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    Religious & Political Topics Are Forbidden! STICKY in Off Topic

    Religious & Political threads and posts are not allowed in this section or any other section on Warrior Forum. This opens up unnecessary arguments and leads to nothing good. We ... [read more]

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    Hello from Ann Arbor, MI and Ypsilanti ;)

    itsmeTanya in Off Topic

    Hi everyone, I swear I have been landing here seeking information since 1995! I decided it's about darn time I joined. I've been socializing, connecting and sharing long before the ... [read more]

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    Anyone LEGITIMATELY do any forex trading? Any tips?

    IM Crusader in Off Topic

    I'm considering Forex trading. I know it's a very legitimate way to make money, but greedy people have given forex a bad name, and I don't want to fall into ... [read more]

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    Darth Vader + Kilt + Bagpipes + Unicycle = Internet Gold!!!

    whateverpedia in Off Topic

    No comment from me, as my words could never do this justice. YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.

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    Most helpful board member

    outwest in Off Topic

    I nominate Yukon for Poster of the year on this board. I have to say that of all the posters I have read over the last months since August. 1. ... [read more]

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    wordpress hack

    ebinvthomas in Off Topic

    guys i seemed a guy hack 17 Countries Defense Ministries websites hacked , i checked it, all of them are WordPress , can anyone tell which vulnerability he used ? ... [read more]

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    How Can I Accept A One-Time Payment From the UK To US Without Using PayPal?

    AnniePot in Off Topic

    I posted this earlier in the main forum, but no-one was able to help Can anyone suggest a reliable method for someone in the UK to pay me $5,000? I ... [read more]

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    Post Count Bug

    GregsMarketingSvc in Off Topic

    Could someone please tell me why my post-count don't work. I am an old member of WF, but just made a new account due to my Post Count not working, ... [read more]

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    How to Import gmail contacts to outlook 2007 ??

    mayamills in Off Topic

    Hello, I want to import my Gmail contacts list to outlook 2007, But I have not much knowledge about Outlook. Any suggestion?

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    Please vote for my band!

    SergeLight in Off Topic

    Hi there warriors! I wanted to ask if you could be so kind and vote for my band called "Meet The Storm" by clicking the Like button on this page: ... [read more]

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    European photo of the year

    highhopes in Off Topic

    C:\Users\Raymondo\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\ Temporary Internet Files\Content.Outlook\R4II8LKY\image1 (2).jpg

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    13 reasons to say Bl**dy hell!

    highhopes in Off Topic

    13 Reason to Say Holy Sh*t!!! - Video Dailymotion

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    Do you own an ultra-book?

    Michael Ten in Off Topic

    Ultra-books are like super-light laptops. Aren't they? Do you own one? What do you think about them?

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    Apple Ipad or Galaxy Tablet?

    Richard Ferner in Off Topic

    I am planning to buy either galaxy tablet or apple ipad. Any suggestion of which is better in terms of quality? Money is not a problem.

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    Do Videos Affect Young Children?

    thunderbird in Off Topic

    In watching my toddler, I would say that watching videos definitely has an impact on him. We actually got rid of our TV, mainly for his sake to spare him ... [read more]

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    P.S. People who do this are the most irritating people in the world...

    Daniel Evans in Off Topic

    People who do this are the most irritating people in the world: P.S. If you already have Core Influence and you liked it, leave a comment below for other people ... [read more]

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    Transonic F-18 with a Low Level Pass 20feet Off the Water

    bravo75 in Off Topic

    Watch closely or you might miss it. Transonic F-18 with a Low Level Pass 20feet Off the Water - MegaCombat

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    If God...

    Mark Andrews in Off Topic

    If God was to play a musical instrument... ...would it honestly be the harp or the electric guitar?

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    Best and Worst Brand of Clothes

    Richard Ferner in Off Topic

    What are the best and worst brand of clothes and why?

