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    Religious & Political Topics Are Forbidden! STICKY in Off Topic

    Religious & Political threads and posts are not allowed in this section or any other section on Warrior Forum. This opens up unnecessary arguments and leads to nothing good. We ... [read more]

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    How many hours do you work every day, and...

    Lucian Lada in Off Topic

    ... do you have a predefined routine? Right now I'm on a brake, sipping a lemon-flavored beer and puffing a menthol cigar.

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    A couple of "Kids"songs.

    KimW in Off Topic

    KIDS THESE DAYS - TOM RUSH - YouTube City Boy - Hap-Kido Kid (HQ) |TOTP 13-05-1976| -... The Who - The Kids Are Alright - YouTube The Pretenders ~ ... [read more]

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    Music Lovers Please Help

    Peter May in Off Topic

    Hi Warriors, Need help, not toooo important. Sitting here chilling having a beer, the girlfriend is "the keeper of the remote control" watching "girl stuff" (no macho way to dress ... [read more]

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    Need Domain Suggestions

    sathishvb in Off Topic

    Hi Warriors, This is Sathish, I need a domain name where I am can concentrate fully on writing; which covers all verticals like technical, current affairs, non-technical, news, business, etc. ... [read more]

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    Your Favourite Songs From TV Shows

    Jonathan 2.0 in Off Topic

    Been listening to this one today: ... Smallville soundtrack Remy Zero- Save me - YouTube

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    Hello friends...

    ashlinvk in Off Topic

    Hello, I just wanted to introduce myself...My name is Ashlin.So I joint this forum to get more knowledge about Internet business. I hope for better discussion here. Thanks, Ashlinvk

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    Man Gambles Away $1.5M Accidentally Deposited Into His Account

    LarryC in Off Topic

    This story is funny, sad and bizarre all at once. Bank of America placed $1.5 million into this guy's account, which previously only had $300 in it. In other words, ... [read more]

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    Can I change my username?

    kojakeugenio in Off Topic

    I would like to change my current username. Is it possible? I created this account 5 years ago when I was a newbie and wanted to change it with my ... [read more]

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    Dozens Arrested In FBI Global Cyber Crime Sting:

    TLTheLiberator in Off Topic

    Dozens Arrested In FBI Global Cyber Crime Sting Through ‘’ | TPMMuckraker

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    If you changed your name...

    sitedesignadvisor in Off Topic

    Ok, So I changed my name last year just before I got married. In fact it was back to the name I was born with. Strange but true. For somereason ... [read more]

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    11 yr old Catcher pitched a lawsuit - now catching hell

    MoneyMagnetMagnate in Off Topic

    Elizabeth Lloyd Sues Matthew Migliaco, 13-Year-Old Catcher, After Being Hit In Face With Baseball (note: He was 11 at time of incident)

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    6 Ridiculous Lies You Believe About the Founding of America

    MoneyMagnetMagnate in Off Topic

    You probably already know about the Vikings...but there are quite a few fascinating little history tips contained in this story your history teacher may have failed to mention...:rolleyes: 6 Ridiculous ... [read more]

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    My 5 "You're Getting Old" signs

    Halcyon in Off Topic

    The sound of moaning and groaning late at night used to indicate a good time now it means one of us threw our back out of alignment and the other ... [read more]

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    Shopping in Texas...

    Joe Mobley in Off Topic

    You might be shopping in Texas if... YouTube - ‪Shopping in... Enjoy. Joe Mobley

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    Bleacher Report: The 25 Future Stadiums We Can't Wait to See‬

    TimPhelan in Off Topic

    Some very cool stadiums on this list. Number 1 is my GS Warriors who will be moving across the Bay to SF. The stadium looks awesome! Also on the list ... [read more]

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    djotto in Off Topic

    Hey everyone I have been a member for almost a year now. Today I just learned about accepting messages and replying. So I'm still a newbie. It is just a ... [read more]

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    For Thunderbird

    I.M.Retired in Off Topic

    It looks like a beautiful evening in Vancouver. I just captured this image from the KatKam and thought you might like to see it. Just a few minutes later: God's ... [read more]

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    A Warrior's Cry for Help...

