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    Religious & Political Topics Are Forbidden! STICKY in Off Topic

    Religious & Political threads and posts are not allowed in this section or any other section on Warrior Forum. This opens up unnecessary arguments and leads to nothing good. We ... [read more]

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    On My Mother's Grave I Promise It Is NOT Me In This Video

    John M Kane in Off Topic

    YouTube - ‪Das Beer Boot Music Video‬‏

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    Where is my thread?

    Tiffan Meloney in Off Topic

    I paid for a thread this monring and its supposed to be instant. But it isnt on yet. I used 2ocheckout -_-

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    What If...?

    artvelcro in Off Topic

    What if I purchased a product that I want to re-sell, where would I list it , or can I even do that on this forum ? If not, does ... [read more]

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    Interactive Human Grooming System(please answer this questioner 4me)

    unkle cortez in Off Topic

    Interactive Human Grooming System This Questionnaire is developed for the implementation of my Final year Project entitled “Interactive Human Grooming System” (IHGS). Everyone wants to create a fashionable impression and ... [read more]

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    Mum Strikes Again; Pushy Pageant Mom Is Filmed Bleaching Her Children's Teeth

    Chris Worner in Off Topic

    Just when you thought you had seen it all after this atrocious instance of child abuse; This mum physically hurts her children in order to live out her fantasies; ... [read more]

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    One Sexy Boys Toy

    Regional Warrior in Off Topic

    I have to get me one of these YouTube - ‪Asus Lamborghini VX7...

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    best canvas ?

    Galdino in Off Topic

    Hey guys, i need your help. At all I want to print a special photo on canvas but i have no idea who is the best provider? During my Internet ... [read more]

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    I hear Crickets

    Roaddog in Off Topic

    Anyone else find it a strange coincidence that Magellan discovered the Straight of Magellan? I mean what are the odds?

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    Do You Exercise At Your Desk or While Computing?

    The Niche Man in Off Topic

    The exploding popularity of office exercise continues to grow in popularity. In fact, its often the only exercise millions of people admit to getting, according to a recent Wall Street ... [read more]

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    TSA makes the 2nd biggest "mistake" possible!

    seasoned in Off Topic

    OK, after reading this, you may wonder what the biggest mistake is. I'll tell you! The BIGGEST mistake wuld be a guy going through with 3 bags(violation) that say BOMB ... [read more]

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    Sexual assualt case agansit ex-IMF chief reported to be close to collapse

    derekwong28 in Off Topic

    I didn't really expect this, but even if they had consensual sex, it was still a grave error of judgement on Dominique Strauss-Kahn's part. He was potentially the next president ... [read more]

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    Canada's Real Estate: A Bubble About to Burst?

    thunderbird in Off Topic

    I've long suspected this was coming -- that Canada's hot real estate market is a bubble about to burst. That said, this is a speculative if well-informed report, not news ... [read more]

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    'To Catch A Predator' Host Reportedly Nailed!!!!

    TLTheLiberator in Off Topic

    Reports are out the Catch A Predator host has been caught on camera himself by the same people that caught John Edwards. story here... Chris Hansen Caught Cheating On Wife ... [read more]

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    Autistic, 12, and a higher IQ than Einstein

    Roaddog in Off Topic

    I thought this was a cool human interest story. Savants, like portrayed in Rain Man, are very rare. Here's a real one. A 12-year-old child prodigy has astounded university professors ... [read more]

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    "The Talk" Talk Show Looking for Guests with These Topics

    Heidi White in Off Topic

    Wanna be on TV - with your amazing kid or teen driver(s)? Do you have a Courageous Dog story - and dog that can appear. They're looking - check out ... [read more]

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    For all that have busted their butt.

    zeroth law in Off Topic

    Permission Marketing Permission to speak to the customer Denied Information overload, I can help Denied Permission to help solve a problem Denied Permission to discuss my services Denied Permission to ... [read more]

