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    Religious & Political Topics Are Forbidden! STICKY in Off Topic

    Religious & Political threads and posts are not allowed in this section or any other section on Warrior Forum. This opens up unnecessary arguments and leads to nothing good. We ... [read more]

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    Good News Ebook Authors!

    MoneyMagnetMagnate in Off Topic

    Amazon Launches $6M ‘Fund’ To Boost Kindle Direct Publishing, Lending Library | TechCrunch

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    Dangermuffin covers Pink Floyd's "Breathe"..

    Dave Patterson in Off Topic

    These boys from Folly Beach, SC do a decent job...

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    Money In My Sleep (No Job - No Problem!) Ebook Marketer's theme song...

    resellrightsandplr in Off Topic

    Hello fellow Marketers & Music Lovers! A few days ago or so I got to thinkin' to myself: "self, can you really, truly write a song on just about anything?" ... [read more]

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    I'm About To Get Banned At Another Forum LOL

    Steven Wagenheim in Off Topic

    You might get a chuckle reading this. Sorry, but I am so sick of the elitist attitudes of some of these gamers. Insult me if you want, but don't insult ... [read more]

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    What are your vices?

    Lazy in Off Topic

    I used to be a drinker, and a pretty big pothead to boot. These days I'm sober, but not without my vices. I'm a smoker, although i've gone from a ... [read more]

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    How to Add a New Domain to Existing Hosting

    DebbieD in Off Topic

    Hi everyone, I'm past the newbie stage, but I remember that it was difficult for me to add a new domain to existing hosting. Even courses or advice with step-by-step ... [read more]

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    'MythBusters' cannonball goes through nearby house

    bravo75 in Off Topic

    DUBLIN, Calif. -- A "MythBusters" experiment went awry Tuesday, sending a cannonball blasting through a home, the Alameda County Sheriff's Office said. Sheriff's spokesman J.D. Nelson told that a ... [read more]

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    Work Contest

    freezzo in Off Topic

    Hey everyone. I have this contest at work to try to get the most unique clicks to through our referral link. I would appreciate it if anyone wouldn't mind ... [read more]

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    Do marketers REALLY think there is no one else but them?

    elyshemer in Off Topic

    Sorry for the rant... I'm just fed up with emails coming into my inbox from such senders as: members update support admin etc... I am (and I'm sure you are ... [read more]

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    need interview help!!

    PacMan99 in Off Topic

    Hey...I figured this would be the best place to ask. I'm have an interview next week with this marketing company, but I'm really nervous. Got any advice? \ I've been ... [read more]

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    HELP,Can you activate plugins with logging on?

    trevor75 in Off Topic

    Hi, I've got into a situation here.....I accidentally deactivated my WP Super Cache plugin, now I can't log into the site because of capacity overloads. Its a ridiculous situation...I know ... [read more]

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    Start your Online Business Today!

    chief warrior7 in Off Topic

    Hi All! If your newbie or old marketer, you can benefit with this deal;it is an site I created that will give you info; on FREE tools, to start your ... [read more]

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    Laughing All The Way To The Bank

    TopKat22 in Off Topic

    Ever ran into those people who only want to tell you how "it can't be done" or some other negative statement......of course you have. Or the one client in 100 ... [read more]

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    True Facts About Girls (A MUST WATCH)

    Raja Kamil in Off Topic

    YouTube - Broadcast Yourself. personally I don't agree in a few things. but, nice to watch. ~ Raja Kamil

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    What I Don't Like About Google Chrome

    Steven Wagenheim in Off Topic

    I love Google Chrome except for one thing. When you copy and paste a web page into a forum post when using Firefox 8, it pastes exactly as it looks ... [read more]

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    analysis paralysis anyone?

    therealfactoid in Off Topic

    dunno if its been covered much here before.. but i tend to get caught up studying and analyzing the task at hand and when it comes time to doing.. well... ... [read more]

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    Your Beer label

    Roaddog in Off Topic

    A 'lite' thread for a change...get it, lite? tough crowd. I found this site where you can make your own beer label. You can print it out, save it as ... [read more]

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    hotmail account holder

    juicyt in Off Topic

    Hi, Is there any way to track the owner of a email? A friend has one of their friends (not so much now) sending nasty things out to people ... [read more]

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    Disappearing Internet Marketers

    thunderbird in Off Topic

    Sometimes internet marketers make a big splash, then disappear, websites defunct. Alien abduction?

