight. The huge ship – nicknamed "The Flying Bum" because of its pert, round back – crashed as ... [read more]

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    New Warrior here

    Steve1120 in Off Topic

    HI to All Warriors, Am steve,New here.Hope we do connected.

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    Asking if where is section for welcome new members here?

    arvin ortiz in Off Topic

    Hi guys i would like to ask if where are the places in this forum that you can make your own thread as welcome? I just newbie here and i ... [read more]

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    [Closed] The new theme on this forum

    Have you adjusted to the new theme on this forum. Has it improved your experience of using this forum in anyway. It's always good to update and renew web sites, ... [read more]

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    Name difficult to pronounce

    jacknicholson in Off Topic

    A customer who have recently visited our company on his business trip. His name is Saoirse Hunnam. A new name to my ears. How do you pronounce it? Any suggestions??

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    Zoological Wildlife Foundation

    junehaynes in Off Topic

    I am planning to visit the Zoological Wildlife Foundation in Miami to spend my vacations with my family and I am here to want to know the exciting things to ... [read more]

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    Hey guys, I'm new to the forum. Is there a forum area for Introductions? If so I can't find it.

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    [Closed] Why Are You Still Here?

    tagiscom in Off Topic

    For me it is getting my thanks count past the 4000 mark, and to see just how far psychoses can go. What is yours?

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    Kay King - Here's Skye!

    ksmusselman in Off Topic

    Finally got her to stay within camera view long enough to get a short video. In the very beginning, as she's coming in, you'll see a "bare" area on the ... [read more]

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    Anyone else here "housebound"?

    ksmusselman in Off Topic

    I was - well, still am pretty much. We live in a split-foyer (bi-level) house and last year I finally couldn't use the stairs any longer. I was virtually a ... [read more]

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    Wow, Centrowitz from US gets Gold in 1,500 meter.

    discrat in Off Topic

    Just stunning. American hadn't won it since 1908. I thought that the Kenyan and the Algerian guy would out sprint him at end. In recent workout he did 8X400 meter. ... [read more]

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    Get Windows 10

    Joe Mobley in Off Topic

    I logged on to my computer this afternoon and there was a Windows icon on the system tray. "Get Windows 10" You submit your email address and they, Microsoft will ... [read more]

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    Weeping Stones (Umibotaru) - Gorgeous Natural Wonders

    ForumGuru in Off Topic

    Sea Firefly (bioluminescent shrimp) images by Trevor Williams and Jonathon Galione that were shot off on the coast of Okayama, Japan. The shrimp are visible from May thru September. See ... [read more]

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    Ambulance Chasing

    Sparkster in Off Topic

    I let my driver's license expire due to super horrible lines at the DMV the past few months. Cops have it easy now, their license plate scanner alerts them to ... [read more]

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    UH OH!

    seasoned in Off Topic

    I spoke earlier about how a few things could easily be designed to replace hamburger flippers at mcdonalds. The idea would be to do things almost like white castle kind ... [read more]

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    Applebee's: Total bill was $0.37. The tip was $500. A note, written on a napkin explained why.

    Joe Mobley in Off Topic

    (CNN) -Kasey Simmons loves to make people smile. But Tuesday, the 32-year-old waiter was the one beaming. A customer at the Dallas-area Applebee's restaurant where he works left him ... [read more]

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    How does the universe start a steady motion?

    awledd in Off Topic

    I was thinking about this thing and several thoughts came to my mind. If it started from the energy of the big bang, it must have stopped by now in ... [read more]

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    Whatsapp without an active cell phone?

    windycityxx in Off Topic

    I will be going on a 6-12+ months to indefinite world wide trip and would like to be able to keep my Whatsapp active. I am currently in the USA ... [read more]

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    [Closed] Does Warrior Forum's Search Work?

    AlphaWarrior in Off Topic

    I've always tried to find an answer on Warrior Forum before I posted a question. But now the search and advanced search DO NOT WORK. I searched for both clickbank ... [read more]

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    These guys say they are building a new Internet (Internet 2.0) and you might just be interested...

    goindeep in Off Topic

    Hi all Not sure where to post this as it may not be directly related to online marketing so I thought here might be a good bet. Little background; I ... [read more]

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    Hey Freelancers! What are some creative ways to get clients?

    jacobmsabatino in Off Topic

    After getting stuck in the research phase of so many businesses, I'm ready to get off my butt and do something! I've been teaching myself SEO and I'd like to ... [read more]

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    DURABLEOILCOM in Off Topic

    What is the number 1 website to shop for Low Interest Mortgage?

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    Outsourcing Work - Do you Do It?

    I suspect people here do outsource work. Why not? I am interested in outsourcing some work but really. I have not much of an idea as to how it may ... [read more]

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    Active Warrior Vs Right Wing Warrior?

    seofreetips in Off Topic

    Hey before some times I noticed that i am only " warrior member" and now when I checked my post here I noticed that I have become "Active Warrior" . ... [read more]

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    A sweet old lady telephoned St. Joseph’s Hospital...

    dave147 in Off Topic

    Sweet old lady calls the hospital for a genius reason. The operator is left completely speechless

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    AllyMicker in Off Topic

    Hi, I'm new here. My adventure with marketing anf e-marketing has just started. I've just graduated and found my first job. I'm happy to have joined this community as I ... [read more]

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    Minnesota cafe owner shows homeless man job, not the door

    Joe Mobley in Off Topic

    A baggy-clothed homeless man who walks up and down Minneapolis' Lake Street begging for change got more than he bargained for when he strolled into Cesia Abigail's cafe two ... [read more]

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    Remember this?

    dave147 in Off Topic

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    Feedback: Digital Marketing Guide

    dc53123 in Off Topic

    Is there anywhere on the Warrior Forum (or elsewhere) that I can use as a sounding board to get feedback on a new marketing reference guide that I created? I ... [read more]

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    'CELL' revisited + watched in FULL

    George Schwab in Off Topic

    A FEW weeks ago i dismissed the video "CELL" with john cussack after 10 minutes. Finally i was in the morbid mood you need to watch shit like this, and ... [read more]

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    X Factor

    thunderbird in Off Topic

    I watched the X Factor. At times it was unwatchable, namely because they let atrocious performances go on and on. They also need to work on their editing and pacing. ... [read more]

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    [RESOLVED] Where to sell it ?

