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    Religious & Political Topics Are Forbidden! STICKY in Off Topic

    Religious & Political threads and posts are not allowed in this section or any other section on Warrior Forum. This opens up unnecessary arguments and leads to nothing good. We ... [read more]

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    Mountain Rescue need help

    Sparhawke in Off Topic

    I do not know if anyone knows much about them but they have been working tirelessly for the April Jones abduction in England and need peoples support. I have a ... [read more]

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    Does anyone know?

    RenderTheWeb in Off Topic

    Hey, So today I've been doing a bit of research on a few competitors but I'm tired of having multiple tabs open. I was wondering if there is a program ... [read more]

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    Easy but powerful tip to get your posts noticed in forums

    sufeyh in Off Topic

    Hi guys, needed a break from the other sections of WF so I decided to come over here and share a little tip you guys might have heard of this, ... [read more]

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    Looking forward to Thanks Giving?

    Michael Ten in Off Topic

    Is anyone else looking forward to Thanks Giving? It's like my favorite holiday.

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    Malaysia claims success in brokering MILF peace deal

    MoneyMagnetMagnate in Off Topic

    KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia has claimed success in brokering a peace deal between the Philippine government and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF). Malaysia claims success in brokering MILF peace deal ... [read more]

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    Gas Thief makes off with $4500 worth of gas

    MoneyMagnetMagnate in Off Topic

    Boy! And you think your truck eats gas? - :p $4,500 in Gas Siphoned in Latest Calif. Pump Heist | ABC News Blogs - Yahoo!

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    Anti-Downloading Law Hits Japan, Up To 2 Years in Prison From Today

    MoneyMagnetMagnate in Off Topic

    A few hours ago Japan introduced new anti-piracy legislation designed to clamp down on illegal file-sharing. The regime is one of the most draconian in the world. In most countries ... [read more]

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    Most Ridiculous Reason To Lose A Friendship?

    thunderbird in Off Topic

    What's the most ridiculous reason that you've ever lost a friend? Here's a ridiculous reason I lost a friend when I was in middle school. This friend said to me, ... [read more]

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    Your right to resell your own stuff is in peril

    MoneyMagnetMagnate in Off Topic

    It could become illegal to resell your iPhone 4, car or family antiques CHICAGO (MarketWatch) — Tucked into the U.S. Supreme Court’s busy agenda this fall is a little-known case ... [read more]

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    Manchester Warriors

    decibelgr in Off Topic

    Hi, If you are a fellow warrior from Manchester I would like to ask your opinion about the life in Manchester. I had a good offer from a huge digital ... [read more]

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    What's The Purpose Of Cancer

    Jonathan 2.0 in Off Topic

    I don't understand why it exists. (?) Cheers.

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    Any Malaysians with bank accounts?

    fin in Off Topic

    Not sure where to put this, but I guess it has something to do with making money online. I want to keep money in Asia. I was thinking Singapore because ... [read more]

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    School Lunch Lady Slammed For Food That Is 'Too Good'

    MoneyMagnetMagnate in Off Topic

    A talented head cook at a school in central Sweden has been told to stop baking fresh bread and to cut back on her wide-ranging veggie buffets because it was ... [read more]

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    Bad Honeymoon

    thunderbird in Off Topic

    A young couple was supposed to savour their honeymoon in scenic Huashan... Click to Continue Reading My trip to Hua Shan some years back was much nicer than that.

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    my website

    jdmljr in Off Topic

    Hi guys i have a good website in a popular niche making between 1k and 2k per month what would it be worth if i was to sell it?

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    Deliver one unique file per sale?

    tom parker in Off Topic

    Is there an easy way to deliver one unique file per sale then have that file deleted so no one else gets it? I have software that I'm going to ... [read more]

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    OK - So Walter White He's Not...

    MoneyMagnetMagnate in Off Topic

    Truck with "Meth Lab" inscription turns out to be just that :p Police in Memphis say a red pick-up truck inscribed with the words "Meth Lab" in the rear window ... [read more]

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    How much do you like HostGator?

    Michael Ten in Off Topic

    Do you like it this much? It is a HostGator tattoo. "Billy Gibby sold this spot on the back of his neck, and his name, to His legal name ... [read more]

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    13 Ways Americans Throw Away Money

    Joe Mobley in Off Topic

    $76 billion on soda each year abdallah/Flickr The US soda market is worth $76 billion, according to Beverage Digest. As your mom told you, these drinks provide no nutritional ... [read more]

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    Moral Question on Marketing

    bsbear in Off Topic

    This is totally hypothetical and just popped into my head, but what if someone offered you a huge paying job like $1 million per year, and all you had to ... [read more]

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    Introduction of a new user

    VickyMilza in Off Topic

    Hello Warm wishes to everybody, Greetings to all members of this forum. My name is Vicky Milza, new to this forum, I have not found the introduction thread of this ... [read more]

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    HeySal in Off Topic

    Just got my first Kindle book online. What a nightmare. If that was user-friendly, I don't ever want to see anything that isn't. When they say no-technical skills needed they ... [read more]

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    Space X Launch visible on eastern seaboard

    Big Rob in Off Topic

    I am totally jazzed for tonights launch. Cape Canaveral AFS is literally in my back yard, about 10-12 miles to the launch site. I am usually "Meh" when it comes ... [read more]

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    "Searching For Sugar Man"

    thunderbird in Off Topic

    I just learned about this documentary. Seems intriguing. Anyone see it? Searching for Sugar Man Official Trailer #1... Roger Ebert wrote, "I hope you're able to see this film. You ... [read more]

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    Real water bed

    whateverpedia in Off Topic

    Who knew that Germans have a sense of humour? Real water bed - YouTube

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    New cool movies...

