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    Religious & Political Topics Are Forbidden! STICKY in Off Topic

    Religious & Political threads and posts are not allowed in this section or any other section on Warrior Forum. This opens up unnecessary arguments and leads to nothing good. We ... [read more]

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    Baldness Seems A Better Option

    thunderbird in Off Topic

    Propecia, Baldness Drug, Could Permanently Alter Sexual Function in Men William McKee claims baldness drug, Propecia, turned him into a woman "McKee's story may sound hard to believe, but it's ... [read more]

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    LONDON2012 best bits

    curly sue in Off Topic

    My favourite moments of the opening ceremony; Mr. Bean; he was halarious and then James Bond throwing the queen out of the helicopter.

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    Old surrender footage

    highhopes in Off Topic

    I love these old black and white news reports....this one is special! 1945 - Japanese surrender - a keeper This film is believed to have never been seen before, only ... [read more]

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    Super xv final

    hardraysnight in Off Topic

    Move over olympics Saturday night in Hamilton, the chiefs play the sharks the bookies have them very close who will win? i say chiefs it will be a hard match

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    Anyone watching Dark Knight Rises?

    GreenSeoService in Off Topic

    I will be watching the movie soon!!! What about you ???

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    Any Electro fans here?

    Charlotte Jay in Off Topic

    Check out this guy I found on YouTube. He is starting to go viral, very talented chap. I'm really liking this remix of Ellie Goulding's "Lights" Ellie Goulding - Lights ... [read more]

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    Anyone watching the opening ceremony of the Olympics?

    Bjarne Eldhuset in Off Topic

    Loved the Rowan Atkinson part. Also funny to see that James Bond is still on Her Majesty's Secret Service :-) What event are you looking most forward to in the ... [read more]

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    which luggage brand you use?

    michealbevan737 in Off Topic

    I have buying luggage that gets damaged within the first 4-5 uses. Tried cheap as well as expensive. Though cost doesn’t matter. Can anyone suggest good brand or store Thanks ... [read more]

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    Why We Do What We Do.

    pavlokeyross in Off Topic

    Why We Do What We Do. Many people try and few succeed. To make money on Internet is not that easy.Yet,every day people try all over again. Why is this ... [read more]

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    Vulgar Ebay T-Shirt Fetches $7,100

    thunderbird in Off Topic

    Toronto Mayor caricature T-shirt signed by Canadian writer Margaret Atwood sold for $7,100 on Ebay

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    Help for Heroes

    sanssecret in Off Topic

    Not sure how many of you know Danny Cutts, but he and his good lady Jane are trying to raise some money for charity - Help for Heroes to be ... [read more]

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    Breaking Bad

    Darren Kilgariff in Off Topic

    Anyone else been following this show. Half way through series 4 and it's up there with The Wire and Sops for my favourite of all time. Believe America are up ... [read more]

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    Hey guys

    MikeLugar in Off Topic

    This is my first post here on the forum. I have always been a very active member on DP since 2007, but as many of you know DP has gone ... [read more]

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    A simple reminder

    seasoned in Off Topic

    This sounds hyped, and like a commercial, but LISTEN! It is a REAL honest lesson that is WELL DONE! I, Smartphone - YouTube Steve

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    Kim Kardashian

    thunderbird in Off Topic

    I'm just curious how many people are going to open a thread with the name of a celebrity of sorts who is famous for being famous.

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    Want to learn to make money online

    RavishingRajni in Off Topic

    Hi Guys: I was vacationing in Goa recently and I met a guy from the USA. While chatting, he told me he earns a full time living by selling products ... [read more]

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    [MATCH] Samsung 2 - Apple 1 :)

    daddykool in Off Topic

    Seems all is not well in the Core, apple it appears have completely under estmated *JUST* how popular and powerful the Samsung Galaxy 3 and Galaxy line up of smart ... [read more]

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    "Oh, My God!" Fishermen Snag a Jumping 10-Foot Shark And Freak Out

    These fishermen freak out when a 10-foot mako shark goes airborne. NSFW- Lots of swearing and it gets loud so watch your speakers: flying mako 020 uncut - YouTube

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    Weird Al Becomes A Calculus Teacher

    The music thing is cooked. Weird Al is teaching calculus: Multivariable Calculus Lesson: Triple Integrals -...