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    The Benefits of a Felony!

    kindsvater in Off Topic

    I just received yet another jury summons. Every couple years its another summons meaning I waste a lot of time because no one would ever put an attorney on a ... [read more]

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    Updating site and site migration Advice

    Joner in Off Topic

    Hi All My wife is a graphic designer and is re-designing (new site will be converted to Wordpress theme) an existing site for a client. The client is also going ... [read more]

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    highhopes in Off Topic

    The Uk has it`s automobile problems, i have some car dealer friends who are finding it very tough at the moment, but Gloom is deepest in America, where the intellectual ... [read more]

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    PDF to JPG Converter

    TG12 in Off Topic

    Get PDF To JPG Converter for free, limited time offer - This might be useful to some of you!

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    Where's the Nonsense Thread?

    Ken Strong in Off Topic

    AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! We'll have to start over from the beginning and re-create all 80 pages, one post at a time.

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    Bluegrass is for the Birds

    ThomM in Off Topic

    Well at least one bird (1:30). Josh Williams - Mordecai - YouTube

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    Introduction from a ninja

    CraigSee23 in Off Topic

    Hi everyone! First of all, I'm not exactly a ninja My name is Craig and I'm currently residing in Singapore. I've been a longtime lurker here at WF and I've ... [read more]

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    The Facebook Addiction - It is a Funny Jokes

    dsouravs in Off Topic

    Teacher: What will you do after growing up? Student: Facebooking Teacher: NO! I mean what will you BECOME? Student: Admin of Facebook pages Teacher: OMG! I MEAN what will you ... [read more]

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    Steve bridges dead at 48. RIP!

    seasoned in Off Topic

    WARNING, this may appear political, but see t as funny. he is an EQUAL opportunity insulter. He is best known for impersonating george bush! And did so besides George bush ... [read more]

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    “Hello From Wiltshire”

    Jonathan 2.0 in Off Topic

    Home of Stonehenge. (Still a mystery.) Lacock. (Where the Harry Potter movies were filmed.) Crop circles. (Another mystery.) And Saislbury Hill. (Great song.) ... YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.

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    Say Hello to Nero - My Chinchilla!

    Fernando Veloso in Off Topic

    Well, my wife and kids wanted a pet they can play/interact with, and after some analysis we decided to get a pet: NERO. It's a 7 month chinchilla!! He's ... [read more]

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    iPhone question...refresh all mail folders at once???

    Brian John in Off Topic

    Anyone know if there's an iPhone setting such that all mail folders (not just inbox) refreshes when opening the mail app?

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    Hi all members.

    Prinzex in Off Topic

    My name is Chand Am new in this community. nice to talk you.

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    Coke and Pepsi alter recipe to avoid cancer warning

    kenmichaels in Off Topic

    Coca-Cola and Pepsi are changing the recipes for their drinks to avoid being legally obliged to put a cancer warning label on the bottle. BBC News - Coke and ... [read more]

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    “What Was Your Favourite Song As A Child?”

    Jonathan 2.0 in Off Topic

    I have this one documented in my “Baby Anthem.” … YouTube - Broadcast Yourself. What was yours?

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    Twitter causes teen's party to be busted before it began

    MissTerraK in Off Topic

    I saw this on the news tonight. A local Michigan teen's tweets about his planned party goes worldwide and calls to the local police station alert police to a huge ... [read more]

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    Anyone Know How To Revert Back To An Older (MS) “Internet Explorer?”

    Jonathan 2.0 in Off Topic

    I’ve been updated with Internet Explorer 9 (I think) and I don’t like it. Do you know how to go back to the previous edition of Internet Explorer? Cheers.

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    When Did You First Ride A Horse?

    thunderbird in Off Topic

    I was very surprised to see a 2-year-old riding a horse. I wouldn't let my toddler do that. Would you? YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.

