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    Religious & Political Topics Are Forbidden! STICKY in Off Topic

    Religious & Political threads and posts are not allowed in this section or any other section on Warrior Forum. This opens up unnecessary arguments and leads to nothing good. We ... [read more]

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    Sony Proves That E.S.P. Is Real!

    tagiscom in Off Topic

    Hmmm, Casino here l come!!!! :rolleyes: How Sony Proved That E.S.P. Is Real Shane

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    Saying hi to the gang

    basicus in Off Topic

    I used to be active in forums such as this one a few years ago. Mostly Digital Point's forum, v7n, Webmasterworld and the likes. Then they all got hit by ... [read more]

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    Any lifted truck fanatics?

    Josh MacDonald in Off Topic

    I'm about to launch a new social network, and it's all based on custom pick up trucks, like but way better. Basically, if you're into the following vehicle, and ... [read more]

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    External backup trouble

    LynnLewis in Off Topic

    I backed up my Windows laptop onto an external drive, then from a Mac laptop I backed up some files on the same device. Now I can't access the drive ... [read more]

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    Is there a way to store messages?

    maryannelewis in Off Topic

    I haven't used Warrior forum much and am getting more into it, and have been receiving a lot of private messages. Is there some way to store them on Warrior ... [read more]

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    Facebook 'Likes' reveal more about you than you think

    latestnewsheadline in Off Topic

    Using a dataset of more than 58,000 U.S. Facebook users, University of Cambridge researchers predicted race, age, IQ, sexuality, personality, substance use and political views using Likes alone.(source: usatoday)

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    About Compressing pdf files

    funtler in Off Topic

    About Compressing pdf files. What method, software OR online service is the best resource to compress a pdf file for FREE. Conversion should not place watermark of converting resource on ... [read more]

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    Would you say there's more women or men in the internet marketing niche

    just wondering what do you think the percentage split might be? Because my path has shown me more men working in this niche -- but according to the national mail ... [read more]

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    Curious George: Five Stars

    thunderbird in Off Topic

    Curious George: Downhill Racer - YouTube

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    An "informed" politician speaks about the Internet (and the need to control it)

    Thomas in Off Topic

    Listen to the first 60 seconds of this... this is how "informed" the type of politicians that want increased state control over the Internet actually are (and listen to her ... [read more]

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    The rise and fall of the biggest selling band past 20 years.

    Tomas Lodén in Off Topic

    Found this Interesting read from Peter Cooper about the rise and fall of the biggest selling band of the past 20 years. Dixie sold 22 million albums with six No. ... [read more]

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    NYPD officer plotted to kidnap, cook and eat women, authorities say

    Brian John in Off Topic

    hard to believe people like this exist. NYPD officer plotted to kidnap, cook and eat women, authorities say | Fox News official criminal complaint...

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    Mark Andrews in Off Topic

    Lifes little grumbles... Do you love to have a little grumble about this and that? Me? I think I'm getting old. Set in my ways even. Approaching middle age, never ... [read more]

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    [VIDEO] Camstasia 3 Question : What am I doing wrong?

    Hackbridge in Off Topic

    camtasia_studio_question - YouTube Can anyone help me with this question I've posted on Youtube. I'd really appreciate the help for future reference. Thanks in advance. Brian

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    Camtasia recording question

    frankl in Off Topic

    I'd like to record a screencapture about recording the screen in Camtasia studio. What I'm looking for is how to record the screen when I set up the recording. When ... [read more]

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    Forum Admin or Scammer?

    MilkerFocus in Off Topic

    Recently, I received a message from a member, he said he represents warrior forum. However, when I checked out his profile, I did not see anything shows that he is ... [read more]

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    Best action movie???

    sivricmarijan in Off Topic

    What's your favorite action movie of all time? I think the best one is Equilibrium but I can't find it on popular top lists on the internet! Why?