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    new member

    cassedy in Off Topic

    hello im a new member just saw your site in the internet, and i know this is a good site... hope i can learn more about SEO and other stuffs ... [read more]

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    Do You Have a Pet?

    xohaibx in Off Topic

    Warriors, Internet marketing can turn out to be a lonely game to play. And sometimes you need company where you can have a heart to heart talk to feel lighter ... [read more]

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    The Skinny On Comics

    ponconugroho in Off Topic

    The Most Expensive Comic Book For this category the prize goes to Action Comics #1, first published in 1938. Although not recently sold, the highest graded Action Comics #1 could ... [read more]

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    Where would we be without Google??

    FutureMilyonair in Off Topic

    Have you ever thought of that? It crossed my mind today, then I thought maybe we would all be chasing rankings for Altavista(remember them?) or Yahoo, or maybe Microsoft.

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    How are you dealing with the busy holiday?

    AmandaT in Off Topic

    I know I've been falling behind in a lot of things since Thanksgiving. Between cooking, shopping, traveling, and cleaning up after everyone... I have been totally exhausted! How do you ... [read more]

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    These *******s should hang

    gareth in Off Topic

    BBC News - Woman 'escaped after being tied up and buried in box' Bring back the lynch

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    A Cool Free Facebook Training Webinar

    shmerns in Off Topic

    I thought some marketers may want to check out this free facebook training webinar that has some really cool marketing methods, and they are all free to use. This is ... [read more]

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    Who else is from the Ozarks?

    jivens in Off Topic

    Just wondering who else lives in the beautiful Ozarks region. Or did at one time.

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    Travelling & Internet Connection Question

    Mark Andrews in Off Topic

    Come the new year I'm planning on setting off for several months to tour Europe in my van cross motorhome. Of course, I'll be working on the road wherever I ... [read more]

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    This Driftwood Should Look Nice in the Yard...

    MoneyMagnetMagnate in Off Topic

    After a storm, I like to go to the Beach and Hunt for Nice Pieces of Driftwood... How about you? This one should do... Enormous Driftwood Washes Ashore in Washington ... [read more]

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    BLUE error screen on my Dell Inspirion 6000 laptop!

    prmoise76 in Off Topic

    Hi Warriors, I am hoping there is someone here that is savvy on technical matters. My Dell laptop is having a BLUE screen that I cannot bypass. This is the ... [read more]

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    CA. to vote to legalize marijuana in nov.

    Michael Motley in Off Topic

    Calif. Voters to Decide Whether to Legalize Marijuana When California voters head to the polls in November, they will decide whether the state will make history again -- this ... [read more]

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    Niche is pronounced "Neesh" ... Here's why

    Sirr in Off Topic

    Yep, this topic again. It appears everywhere. Time to finish this debate once and for all. It's common knowledge that when you add an 'e' to the end of a ... [read more]

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    Real Reviews Vs. The "No Content" Endorsement

    Coach Comeback in Off Topic

    What has happened to the Warrior Forum???? It used to be you could read a sales page, then read the reviews and you would know right away if you had ... [read more]

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    What are you listening to??

    pengpengy in Off Topic

    write the name of the song u a listening

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    Please Help!!! Thanks in Advance Warriors!!

    KrispyKay in Off Topic

    Ok Warriors, I don't post often but I need you guys/gals to help me...I have to do a 5 question survey, multiple choice for my team project in my marketing ... [read more]

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    Another Wagenheim Original!...

    garyv in Off Topic

    I'm sorry if this has been posted already, if so a moderator can delete this one. But it's such a fun video not to give it notice... YouTube - Broadcast ... [read more]

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    Dark and gloomy thoughts when working...

