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    Religious & Political Topics Are Forbidden! STICKY in Off Topic

    Religious & Political threads and posts are not allowed in this section or any other section on Warrior Forum. This opens up unnecessary arguments and leads to nothing good. We ... [read more]

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    Is anyone currently in Kuching - Malaysia?

    Gerald Arno in Off Topic

    Hey guys, I´m just curious if someone of you lives in Kuching, Malaysia? Arrived here on Tuesday midnight and already love it! Cheers, Gerald

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    Friend Won MMA Championship

    thunderbird in Off Topic

    A friend of mine just won a regional MMA championship in Brazil, but broke both of his feet in the process, kicking opponents. He experienced the thrill of victory, but ... [read more]

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    Weird lyrics thread.

    bravo75 in Off Topic

    We've got a unusual guitar style thread, so I thought we should have a weird lyrics thread. I'll start with Syd Barret's: If it's in you Some of the ... [read more]

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    Laptop Suggestions

    AmandaT in Off Topic

    Sitting at the hospital with my sister... she is fine, going home in the next few hours, but I'm going crazy. I took off as soon as I heard she ... [read more]

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    Advice needed regarding refund request

    soobeeoz in Off Topic

    Hi Guys, I have a problem I'm hoping someone can advise me on. A couple of months ago I purchased online training from a well known, and I believed credible, ... [read more]

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    TZ = 22258996371 - U27

    Michael Mayo in Off Topic

    CLUES: USA On the show as I paused it I see labeled on the control panel: ACRTUNG ACHTUNS [06||56] The Time into the Movie via my DVD Player Reads: 1:02:47 ... [read more]

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    How dense are they in YOUR area?

    seasoned in Off Topic

    I moved into this area about 10 years ago, and there were two main grocery stores near here. BOTH ***SEEMED*** to be about as big. The chance of one going ... [read more]

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    Hi to all

    fujita in Off Topic

    Hi friends, I am fujita, newly joined into this forum. I hope this is a great place to sharing my knowledge and would like to get more on it. Have ... [read more]

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    Justed joined Warriors

    Eureka Moments in Off Topic

    Hi everyone, Having just joined the Warriors Forum I thought I would say hello. This place looks awesome - filled with a talented bunch of people. Hope to make a ... [read more]

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    What are you thankful for with your business?

    Ron Douglas in Off Topic

    Happy Thanksgiving to all my US neighbors. This is the gratitude thread. What or who are you thankful in business? I'm thankful that my business has given me the financial ... [read more]

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    What are you asking for for Christmas 2011?

    pengpengy in Off Topic

    Hey! I already have a list of things that I would like for Christmas, but I want to know what you guys want! I'm asking for: oooo I'm so excited! ... [read more]

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    Is it possible to use two softwares with different Proxies at the same time on the same PC?

    Zdot in Off Topic

    Hi, I'm using Scrapebox with private proxies and at the same time, I'm using No hands SEO with a different set of proxies (public) on the same computer. I'm wondering ... [read more]

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    50 posts to send a PM in WF?

    slr99 in Off Topic

    Can anybody tell me why I need 50 posts to Send PM(s)? lol Don't get me wrong, I would like to be involved by posting in WF, but I kinda ... [read more]

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    Happy Thanksgiving...

    Mark Hess in Off Topic

    I wish you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving... Don't overcook the turkey...

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    19 Weirdest Products For Keeping Warm (PHOTOS)

    TLTheLiberator in Off Topic

    slide show here... 19 Weirdest Products For Keeping Warm (PHOTOS)

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    i am new to IM

    skrish in Off Topic

    guys i am krish and i am new to IM. i know there are lot of experts here. it would be so helpful for me if you guys give me ... [read more]

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    any laptop experts to answer a query???

    alannadodd in Off Topic

    my laptop is registering that its plugged in to the mains, but is not charging. the power has been holding at 2% for the last day or so, but tonight ... [read more]

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    Macbook Battery Expanded

    ccora in Off Topic

    My Macbook battery physically expanded and cannot be used anymore after 2-3 years. Now I have to get a new one. Has anybody else experienced this?

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    restaurant invester in UAE

    pervaiz iqbal in Off Topic

    dear members i am pervaiz i worked last 4 years work in united arab emiretes now i see a restaurant for sale tgis rest is complet and i worked as ... [read more]

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    Which is your favorite place For Holiday ?

    Ibcontact in Off Topic

    How many place you want to roam ?

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    Happy Thanksgiving Warriors

    robp12 in Off Topic

    Haven't seen it yet, but I just figured I'd wish all of you Warriors a Happy Thanksgiving. I'm thankful for the good food I'm about to enjoy, the football I'm ... [read more]

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    Where Do You Take a Sheet?

    MoneyMagnetMagnate in Off Topic

    This is the first day I have seen this spot...very clever -

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    German Bond Sale Failure, China's Economy Contracting, ...

    Joe Mobley in Off Topic

    A little preparation for some possibly large economic 'issues' may be in order. Signs of Weakness in Chinese, German Economies - Fox Business Video - Fox Business Joe Mobley

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    Thanksgiving WF

    Michael Mayo in Off Topic

    11/24/2011,12:25 3 Main WF results - Keyword/Phrase: "Thanksgiving" 0.10% of 3000 Thread Subject Titles contain this Keyword/Phrase Sorted: Newest to Oldest My Pre-Thanksgiving Share Happy ThanksGiving! - Free Competitive Tool! ... [read more]

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    Wow...It's been more than 2 years since I last logged in!

    wirelessgeek in Off Topic

    I guess I sort of forgot about the WarriorForum from focusing on stuff I've been involved in. What's new?

