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    Religious & Political Topics Are Forbidden! STICKY in Off Topic

    Religious & Political threads and posts are not allowed in this section or any other section on Warrior Forum. This opens up unnecessary arguments and leads to nothing good. We ... [read more]

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    #endoftheworld In Case I Die

    goindeep in Off Topic

    In case I die: its been great, love you mum, dad, mrs, baby, oskar. If it's only me that dies, George you can have my posters, Mark my dvd's ... [read more]

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    Who's your daddy :)

    sabluuk in Off Topic

    Hi Guys, This time, just a happy message from me: I am going to be a daddy! I am really totally over the moon, and now you are probably thinking: ... [read more]

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    How Far Would You Walk

    George Wright in Off Topic

    You have a map. It has X marks the spot every 10th of a mile where you can find $1. You have to walk. For as far as you walk ... [read more]

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    It's 21st in Hong Kong!

    MilkerFocus in Off Topic

    Still OK, Nothing happen! How about your place?

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    The end of the world - Dec 21 2012 ?

    Martinsee in Off Topic

    I heard about the end day of the world will be on Dec 21 2012// I know about Maya stories. So, i think, i have 2 days to be with ... [read more]

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    Kirk and the Enterprise pass through the Estrogena-7 anomaly.

    Joe Mobley in Off Topic Where no man has gone before. Joe Mobley

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    Monkeys Stealing Stuff From Car, Stealing Hubcaps

    thunderbird in Off Topic

    Do you have to deal with monkeys stealing stuff from your car? Monkey Mayhem Returns to Longleat! - YouTube

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    20 Free Hitchcock Movies Online

    Joe Mobley in Off Topic

    Young and Innocent – Originally released in the US as The Girl Was Young, this Alfred Hitchcock film was based on Josephine Tey’s novel A Shilling for Candles. (1937) ... [read more]

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    Twitter smackdown...

    Joe Mobley in Off Topic (Scroll down to the bottom if you need to. I did.) That's got to smart... Joe Mobley

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    Thinking about getting a dog

    butters in Off Topic

    Thinking about getting a Border Collie but I have never had pets before, big step obviously so not really sure what to expect. I know there are loads of animal ... [read more]

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    service provider in Off Topic

    Attachment 15969 wow we are safe hope i can continuw my IM JOURNEY

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    Windows no longer the # operating system

    whateverpedia in Off Topic

    Microsoft Windows is no longer the world's #1 operating system Android (Google) 39%; (Up from 1% in 2008) OS x/iOS (Apple) 29% (up from 5% in 2004) Windows (Microsoft) 26% ... [read more]

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    I Choked On My Coffee Reading These

    AnniePot in Off Topic

    Most unfortunate wedding announcements ever | Mail Online

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    Product Rebranding Permission Question

    Taniwha in Off Topic

    Say you buy a supplement with proprietary blends then take it out and use your own brand to resell it with the addition of a few more ingredients. Are there ... [read more]

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    how is your experience with windows 8?

    m4dcoder in Off Topic

    I am just gonna buy it. I have been using win7 for last 3 years and now want something different. I didn't like macintosh at all. does win8 worth the ... [read more]

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    Whats you favorite singer, band...?

    Captain Kent in Off Topic

    Mine are as follows: 1- Mormon Tabernacle Choir 2- The piano guys 3- James Blunt 4- Andrea Bocelli 5- Classic Classicals... what about yours?

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    Saying Goodbye To My Beloved Warriors - Another Crumby End-Of-The-World Thread!

    David Braybrooke in Off Topic

    Adieu, adieu, to yieu and yieu and yieu So long, farewell, au revoir, auf wiedersehen I'd like to stay and taste my first champagne So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, goodbye ... [read more]

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    Facebook Scam - Beware of This One Floating Around

    Bayo in Off Topic

    Facebook Scam - Beware of This One Floating Around I received the scam FB email below and wanted to let you know so you can be prepared if it shows ... [read more]

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    Video Gamers of WF - lets unite and play some games!