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    Dave Patterson in Off Topic

    You know, I REALLY don't mind helping someone out thats truly in need if I'm in a position to do so, but THIS kind of crap REALLY tics me off... ... [read more]

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    Friends or loved ones believe in 2012 doomsday? Read up - Important

    HeySal in Off Topic

    With only 10 months to go til the supposed "end of the world" I thought we should address something a little serious about this prophecy - true believers and end ... [read more]

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    Brother of EastEnders actress Gemma McCluskie charged with murder after her headless body was found

    tkhsoft in Off Topic

    The brother of EastEnders actress Gemma McCluskie was today charged with her murder after her dismembered body was found dumped in a canal just hours after she attended a hospital ... [read more]

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    hi I am New member

    tkhsoft in Off Topic

    hi I am New member I love

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    zaina in Off Topic

    I am looking for software that can help me in managing poker tournaments

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    Woman, 42, 'had sex with five boys aged 14 to 17 and gave them crystal meth and cocaine' Read more:

    bravo75 in Off Topic

    A woman accused of having sex with five underage boys has struck a plea deal to avoid a lengthy prison sentence. Kristina D. Renner, from Cloverdale, Indiana, has pleaded guilty ... [read more]

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    How Old is My Pet?

    MoneyMagnetMagnate in Off Topic

    How Old is My Pet? Correctly Calculate Your Dog or Cat's Age! | Pets - Yahoo! Shine Who has the oldest Dog? Who has the oldest Cat?

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    A Million Bucks, or A Million Friends?

    Wotz in Off Topic

    If you can choose, what would it be - a million bucks or a million friends, and why? If I could, I would choose both But since I can choose ... [read more]

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    News !! A New SEO forums are Waiting for you !!

    mikal prokash in Off Topic

    Hello all members, Good Day. This is Mikal Prokash and I’m Just Lancing a New SEO Forums at Online. Called SEO Experts Forums. It’s a Most new website. I’m just ... [read more]

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    Asia Cup - Cricket

    rocky110 in Off Topic

    Can any one give me the schedule of Asia cup? And from when it will going to start? Squad line up will be cool too. Thanks.

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    I Need a More Powerful Computer

    thunderbird in Off Topic

    I want a computer that can handle everything I do without having to turn apps off all the time to spare CPU.

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    forecast for today.

    highhopes in Off Topic

    "somewhat inclement weather" En un mar picado las Imágenes de este video son Impresionantes - YouTube

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    Open your eyes! Arrest Joseph Kony! LOOK!

    SEOMagician in Off Topic

    Support Invisible Children INC Watch what Joseph Kony is doing to children! Support them to give these childs a better future!

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    Payton Manning cut

    ThomM in Off Topic

    Yep moments ago the Colts cut Payton Manning and made him a free agent.

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    How many SEO experts does it take to change a lightbulb?

    simonjwarner in Off Topic

    One, but they cant guarantee that they will be able to change the light bulb as the way light bulbs are changed is constantly changing. But they’ve had some success ... [read more]

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    [FUNNY] You're an idiot and your website sucks.

    eshapard in Off Topic

    From [FUNNY] You're an idiot and your website sucks. Enjoy

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    Nick Cannon health problems-Take care of your bodies!!!

    InWait in Off Topic

    I normally don't read these celebrity things but this one stood out for me: Nick Cannon Retires from Radio Gig Due to Health Concerns - Nick Cannon - Zimbio To ... [read more]

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    Electric Car Fans - check this out

    Kurt in Off Topic

    HBO== I checked out Bill Mahr's last show...At about the 1:44 mark Bob Lutz, who is the former Vice CEO for GE talks about battery improvements for electric cars. He ... [read more]

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    World's Largest Tuna? Nathan Adams' Giant 738-Pound Tuna Could Set Record (VIDEO)

    TLTheLiberator in Off Topic

    Not just another fish story... World's Largest Tuna? Nathan Adams' Giant 738-Pound Tuna Could Set Record (VIDEO)