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    Happy Thanksgiving!!

    Hi Warriors, I just wanted to stop by and say Happy Thanksgiving to those of you who celebrate it. I was thinking about all of things and people I am ... [read more]

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    Happy Thanksgiving to all the Warriors!

    KimW in Off Topic

    That's all I have to say for now.

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    best way to giveaway review copies

    Ben_R in Off Topic

    basically I'm wondering best way to giveaway review copies for a wso Can you givwaway review copies via PM ? is that allowed ? is it best to not giveaway ... [read more]

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    How much is 100 grams of 14k gold worth today?

    JohnMoney in Off Topic

    I wanna know how much is 110 grams of 14k gold worth today because im getting an offer 110 grams of 14k gold for $4400 is that a good investment?

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    My new forum

    AmbroseY in Off Topic

    Hi, I recently set up a forum about rationality / atheism / religion ( and I wondered if any of you would like to join. I'm going to try and ... [read more]

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    Freddy Mercury died 20 years ago...

    Gijsbertus in Off Topic

    O k First of all Happy thanksgiving to all my US friends (and others) ! Please think a moment about a vocalist/composer who left such a great musical legacy to ... [read more]

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    Happy Thanksgiving

    Hottweelz in Off Topic

    Im brand new here and did not see an introduction forum. My name is James and I have recently relocated to South Georgia, from NYC. I will be interested in ... [read more]

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    Free Xbox Live

    Aptana in Off Topic

    Free Xbox Live Hey guys I was browing on twitter as I usually do, and I got a mention from someone to check out this website. www (remove space) ... [read more]

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    Bakery burned by Groupon

    MoneyMagnetMagnate in Off Topic

    102,000 cupcakes! Small bakery burned by Groupon - World news - Europe - Ouch!

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    ranji01 in Off Topic

    what is meant by link baiting? its useful for off page work r not

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    Only In Japan

    Raja Kamil in Off Topic

    I think, this magic fountain can be found only in Japan. YouTube - Broadcast Yourself. to appreciate this video, watch at 2:39 (where there was kids playing in front of ... [read more]

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    I am new to IM...I need advice on domains.

    Okile in Off Topic

    Hi Warriors. I am very new to affiliate marketing. I find the method of building sites around products really nice and I am already doing one site. Howerver, I have ... [read more]

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    19 Thanksgiving Quotes By Comedians (PHOTOS)

    TLTheLiberator in Off Topic

    slide show here... 19 Thanksgiving Quotes By Comedians (PHOTOS)

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    This Animated Vid Made Me Cry..Almost

    Jun Balona in Off Topic

    YouTube - Broadcast Yourself. Well what can I say, old guys rock! \m/\m/

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    whats your favourite city in the world?

    ishmaelmiller in Off Topic

    hi everyone, my name is ishmael and am currently trying to develop a website about the global metropolis. i recently returned from living in new york, and want to bring ... [read more]

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    Sleep Mode or Turn Off PC?

    flowbee77 in Off Topic

    I have heard several people and techies tell me differently. Will a personal computer last longer if I am constantly turning it on and off to use or just leaving ... [read more]

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    Real estate market is chill,houseware is,too in Beijing

    lingyu in Off Topic

    After an autumn rain, the air temperature declines a lot, also the estate market and houseware market is chill. According to the Beijing real estate transaction management data, in the ... [read more]

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    Why saying 'thank you' to our coders and designers goes a long ways

    Core Freedom in Off Topic

    It has taken me 9 months of research to decide on Xenforo as my forum platform. Had someone told me what's under the hood of this engine I would never ... [read more]

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    Happy Evacuation Day!

    MoneyMagnetMagnate in Off Topic

    Happy Evacuation Day! Happy Evacuation Day - The Daily Show with Jon Stewart - 11/17/11 - Video Clip | Comedy Central Author/Historian Sarah Vowell thinks that Americans should be thanking ... [read more]

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    Detective Is Watching Me

    thunderbird in Off Topic

    I'm being observed by a detective and nothing slips by him. No detail goes unnoticed. I've got to watch my every move, and be careful with my every word. I ... [read more]

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    Will You Do Whatever It Takes?

    Steven Wagenheim in Off Topic

    I'm posting this in OT because nothing sticks in Main Discussion anymore. Simple question, will you do whatever it takes to be successful, outside of breaking the law or doing ... [read more]

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    X Factor - Josh Krajcik Just Brought Tears To my Eyes...

    John Durham in Off Topic

    On Factor, I just watched a man have the epitome of every musicians dream the way he moved this audience... Man I am proud for him and I felt his ... [read more]

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    This is the weirdest About Me page I've read...

    Sumit Menon in Off Topic

    So, I clicked through to this Indian web design site. Their work is not half bad (some of them are pretty good actually). I mean, they aren't brilliant but the ... [read more]

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    48 Years Ago Today.

    Thomas Wilkinson in Off Topic

    The fact that it hasn't been mentioned in here is a good indicator of the age group. For those of us who are three days older than dirt...... can you ... [read more]

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    My Video Blog

    Hotmuffin in Off Topic

    Hi, just join. I have set up a blog about JJ Lin music videos. My signature is below. Any experience bloggers here? Any tips to get traffic? Can share ur ... [read more]

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    off page

    ranji01 in Off Topic

    can anybody says any new technics for off page optimization ...any updates

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    New guy

    daggio in Off Topic

    Hey everyone. My name is Mark. I recently got back into internet marketing and trying to earn some money through it. I decided to join as a way to help ... [read more]

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    Are You Boring?

    Mike Hlatky in Off Topic

    Funny comic from my favorite strip