    Kashi456 in Off Topic

    Hi all, Just recently, I've been having dark thoughts and feel miserable when I'm working.. I mean everything is going well. Im in a good financial problem and personally I'm ... [read more]

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    How to rank Page 1 for an online store?

    lonepine in Off Topic

    I am planing to build an online store, anyone can give me advice on how to rank high rank page 1 in google ? Cos i found online store got ... [read more]

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    Can you teach me English?

    EnglishMan in Off Topic

    Hi Warriors, First of all I must say I' m not new on WF. This is my second account. I created this account for this therad. Because I am ashamed ... [read more]

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    What is your greatest fear?

    caloyski in Off Topic


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    Paypal steals Christmas

    CherryPicked in Off Topic

    This is just sad - Regretsy was earning money to give poor families toys for their children and Paypal shut them down.... Read more here...

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    Anyone know how to set up iDev payment levels?

    John Hoff in Off Topic

    Hello, Does anyone know how (or can you point me to a good tutorial) to set up different payment levels for affiliates in iDev affiliate software? Can't find a good ... [read more]

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    Purpose of "Friends" In WarriorForum User Profile?

    LegitIncomes in Off Topic

    What's the purpose of having "Friends"? What I mean is, I don't see a way to communicate with your friends individually, or in mass, other than sending a PM. If ... [read more]

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    NASA Telescope Confirms Alien Planet in Habitable Zone

    wordfeed in Off Topic

    This is awesome MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. — NASA's planet-hunting Kepler spacecraft has confirmed the discovery of its first alien world in its host star's habitable zone — that just-right range ... [read more]

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    Best site when you are bored?

    khanee2877 in Off Topic

    i like blogger network ,youtube vidz they have interesting pictures and some funny stuff. What about you ?

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    Hilarious ad reply: Angry TV buyer

    bravo75 in Off Topic

    Original ad: i want a flatscreen tv. at least 40 inches and under $500. hit me up if you got what i want From Me to ***********@**********.org: Hey, I am ... [read more]

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    My 4-week Weight Loss Challenge... the last 5 KG's

    Paul Barrs in Off Topic

    Hi Folks, Thought I'd share this publicly (as I'm doing through Facebook) for anyone who might like a little encouragement in their own health journey. I'm posting here the first ... [read more]

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    Bill Gates Inspirational Video

    philt in Off Topic

    Bill Gates Inspirational Video - Enjoy -

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    Backlinks de-indexed

    turbulence63 in Off Topic

    I'm wondering if anybody at any time experienced the same thing or is going through the same thing as I am right now. As of about a week ago, all ... [read more]

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    Wish me good luck...

    taskemann in Off Topic

    Because tomorrow I have my first exam in Economics and Management. Do you have any tips? Please let me know!

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    Some Funny Jokes

    MarkFraser in Off Topic

    A man escapes from prison where he has been for 15 years. He breaks into a house to look for money and guns and finds a young couple in bed. ... [read more]

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    Best way to propose to a girl

    ramshankarN in Off Topic

    i am a jolly and fun loving person who used to hang arround in mall and streets with boys.But i am very weak in girls department,that is in front of ... [read more]

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    New member

    raywarrior1978 in Off Topic

    hello people. I am new here and I heard great things about this forum from Chris Farrell membership site. I hope to gain alot of knowldege and make good friends, ... [read more]

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    Hello from a new member

    rockerzz in Off Topic

    heya, Although i registered sometime back, i'm still new just wanted to say hello to everyone!

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    Hello from another newbie!

    Web4Guru in Off Topic

    Hey everyone, I'm kinda new to internet marketing still, haven't gotten very far in the past, I'm sure I can learn some more and get better by coming here. Warrior ... [read more]

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    Caleb Spilchen in Off Topic

    Hi, Just thought I'd say hi to everyone in the off topic forum . caleb