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    Top Ten Jewish Rock Stars

    bravo75 in Off Topic

    I was watching a Mark Knopfler and Eric Clapton YT video and thought Mark looked a lot like Jerry Seinfeld, hence Jewish. Dire Straits & Eric Clapton - Sultans Of ... [read more]

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    Adults Who Will Cop to Eating Easter Peeps? ;o)

    Patrician in Off Topic

    It's that time again - while lots of people love chocolate and vanilla (my two favorite things) marshmallow is probably number three. Very few adults really like marshmallows - IS ... [read more]

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    If Mama Ain't Happy...

    lcombs in Off Topic

    Ain't Nobody Happy. OK.... That's all fine and dandy.... But.... If Papa ain't happy, Papa ain't happy. So, who's gonna make Papa happy? Better be Mama or Papa's outta here!

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    We're All Extraterrestrials!

    thunderbird in Off Topic

    Comets Hitting Earth Started Life On Earth ""It is fascinating to consider that the most basic biochemical building blocks that led to life on Earth may well have had an ... [read more]

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    WHY is the US whitehouse acting like we are in the 1870s, etc?

    seasoned in Off Topic

    Seriously! They don't seem to know about things like photoshop and, around 1880, a guy became world famous for having a talent. He was likely paid a veritable pittance for ... [read more]

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    cute warrior girls

    New Comer in Off Topic

    So how many beautiful ladies does this forum actually have? How many of you are making a decent amount monthly? I always think it's cool to meet girls with the ... [read more]

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    North Korea television takes a look at american poverty

    Lucian Lada in Off Topic

    I had a good laugh at the voice-over. "Yumi." - North Korea television takes a look at american poverty

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    Paper Is Edible

    thunderbird in Off Topic

    I told my 2-year-old that paper is not food when he put some in his mouth. He replied, "Termites eat paper! People eat termites." Toddler logic. He remembered this Youtube ... [read more]

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    The Internet - Online Search Question

    Mark Andrews in Off Topic

    Does searching online sometimes drive you crazy with exasperation? Do you find it particularly frustrating at times trying to find what you're looking for online? Would you say it's become ... [read more]

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    Oscar Pistorius' Case ...

    mikelmraz in Off Topic

    What do you guys think about Oscar's case?

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    The Next Pope Thread - Who do want to be pope?

    derekwong28 in Off Topic

    Before the conclave, I would like to ask you to say who would you want be the next pope and who would you actually think would it be. These are ... [read more]

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    Speed cameras are a scam, Ohio judge rules

    Joe Mobley in Off Topic

    A judge in Ohio says what so many have been thinking, but never expected to hear from a judge. He described them as "nothing more than a high-tech game ... [read more]

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    Anyone selling a nokia e-series phone

    checkingitout in Off Topic

    Hi I am looking to buy a Nokia e-series phone for use in the UK Must be unlocked to any network and come with 1.Charger 2.Data cable 3.Software/nokia suite on ... [read more]

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    Suggestion need for domain name

    Sunitha07 in Off Topic

    Hi I bought script just like damn lol website. Now i am looking for domain name. Pl suggest me simple and sweet name between 3-9 words. Website will be niche ... [read more]

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    Why Are Plastics Still Used For Take-Out?

    thunderbird in Off Topic

    BPA is just one of a number of hormone-like substances in plastic. Contact with hot food causes it to leach. "Since at least 1936 it has been known that BPA ... [read more]

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    Casino Royale 1967...Seriously? WTF?

    Steven Wagenheim in Off Topic

    Okay, I admit it. I never saw the original Casino Royale back in 1967 because it didn't have Sean Connery in it. But I had no idea the movie was ... [read more]

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    Greeks Protest Canadian Imperialist Invasion

    thunderbird in Off Topic

    More than 10,000 people have taken to the streets of Greece's second largest city to protest a planned [Canadian Imperialist] gold mine they see as an environmental risk.

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    Things my love thought me : My Love Poem

    Chatung in Off Topic

    Every summer there’s comes a story, A story which was so lovely, Full of fancy and dare enough to say I ‘am so sorry. Life was beautiful, And thought, It ... [read more]

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    Daniel Evans in Off Topic

    Jumping off a Roller coaster! - YouTube

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    Broke a new ClickBank sales record today!

    taskemann in Off Topic

    The new ClickBank design really helped me to break my old record on $124,534,235,004.32 in a day. With the new, blue design, I took a complete new account to this ... [read more]

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    Death Sentence, right or wrong?