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    Roboform In Google Chrome Stopped Working (Solved)

    Steven Wagenheim in Off Topic

    I have already put in a support ticket and posted to their forum but no response yet so I thought I'd see if anybody else is having this problem. Just ... [read more]

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    Howdy Everyone

    Gambit999 in Off Topic

    Good evening/morning warrior forum. I hope all is well. I am very new to the realm of IM. I have a strong desire to tap into such a great opportunity ... [read more]

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    mraffiliate in Off Topic

    Has anyone worked in an Amazon Call center? Just wondering since I was offered a job doing that. Thanks

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    Couch Potato Marketers Like Me Would Like This

    TiffanyLambert in Off Topic

    If you're a Warrior like me who spends most of his or her day on the couch, I HIGHLY suggest you try a Kinect (4GB costs about $299). I dislike ... [read more]

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    Mountain Williams

    Roaddog in Off Topic

    Tonight on the History Channel, for those that get it, is a show called Hillbilly: the Real Story. I saw it a few months ago. I'm about as far from ... [read more]

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    Can someone help me I need advice on makeing money

    John Hughes in Off Topic

    Hello Warriors, What is the best way to make money Cheers, John Hughes

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    Tell me about your personality???

    katywalton in Off Topic

    I have very sensitive and emotional personality.Please tell me about your personality or nature???

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    Jose Mourinho's fanpage

    BaMoon in Off Topic

    please join this page Jose Mourinho | Facebook Thanks!

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    Should Math Be Taught In Schools?

    whateverpedia in Off Topic

    The "experts" discuss this important question. What are your thoughts, or are you like these "experts" and have absolutely no thoughts at all. YouTube - ‪Miss USA 2011

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    whats better than..

    aems in Off Topic

    Hi I have been using facebook and I thought is there anything better than facebook?????? what do you all say????

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    Author Publishes New e-Book

    leymesina in Off Topic

    Hi Everyone! My name is Ley Mesina and I just wanted to take a few moments to introduce myself to you. This is my first post on the message board ... [read more]

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    thunderbird in Off Topic

    I just ripped myself off. I'm not going to blame myself. I am going to blame me. My wife says I am too nice to people and that instead of ... [read more]

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    too much computer

    ruisv in Off Topic

    do any of you imers feel like you just cant take anymore of the computer at times? do you guys ever get like: i cant take anymore of this and ... [read more]

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    Need help on netbooks?

    robsm69 in Off Topic

    What operating system goes on them - can u put normal windows xp on them or does it have to be a special version of windows?

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    The End of The .Com Era

    gforces in Off Topic

    http://www.any.thing Web suffixes like .com, .org, .gvo and .edu may become less common in the next few years. On June 20, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) ... [read more]

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    New member introduce here.

    AdelbertWilliam in Off Topic

    Hi Friends, This is Adelbert William, a very new member introducing here. I am a regular reader to this forum and find this forum very interesting and informative. I am ... [read more]

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    What You Learned From The Last Mistake You Made.

    The Niche Man in Off Topic

    What was the last mistake you made and what did you learn from it? For example: I paid a super high price for a seafood dinner because the restaurant was ... [read more]

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    Looking for a country to live

    Dimitris Skiadas in Off Topic

    Hello fellow Warriors! Things in Greece are terrible,financially speaking.The idea of leaving my country is spinning over a year and a half in my head.Does anyone have any propositions of ... [read more]

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    filezilla and FTP details!

    Zack Sprague in Off Topic

    On my Hosting service i tried to access my files and filezilla wont connect it says connect established and waiting for welcome message. But it always times out can anyone ... [read more]

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    Myspace sold for only $35 million!