    KevinSanders in Off Topic

    Hello dear people and welcome , Im new since yesterday and i have looked arround a little bit , my question is : Where can i post a thread to ... [read more]

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    Remember when : Joel Comm and Adsense

    discrat in Off Topic

    Hadn't heard from him in awhile. But stumbled upon his name this morning. I remember the days 7 and 8 years ago he was the king of Adsense. And people ... [read more]

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    Addicting Android Games

    DURABLEOILCOM in Off Topic

    Anyone playing Stick War Legacy and Lords Mobile? Please share any other fun games you are playing!

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    Advice to enhance traffic & downloads to my iTunes & Google Play app store?

    Hello buddies, Over the last 4 months I invest a lot of time & money to develop oustanding education & learning apps, I published them on Google play & iTunes ... [read more]

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    [CLOSED] Can WSO's Do A Subscription?

    EJ Lear in Off Topic

    I have a special deal for Warriors setup however, our software is available on a one time fee, then a subscription basis after that. Can't figure out how to add ... [read more]

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    Videos about nothing much

    ksmusselman in Off Topic

    Do any of you do videos just for the sake of doing videos? You know, just 'what I'm doing today' and stuff? I've started doing that, just to stay in ... [read more]

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    Show off your best pet picture here! It's raining cats and dogs! :)

    Cookie Monster in Off Topic

    I love working on my computer and being called by my sweet little Lucy for a little play break. So I play with her a little bit and get back ... [read more]

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    How many languages do you speak?

    sendizo in Off Topic

    Am not talking about the coding languages like C++, PHP, etc.! Am talking about spoken, out loud.... I speak Arabic, English, French Arabic is my native language. I took English ... [read more]

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    Riders on the storm - The backstory.

    Joe Mobley in Off Topic

    RAY MANZAREK-RIDERS ON THE STORM - YouTube The Doors - Riders On the Storm [Remastered HQ] -... Joe Mobley

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    Top 5 Reasons to have a PET

    metricbuzz in Off Topic

    1. They Reduce Stress It has turned out to be extremely evident that anxiety influences our mental and physical wellbeing and, tragically, our reality has turned out to be ... [read more]

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    Kia #1

    DURABLEOILCOM in Off Topic

    Kia has ranked #1 in JD Power 2016 initial quality study. The first time in 27 years a non premium brand has ranked number one. What is your opinion of ... [read more]

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    Is Mars "M" Class!

    tagiscom in Off Topic

    That is where the evidence is pointing to.... First we have a recent Hubble image of Mars closest approach. Notice anything interesting, yep, green around 2/3 thirds of he planet. ... [read more]

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    Is there a min post count required for freebie/giveaway section?

    jamie3000 in Off Topic

    As title says, is there a min count. I have a load of free software (like genuinely free. I make zero money from the site) that I want to make ... [read more]

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    Selecting monitor stand

    Hmmm0 in Off Topic

    Hey guys so I have dual 24" Asus monitors now and I've been thinking of throwing another in the mix. Would like to mount them on a stand so i ... [read more]

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    best laptop for internet marketers

    Jeremy123 in Off Topic

    I normally use a desktop, but would like to have a laptop. What brands are reliable, and how much RAM, processing is necessary if I will also use camtasia for ... [read more]

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    No more right click backgrounds?

    ewarda in Off Topic

    What happened to the days when you were able to right click on a background and save image as? No option in Chrome, Safari, Vivaldi. Firefox keeps crashing so it's ... [read more]

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    Any good free task management and reminder app for windows?

    Linens in Off Topic

    Hi guys... Its really difficult to keep track of each n every activity when doing so many things in parallel. The tasks which i think... Will do in cming days... ... [read more]

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    I clicked a spammy link via Skype. What now?

    bsurb in Off Topic

    Hey guys, so I get a message from one of my Skype contacts when I log in and it was a link. Not thinking, I clicked it and it brought ... [read more]

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    How you start your morning?

    metricbuzz in Off Topic

    How you love to start your morning? I start my morning with a cup of coffee and seat back to the table to read facebook newsfeed, Though this digital life ... [read more]

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    how to run Google Play for my Lenovo

    alohagirl22883 in Off Topic

    my lenovo s939 cannot open google play services. cannot start play store also after upgrade system. why's that?? Plz give me a solution. Thank you in advance!

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    Best Idea (Pleae Select one)

    NSNMURTHY in Off Topic

    Hi Guys, I have seen a very bad situation in 6 months back and from that day i am thinking to do something. I have joined 2 days back to ... [read more]

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    Why are you here (what bring you online)

    davidoriolguide in Off Topic

    What really bring you here to the online world is it the idea of having more free time for you and your love ones or it because you hate putting ... [read more]

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    Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Release

    DURABLEOILCOM in Off Topic

    The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Release Date has been confirmed for August 2nd! Will you be picking one up?