    Venturetothetop in Off Topic

    With so many WF members many of us must surely play games right?! So over the coming holiday period lets arrange some friendly tournaments. It is a great way for ... [read more]

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    How did you meet your partner?

    ozzie2012 in Off Topic

    I met my partner online in an internet chat room. How did you meet your partner?

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    The dumbest thing I ever heard of

    whateverpedia in Off Topic

    Listening to the radio in the car today and I heard a news item about "the end of the world" tomorrow. The DJ was interviewing a bookie about bets he'd ... [read more]

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    For the dog lovers in the crowd

    Paul Myers in Off Topic

    I know there are a few people in here who like animals as much as I do, so... A friend of mine runs a dog rescue shelter, and just got ... [read more]

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    WordPress Question

    LarryC in Off Topic

    This may pale in comparison to an End of the World thread, but in the unlikely event that life persists beyond 12/21, I would like to be able to post ... [read more]

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    What's Your New Years Resolution?

    TimK06 in Off Topic

    Hi all you wonderful warriors out there! Since starting this business I've learn to write almost everything down I find useful. So earlier I was sitting and I jotted down ... [read more]

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    wf app

    NicheExposed in Off Topic

    Is the warrior forum app working? It won't let me log in? Thanks

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    credit repair person threatens to turn me into IRS

    Marilynj55 in Off Topic

    I've had dealings this week with a woman who does credit repair and claims that we don't have to pay Federal Income tax. I sent her a link to a ... [read more]

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    End of the World

    OgleDirect in Off Topic

    So after nothing happens on December 21, 2012 what will be the new invented end of the world date be?

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    Just Saying Hi!

    InnovaTonic in Off Topic

    Hey people! I have heard a LOT about this forum but never really got a chance to register for it. I am here now, just wanted to say hi to ... [read more]

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    A Holiday Gift for The Families of Sandy Hook.

    David Braybrooke in Off Topic

    Let's show our love and support for the Sandy Hook Families. A Holiday Gift for The Families of Sandy Hook | Indiegogo 'A whispered wish of remembrance Silent words of ... [read more]

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    Instagram, read this and pass on to your friends

    AprilCT in Off Topic

    All your stuff now belongs to Instagram says it now has the right to sell your photos | Politics and Law - CNET News

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    do you think the world is really ending on December 21?

    magento123 in Off Topic

    I don't believe it but still want to see what will happen on that day. how about you?

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    3D Tattoos

    whateverpedia in Off Topic

    Although I dislike tattoos, I have to admit some of these are @#$%ing awesome. Check #12, #9, #6, #3, and especially #11. The Mayan - Amazing 3D Tattoos

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    Warm and Fuzzy Thread!!!

    tagiscom in Off Topic

    After the week we have had, and the impending doom over the horizon, l thought that we badly needed this!!!! :rolleyes: Enjoy!!! :p Kitten Playtime with Warm Fuzzies - YouTube ... [read more]

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    Good Reason To Adopt A Dog

    thunderbird in Off Topic

    Having a dog is certainly lots of fun, but dogs are sometimes much more than cute and fuzzy companions. Dog (a chihuahua) saves family from carbon monoxide poisoning Hero dog ... [read more]

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    Who has the best avatar on the warrior forum?

    Dan Curtis in Off Topic

    In sales it's ABC -- always be closing. In marketing it's similar -- always be marketing. From your logo to your signature to your copy to your links, everything is ... [read more]

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    Deeply Personal Question

    thunderbird in Off Topic

    Do you think it is a good idea to ask deeply personal questions on the Internet to strangers for the vast numbers of other strangers to read?