    TimPhelan in Off Topic

    I say only $35 million because it was bought for over $500 million just a few short years ago. Myspace Sold To Specific Media For $35 Million (UPDATE)

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    Does anyone else feel misunderstood?

    seotechnician in Off Topic

    I thought when I began making passive income all of my friends would want to learn how to do it and join in. Instead, I am met with skepticism, doubt ... [read more]

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    What Charity Do You Donate To The Most

    The Niche Man in Off Topic

    With staggering cut backs in Federal, State and Local aid people are forced to depend more on charity organizations. What charity do you donate to or volunteer at the most? ... [read more]

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    how can i embed a youtube video in post

    sarahstaar in Off Topic

    Is it possible to embed a youtube video in a post or WSO

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    Don't try this at home kiddies....

    Dave Patterson in Off Topic

    YIKES Hold on, where do you think you're going? Skydiver grabs glider's tail fin as they fly 2,100 metres up at 100mph | Mail Online

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    It Sucks When You Can't Vent

    Steven Wagenheim in Off Topic

    Something happened today (really bad too) that I'd love to vent about but I can't because it would have severe repercussions for other people that I care a lot about. ... [read more]

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    merle30 in Off Topic

    How do I put websites up for sale on this site. Would appreciate some advice

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    jimjoseph in Off Topic

    hello friends i am new here. regards Jim Joseph

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    What happens when the lights go off aboard the ISS?

    banless in Off Topic

    Here is some really cool footage of what happens when the crew aboard the ISS turn off all of the lights in space. It's a little long but well worth ... [read more]

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    I'm well trained

    Kay King in Off Topic

    I'm in the living room checking out the morning news and I noticed both of my dogs walk out of the kitchen and down the hall. I immediately jump up ... [read more]

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    Like Namechep and we could get very cheap domains

    Alex Barboza in Off Topic

    Just go to their Facebook page: I already liked them

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    Fernando Veloso in Off Topic

    Yesterday learned a hard lesson about RESPECT. First had a moron with no respect for no one, except for himself harassing me. It was really frustrating and for moments I ... [read more]

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    WSO Cost?

    BODH in Off Topic

    Friends anyone pls tell how much does it cost to start a wso in warrior forum? i have War Room Subscription Thanks

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    What are the Best Free eBooks You've Read Recently(?)

    x3xsolxdierx3x in Off Topic

    While I have absolutely no problem purchasing a product that I deem valuable (here's to products, like Joel Comm's, that I've purchased for $97+, in the past), believe it or ... [read more]

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    Chimps short term memory

    Kurt in Off Topic

    Chimps have a better short term memory than humans: YouTube - ‪Chimp Beats Human: Intelligence...

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    Asteroid on Monday to miss earth huh? Then why...

    flowbee77 in Off Topic

    If the Asteroid on Monday is supposed to miss earth, then what's up with all the military mobilization? Makes you think doesn't it. Advisory: Possible Asteroid Impact On Monday June ... [read more]

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    Think You had a Bad Day...

    Roaddog in Off Topic

    1. Police in Wichita, Kansas, arrested a 22-year-old man at an airport hotel after he tried to pass two (counterfeit) $16 bills. 2. A man in Johannesburg, South Africa, ... [read more]

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    Elderly woman asked to remove adult diaper during TSA search

    bravo75 in Off Topic

    Elderly woman asked to remove adult diaper during TSA search | mother, search, adult - Northwest Florida Daily News

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    Bars and Clubs

    thunderbird in Off Topic

    A huge proportion of violence that I've personally witnessed has taken place at bars or clubs. I figure that not going to such places would dramatically reduce a person's likelihood ... [read more]

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    Blogger goes to Jail for negative Restaurant review!

    High Horsepower in Off Topic

    Taiwanese Blogger Gets Jail Time For Negative Restaurant Review Blogger jailed over critical restaurant review - Taipei Times A food blogger in Taiwan was sentenced to 30 days in jail, ... [read more]

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    healing, but online? (Braco)

    Lloyd Buchinski in Off Topic

    I'm in the LA area and probably stuck here for a year or 2. A woman at a nonprofit organization I help with had some nice comments today about a ... [read more]