    Tomas Lodén in Off Topic

    Do you think that if someone commits murder they deserve to be killed themselves or should they just suffer in jail for the rest of their lives and be forced ... [read more]

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    Anyone in Colorado Springs able and willing to help me out?

    KimW in Off Topic

    I might need some items packed well and then shipped to me. The items are glass,and the seller was selling "for local pick up only". Right now I am just ... [read more]

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    Walking Backwards and Playing the Guitar

    Dennis Gaskill in Off Topic

    Keller Williams can really play the guitar, even while walking backwards. I'd never heard of him before today. He's got some real talent. Keller Williams - "Thin Mint" -... Keller ... [read more]

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    New Laptop "clean wipe" question

    VideosByIvy in Off Topic

    So I got a laptop of ebay, mainly for the graphics card (Nvidia GT something) the laptop comes with windows 8. But I'm pretty sure I want to wipe it ... [read more]

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    New Member: Introducing myself

    Zlatan Ibra in Off Topic

    Hey guys, My name is Wilfred and i am living in the Netherlands. I am 29 years old. I love movies,reading,poker,female,party,chilling and obviously the internet. Btw, my nickname Zlatan Ibra, ... [read more]

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    FaceBook Timeline software??

    Riq in Off Topic

    I remember seeing and thought I bought software or an app that would allow posting of important dates and other info automatically to a timeline. Such as holidays and important ... [read more]

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    what is your current OS?

    jamhot in Off Topic

    I am looking to do a re install after a hardware upgrade and wanted to go 64bit. I currently use XP32 because it works the way I like. I am ... [read more]

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    You Think You're Old, pphfft!

    thunderbird in Off Topic

    Father of all humankind is 340,000 years old

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    Be Your Own Bank

    buddy7 in Off Topic

    I am not sure if any warriors saw this conference last summer that was going to be in Las Vegas, I believe, that was about putting together funding for whatever ... [read more]

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    Kids Start Martial Arts Young

    thunderbird in Off Topic

    I took my toddler to a children's play centre in Vancouver. It consists of various objects that children climb, and assorted entertainment toys and devices. One device -- I don't ... [read more]

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    Fairly New To The Warrior Forum

    sbluford in Off Topic

    Although I am not actually "new" to the Warrior Forum, I am still new to the community. I just wanted to take a bit of time out to officially introduce ... [read more]

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    New Joe Bonamassa Song and Free Downloads from Him - Lots of Goodness Inside!

    Dennis Gaskill in Off Topic

    It's a little bit different, but very good. There's a link below the video where you can get download. It's the one from the video. Below that is a link ... [read more]

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    Should I upload Prosper 202 to my root folder or into a subdomain folder?

    chaujefe in Off Topic

    Hi warriors, I have a question here. I have 15 sites all in one account and I want to use Prosper 202 for two specific domains. For all the rest ... [read more]

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    Alvin Lee dies

    KimW in Off Topic

    Alvin Lee Is Going Home: 'Ten Years After' Guitarist Dies : The Two-Way : NPR RIP

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    can I delete (one) of several gmail accounts?

    Ian Jackson in Off Topic

    I have several gmail email accounts; is it possible to delete one of them without affecting the others? I found the delete procedure on YouTube but no-one makes any reference ... [read more]

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    Andy Bailey From Commentluv Needs Our Support

    ejullya in Off Topic

    Hi warriors, this morning I received an email from Andy Bailey, the developer of the commentluv plugin that so many bloggers came to love. In the email Andy courageously shared ... [read more]

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    OH NO! RIP Stompin' Tom Connors

    thunderbird in Off Topic

    Stompin' Tom Connors dies at 77 THE HOCKEY SONG....... cat... dont ask :))) -... Stompin' Tom Connors - Big Joe Mufferaw (Live...