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    Shooting in Colorado

    KimW in Off Topic

    I'm surpised no one has posted about this yet: BBC News - Batman US cinema shooting: 12 dead in Colorado

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    I'm electrocuting my brain

    gareth in Off Topic

    What do u guys think ? TDCS-Transcranial-Direct-Current

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    How many other people died last Friday?

    Joe Mobley in Off Topic

    As I write this, it has been a little over a week since James Holmes killed 12 people in an Aurora, Colorado movie theater. Few would argue that this was ... [read more]

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    WHAT does this mean?

    seasoned in Off Topic

    This post is NOT meant to be racist or political, but you should know about this. To avoid claims about this being untrue, biased, out of context, etc... This is ... [read more]

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    Missing Person - It's Awful When It's Someone You Know

    Sheryl Polomka in Off Topic You hear of missing person stories all the time, but it has a whole different feeling when it's someone you know. Samantha Baldock was my best friend in high ... [read more]

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    Dogs or Cats

    gladjah08 in Off Topic

    Which one do you prefer to put inside the house the rest of your lives? Just curious.

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    Dogs vs Cats

    Kurt in Off Topic

    Which do you like better, dogs or cats? Overwhelmingly for me, it's dogs. I'm just not a cat person. Once we had a mouse and the ex got a cat. ... [read more]

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    Now "Climate Change" Discussion Is Taboo?

    thunderbird in Off Topic

    The topic of climate change has become so politicized that is is now taboo in these here parts. What's with people that something that should be a discussion of a ... [read more]

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    maxisxjay in Off Topic

    Hi, I just noticed that signatures of non war room members was removed. Can anyone give an explanation for this? Thanks.

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    Book: You Are Your Own Gym?

    Michael Ten in Off Topic

    Have you read the book You Are Your Own Gym? I recommend it! You can get it in a digital version or a physical version. You Are Your Own Gym ... [read more]

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    silicon valley

    trotterstraders in Off Topic

    why do internet entreprenuers all move there when they make it big

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    More 80,s Classics...

    tagiscom in Off Topic

    Enjoy . Watch the first one in Youtube, (full screen) this small version on WF doesn't do this clever video justice! And watch out for the ad, at the start, ... [read more]

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    Youtube "Matched third-party content"

    IshanSardar in Off Topic

    Hi guys, I didn't know where to post this so I posted it here: So I have this video of a game which has the status "Matched third-party content" maybe ... [read more]

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    Google Is about to get much bigger...

    TheSalesTechnician in Off Topic

    I wonder how many toolbars and spyware programs you are REQUIRED to install to have their "Internet". Im not sure how well this ISP would work out for Internet Marketers... ... [read more]

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    Which movie You watch recently?

    rihanna0 in Off Topic

    Hello Friends, I am new here....... This is a general discussion related to entertainment ................... Recently, I watch "Men in Black III" movie ...... This is a great movie..................... I ... [read more]

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    How bout a taste of some REAL news CNN/FOX and others will NEVER show

    The 13th Warrior in Off Topic

    Interview with Gerald Celente of the Trends... And also this: Ron Hera The End of Cheap Everything - YouTube! Find some REAL news sources and stop supporting and believing ... [read more]

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    SEO opp in Seattle - Regular Pay and Benes

    jetsetpeasant in Off Topic

    Hey Guys, I know that a J.O.B. ideally is something that none of us want, right? That's why we're here on Warrior Forum after all, but 2012 has been a ... [read more]

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    Twitter error

    aivzdog in Off Topic

    Anyone else having trouble getting on twitter??????