    Shounenbat in Off Topic

    I never wanted to have to do this. In fact, I'm ill just typing it up, but I have to do what must be done. Awhile back, I wrote a ... [read more]

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    NASA's Voyager At Solar System’s Edge... (Video & Pics)

    TLTheLiberator in Off Topic

    NASA’s unmanned Voyager 1 spacecraft, launched way back in 1977, ... ...has become the first vessel in history to reach the edge of our solar system, NASA announced in ... [read more]

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    Songs About Characters...

    TLTheLiberator in Off Topic

    The bad one... Jim Croce - Bad Bad Leroy Brown (Live)...

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    highhopes in Off Topic

    Queen`s Jubilee fly past= Spells EIIR Queen's Diamond Jubilee EIIR Flypast and practices on Vimeo

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    Lakers, Lakers!?

    micheallinm in Off Topic

    Lakers lost one more game. WHY, WHY, WHY, TELL ME WHY?

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    Where do I start with Internet Business

    Patriciawangui in Off Topic

    Hello fellow Warriors, I am new to Internet business having launched my website last month but I am lost as to where to start to make a mark on Internet ... [read more]

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    IMkamna in Off Topic

    hi friends, I am Kamna and newbie there, I am SEO executive and eager to earn more money, so i join this forum to get more knowledge about SEO and ... [read more]

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    Old website with new domain name - A questions about re-directs

    wisedave in Off Topic

    Hello, I have a website hosted with a company that is in liquidation. It's a bespoke site for our business. Luckily, I am almost finished with a new Wordpress site ... [read more]

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    Are You Male or Female?

    thunderbird in Off Topic

    Before you answer, go to gender genie and paste some of your writing into it: The Gender Genie

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    New to warrior forum

    CathyHumes in Off Topic

    Hi all my name is Cathy and i am new to this forum and i am looking forward to be and active contributor to the discussions here.

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    Oh Those Glorious Spam Comments!

    Brady Partridge in Off Topic

    As traffic to my haughty little blog increases (ever so slowly) so do comments from spammers. Of late the comments have been monosyllabic, "Nice", "Great", you know the kind. This ... [read more]

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    Any MS Word Experts in the House? PROBLEM SOLVED

    Dennis Gaskill in Off Topic

    Problem solved, thanks folks! For some reason, MS Word suddenly decided to start correcting spelling using the UK English dictionary. Since I'm from the US, it should be using the ... [read more]

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    thunderbird in Off Topic

    If you're into ducking, check this out: Ducking. Chinese Ducksercise

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    Waiting For Propagation

    thunderbird in Off Topic showed that a site of mine is up and running but hasn't "propagated" in my corner of the world. Not sure why. It's a nice place to propagate. Learn ... [read more]

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    New to warrior forum.

    goodatyourjob in Off Topic

    Afternoon fellow warriors. just joined today so thought i would write a quick note to all the guys and girls here saying i am glad to be here and let ... [read more]

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    Rock Music's Most Underrated Guitarists

    thunderbird in Off Topic

    Who would you put on the list? I'd include: Mick Box (of Uriah Heep)

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    For the tin foil hat crowd!

    seasoned in Off Topic

    ENJOY! 88:88 - YouTube Steve

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    UK Dr's striking over "poverty Pension"

    sloanjim in Off Topic

    Makes my blood boil. They are aspoilt bunch of NHS overpaid workers who think they are entitled to money. Average UK GP is on about £70K per annum Comsultants are ... [read more]

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    New warrior on warrior forum

    WDP in Off Topic

    Hello warriors, I have just joined warrior forum. I have heard that expert webmasters, millionaires made discussions on WF. Thats why I have joined to gather knowledge from experts. Thanks.....