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    How to stop a thief...

    butters in Off Topic

    I am not talking about an online thief here, I am talking about a thief who breaks in to the building and takes everything. Let me give you a bit ... [read more]

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    3 More Days Till The World Ends...

    max5ty in Off Topic

    Are you ready? December 21 is supposedly the date the Mayan calendar has the world ending... I'm sure you've all heard about it. What are you going to do in ... [read more]

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    So Scared

    thunderbird in Off Topic

    The most easily scared guy in the world? - YouTube

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    Snowboarder Shaun White cuts his famous red locks

    MoneyMagnetMagnate in Off Topic

    Snowboarder Shaun White cuts his famous red locks White revealed on Tuesday through a Facebook post that he has cut off his shiny red tresses for the charity Locks of ... [read more]

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    10 Easy Psychic Lessons For Those Who Believe In Horoscope And Fortune Telling Crap

    Alex Barboza in Off Topic

    I found this while searching for scientific evidence of the world NOT ending this year. These are the usual ways psychics cheat people and make them believe in them: ... [read more]

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    Social Media Marketing Forum....what a farce

    waterotter in Off Topic

    This is little more than a blackhat buy and sell platform. I am surprised at the amount of threads posted for the sole purpose of buying or selling FB pages ... [read more]

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    What Does The Word "Sherpa" Means For You?

    Alex Barboza in Off Topic

    I ask this because I am planning to enter a new niche and like the sound of the word "Sherpa" for it. It's very brandable and the two word domain ... [read more]

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    Anyone Else With This Problem...

    max5ty in Off Topic

    Just Wondering... Guess I'm just so good looking I've got all kinds of women wanting to get to know me. Problem is...I just don't have the time. How do you ... [read more]

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    Google Search Results Suck

    thunderbird in Off Topic

    Google's certainly gotten worse with all of its massive growth, choosing greed over good user experience on Youtube, algorithm changes skewed to favor massive taxpayer-subsidized corporations' sites over useful results, ... [read more]

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    How many servers does WF need? Couple more quetions inside

    cayne in Off Topic

    Hi there, I'm fairly new around here. But I run a quite large forum myself. But ever since we've switched to v4 of vBulletin and imported our old db, the ... [read more]

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    Would you use natural steroids?

    gareth in Off Topic

    I'm nearly 44 and am starting to feel the affects of andropause - I hate it and understand now why most men decline so badly between 40-50. I need to ... [read more]

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    "Anyone Else Seen A UFO?" My story...

    max5ty in Off Topic

    I was driving down Old School Road at around 2 A.M. a few nights ago on my way home, when out of the corner of my eye I saw a ... [read more]

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    Undoubtedly the coolest person on Facebook. Check out their profile page!

    Michael Mayo in Off Topic

    If you don't have a Facebook account then I'm sorry I wasn't able to consider you for the award... Have a Great Day! Michael

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    ROLL UP: Trips To The Moon For $1.5 Billion!

    David Braybrooke in Off Topic

    NASA, I love you! Firm hopes to sell $1.5 billion trips to the moon - CBS News

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    Woohoo - It's Harmageddon Week

    Mark Andrews in Off Topic

    Just Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday to go before the end of the world. Armageddon is nigh, well, I guess we could always... Monty Python - Always Look on the ... [read more]

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    Breaking News! 27 dead in school shooting 20 children 7 adults and the shooter.

    Michael Mayo in Off Topic

    Breaking News! 27 dead in school shooting 20 children 7 adults and the shooter. Multiple dead in school shooting in Newtown, CT - News, Weather & Sports

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    Got milk?

    Does anybody drink milk anymore? The U.S. Milk Business Is in 'Crisis' - Yahoo! Finance

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    Yesterday Was my 6 Year Anniversary On Warrior Forum

    Steven Wagenheim in Off Topic

    I can't believe it. Yesterday (12-12) was my 6 year anniversary as a member of the Warrior Forum. Time sure does fly.

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    Crowdfunding: Has anyone tried it?

    kekka in Off Topic

    Hey Warriors, I've just finished my campaign on a popular crowdfunding website. Has anyone tried or had experience with these that can offer any help or tips? Has any of ... [read more]

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    Just wanted to introduce myself...

    jasonellis in Off Topic

    Hey Guys and Girls, I just wanted to say a quick hello as I start to fill in all my fun warrior forum profile info. My name is Jason and ... [read more]