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    Does anyone know what the steps to sell a facebook fanpage here are?

    gyc in Off Topic

    Hello, I'm new here and I'd like to sell a facebook fanpage with over 4.5 million fans here or in another forum, but I don't know what the steps to ... [read more]

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    Just Got Hit by a Super Typhoon in Hong Kong

    derekwong28 in Off Topic

    Yesterday night, I was woken up by a terrible racket outside the apartment where I live. I learnt that the no. 10 typhoon signal had been hoisted. This is the ... [read more]

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    Emilie Da Vinci New Member

    koddra in Off Topic

    Emilie Da Vinci New Member.... Hi, friends I am new to this site but heard a lot for this site from my friends. I am here to communicate to make ... [read more]

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    This video made me believe in humanity again !

    Raja Kamil in Off Topic

    Incredible Animal Rescue - Kitty Buried In Dry Concrete - YouTube

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    Xbox 360 - Now with Anti-Virus Cables???

    MoneyMagnetMagnate in Off Topic

    Is There Anyone Stupid Enough to Believe That This Cable Has Anti-Virus Protection?

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    Blog comments vs Bog comments

    Mark Andrews in Off Topic

    If you run a blog of any kind... do you determine what is a genuine blog comment and what is a bog comment, only fit to be flushed down ... [read more]

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    Weird Stuff. If You Notice The Music (Not The Legs)

    thunderbird in Off Topic

    I personally don't find the music very nice sounding but I enjoyed the performance. Girl plays three instruments at once! AMAZING!! ...

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    I'm listening to Grandmaster Flash's "White Lines" right now

    bravo75 in Off Topic

    Grandmaster Flash - White Lines (Don't Do It)... Peace out bros and sis's.

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    Just Another Day in L.A. -

    MoneyMagnetMagnate in Off Topic

    The Californians (Dress Rehearsal Version) -... A Dress Rehearsal is always fun for a few gaffes...

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    $2.1 Million tax refund. Must be nice

    Halcyon in Off Topic

    Wow! I have trouble getting a couple hundred bucks legitimately from my state revenue department and this lady swindled over 2 million dollars from hers. $2.1M tax refund, $150K shopping ... [read more]

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    Johnny Depp Wants to Play Composer Harry Partch

    thunderbird in Off Topic

    Any Harry Partch fans here? Johnny Depp expressed interest in playing him in a movie. I actually imagined that Johnny Depp would be a Harry Partch fan and would be ... [read more]

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    Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned...

    SteveJohnson in Off Topic

    Can't help but feel a little bit sorry for this guy Five 'jealous' wives rape Nigerian man to death - Indian Express

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    If the Shoe fits...Wear It!

    MoneyMagnetMagnate in Off Topic

    Giant Slipper just a 'slight miscalculation'...:rolleyes: A man who ordered a special slipper to fit his oversized foot was sent a size 1,450 - after manufacturers failed to spot a ... [read more]

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    What Step Have You Taken To Save Money?

    mariaikram in Off Topic

    During the extended problems with the economy, what steps have you taken to save money? Are you more likely to turn lights off now? Do you use coupons? What else? ... [read more]

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    Just Watched Walking Dead New Season Trailer

    pavlokeyross in Off Topic

    I'm a fan of TWD and the trailer promises a lot. Even with Shane dead,this should be the hell of a season.Can't wait for it. AMC has very good stuff. ... [read more]

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    Why bitcoin needs to become #1 right now

    cashtree in Off Topic

    The problem with debit/credit cards is their tied to a horribly broken system. Users can chargeback up to 6 months after purchase...yeah I said 6 months, and there's really nothing ... [read more]

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    Need Money Advice FAST!!!

    Social App Zone in Off Topic

    how do I get rid of it all ?

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    New Paypal Scam - Be Careful

    cruzer076 in Off Topic

    New Paypal scam- please be careful! If you get an email like this do not click the link and sign into your PayPal account or you will give hackers direct ... [read more]