    CyborgX in Off Topic

    I have just seen... Madagascar 3 Ice Age4 and Prometheus all of them were awesome...

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    Best Payout Methods for JV Partners?

    WebsiteBegin in Off Topic

    I've been rolling in a JV project lately, but we've come to one of the bigger points - payment. The main source of income for the project is commissions from ... [read more]

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    So there I was feeling sorry for myself...

    LynnM in Off Topic

    ...because it's been a bit of a crappy month so far. Then I saw that JennySweets had updated her thread, and things have gone from bad to worse: And ... [read more]

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    getting funding for a book

    Odahh in Off Topic

    Hello, without going to publisher.. does anyone know how to get funding to write a book .. even though i write a lot on forums.. my use of the language ... [read more]

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    Help My Little Girl Raise Money for Stroke Research

    leonardpayne in Off Topic

    Exam result answers from some UK 16 year olds. Q. How do you keep milk from turning sour? A. Keep it in the cow. Q. What is a cesaerean section? ... [read more]

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    Facebook hits 1 Billion!

    Jeff Burritt in Off Topic

    Zuck just announced 1 Billion active monthly users. That's 1 out of every 7 people on the planet. I wonder if he knows about all those fake accounts I have.... ... [read more]

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    Hey Jimmy Kimmel, I gave my kids a terrible present

    thunderbird in Off Topic

    I've got to stop posting so much, but I had to share this. Late night TV host Jimmy Kimmel challenged his viewers to give their kids a bad present and ... [read more]

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    How do I donate?

    kenmichaels in Off Topic

    I want to donate to a group that does not take donations. any ideas on how to do that? Just send a check with a small note? I know if ... [read more]

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    Help for blog

    ujwalbro2006 in Off Topic

    How can we increase the page rank of our blog?Easily and not boringly. Does copying some content of websites delay in increasing the rank. Do we have to make everything ... [read more]

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    software to identify which page you are on in google search

    stevetm001 in Off Topic

    Hi guys.., Just wondering if any of you know of software that can find out which page a website is found on based on keywords you enter. e.g. website: www.sitename ... [read more]

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    Ways to get banned

    ujwalbro2006 in Off Topic

    What are the ways you get banned from this forum? Some websites banns users for no reason at all.Well, this seems like a nice website so it is good otherwise ... [read more]

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    it seems like WF is getting a lot of new members.

    vivo in Off Topic

    Including myself. Anyways, as I went across the forums, I tend to notice there are quite a few new posters. Iam glad there is interest in the field. I have ... [read more]

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    German Chocolate Cake Recipe

    barickiza in Off Topic

    German chocolate cake is very tasty looking and of course very tasty, and one of the most popular cakes in the U.S. and Canada. German Chocolate Cake Recipe - YouTube ...

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    Moving Abroad?

    vivo in Off Topic

    Do any of you plan on moving abroad? I am considering it with all that is going on, plus quality of life concerns. Any thoughts?

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    Need to know where to post my thread

    youngsiteowner in Off Topic

    Does anyone know where I would post a thread that would basically be a job listing? I am trying to hire someone who can design web page templates through Adobe ... [read more]

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    Bank of Canada Foreclosing American Homes!

    thunderbird in Off Topic

    Canadian-taxpayer-propped corporate welfare recipient Bank of Canada exploits loophole in US law to foreclose American's homes over credit card debt. Canadian bank goes after Americans' homes to collect credit card ... [read more]

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    Can anybody find me X-men The official game

    ujwalbro2006 in Off Topic

    I seem to have accidently deleted my best game X-men the offcial game. Can anybody give me a link where I can download this game.It's a RPG games where we ... [read more]

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    Stretching Can Feel So Good!!!!

    Michael Ten in Off Topic

    I hope that you enjoy stretching in your life. Stretches Outside Be Healthy - YouTube

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    How much could imgur earn with their hits/day

    ahojvole in Off Topic

    Hi, if you check the stats of imgur you see that each day it has about 1 000 000 000 hits / 1 billion image views. How much could imgur ... [read more]

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    Going to Paris anything unusual to see?

    Lou Diamond in Off Topic

    Hello, I will be there for ten days, I am looking for something out of the ordinary to do. Please do not recommend the red light district. Thanks in advance ... [read more]

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    Science question:

    HeySal in Off Topic

    What can you use to disable a microchip that is embedded in something that can't be put in the microwave?

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    Elephant Throwing Poop!

    taskemann in Off Topic

    Elephant Throwing Poop! - YouTube Enjoy!

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    iPhone 5 Back-Story: Very Ugly

    thunderbird in Off Topic

    Foxconn's factory workers strike over iPhone 5 quality demands, report says - Silicon Valley / San Jose Business Journal China Labor Watch, a New York-based non-profit, said the workers were ... [read more]

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    Problems with paypal?

    I am launching my new internet company soon. The services we provide require quotes because they are custom in nature. I plan on using paypal and sending a payment link ... [read more]

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    Eban Pagan and Annie Lalla Marriage Wedding Vows

    tpw in Off Topic

    Honestly, I could not bear to listen, so I just watched -- in horror!! The body language in the video made me cringe, without ever hearing the words... Her body ... [read more]

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    Rusty Hearts

    ujwalbro2006 in Off Topic

    Has anyone played Rusty heart game in computer? It is a role playing game with high quality graphics and sound. I have heard of this game to be a history ... [read more]

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    New here

    ujwalbro2006 in Off Topic

    Hi to everybody!!!!!!! Please be kind to me.

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    Warrior Forum App

    Justin Says in Off Topic

    Would it be okay if I was to create an App for the Warrior Forum? I have the resources and know how to do it, but don't know if anyone ... [read more]

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    I am new

    jerry420 in Off Topic

    I am new please help me to take part in WF.