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    In about 50 minutes time UK warriors will dissappear for about 2 hours

    KenJ in Off Topic

    Just letting the rest of the world know that England are about to Play Italy in the Euro 2012 Football Competition. So I fully expect that Most UK warriors will ... [read more]

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    Louisiana law says sex offenders must state status on Facebook

    MoneyMagnetMagnate in Off Topic

    What do you think? Government internet intervention? Invasion of privacy? Or Good idea? Louisiana law says sex offenders must state status on Facebook | Internet & Media - CNET News

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    download firefox toolbar?

    sloanjim in Off Topic

    Hi Kids playing games have messed thing sup. I can't see nor restore my F.F. toolbar. Where do I download it from? Thank you

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    Topic Subscription?

    jokermash in Off Topic

    How do I subscribe to a topic automatically, to the ones where I respond or the ones I make? :confused: It's possible I hope? :confused:

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    Hi everyone

    Mike99 in Off Topic

    Hi everyone on board, I am newbie here, I am here to learn the good things and would like to hear your experiences. Nice to be here.

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    How to Survive being Buried Alive!

    Daniel Evans in Off Topic

    Buried Alive? How to Survive: Worst-Case Scenario Extreme Cases of premature burials: 10 Horrifying Premature Burials

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    Nobody Writes Anything Anymore, Says Study

    MoneyMagnetMagnate in Off Topic

    Nobody Writes Anything Anymore, Says Study Have any of you picked up a pen and paper to scrawl some note or jot down a quick to do list only to ... [read more]

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    Starting a new job on Monday...kinda do I prepare?

    chadim in Off Topic

    So, the time has come for me to start my new job. Starting in sales at a small software company on Monday. I'll basically be the second sales guy on ... [read more]

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    Welcome to Nepal - Our Karma Comes in Many Forms

    MoneyMagnetMagnate in Off Topic

    This Karma just might run over your Dogma... (Nepal - "We know HIGH" ) World's most extreme zipline - ZipFlyer Nepal World's most extreme zipline - ZipFlyer Nepal -... A ... [read more]

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    Hi Lysco Chimney i am new here

    diaz001 in Off Topic

    Hi Lysco Chimney i am new here I am Lysco Chimney.... Well let me tell you all about my self. I am a fun loving, cheerful girl who takes every ... [read more]

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    Newbie Here

    sumonchy469 in Off Topic

    Hi, I am newbie here in this forum. I am a student and freelancer. I hope will be get some help by this forum. Thanks

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    Hi - I am a NOOb to the Forum!

    banx63 in Off Topic

    Hello, My name is John - I have just joined the forum after hearing so much about it. I thought is was just going to be an affiliate link farm ... [read more]

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    Stupid symbols instead of webpages

    fin in Off Topic

    Does anyone know what this is? It happens to me all the time. This time it has happened to Google and Twitter. Just a big page full of little symbols ... [read more]

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    Talent Show(big Favour)

    philt in Off Topic

    Hi Everyone Could I please ask a big favour. I have a relation who has entered a talent show like Britains got talent show. She could do with as many ... [read more]

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    What Do You Think of This Casting Choice? LOL

    thunderbird in Off Topic

    Charlie Sheen to play US President in Machete sequel.

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    New to the marketing club

    MarimediaLtd in Off Topic

    Hi all, Just wanted to see whats new on the internet marketing scene. Recently started working with Marimedia, one of the main online marketing networks today, and wanted to see ... [read more]

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    IM new :)

    Dika Saputra in Off Topic

    Hi guys greeting, Since I was new in here, I'll introduce myself first I'm Dika , 22 years old, married in mind , waste my time for reading forums, reading ... [read more]

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    Uriah Heep

    thunderbird in Off Topic

    Do you like any Uriah Heep songs? I like, "Easy Living" Uriah Heep - Easy Livin' Live - YouTube In related news, their original producer and band manager recently passed ... [read more]

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    Hot or Bezeq? Israeli Internet users wanted

    Britt Malka in Off Topic

    Hi there, During the last year, we've been living in a temporary apartment without phone connection, so we're stuck with a socalled "unlimited" 3G Internet connection from Orange. Well, as ... [read more]

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    --Who would be the next internet millionaire..12 people from all around the world-1mission $1million

    MackSell in Off Topic

    As the title suggests there Was A reality show launched once based on Internet marketing.12 CONTESTANTS FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD WILL COMPETE FOR BECOMING THE NEXT INTERNET MILLIONAIRE. I ... [read more]