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    Religious & Political Topics Are Forbidden! STICKY in Off Topic

    Religious & Political threads and posts are not allowed in this section or any other section on Warrior Forum. This opens up unnecessary arguments and leads to nothing good. We ... [read more]

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    a guess

    pickthat apple in Off Topic

    The more song videos I watch nowadays, the more I see hidden messages in them (not to mention "keywords"). For example, let's take the round neck tshirt that the guy ... [read more]

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    I never knew what hemorrhoids really were

    zachary0611 in Off Topic

    Ok I have been researching the hemorrhoid niche and I was under the impression that hemorrhoids were pimples, bumps or maybe boils on the skin around your butt. Well I ... [read more]

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    Who here won on the world cup?

    Craig McPherson in Off Topic

    With the world cup of soccer being run and won I thought it timely to touch on some of the feelgood stories to come out of it. Firstly, The USA ... [read more]

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    hogeybogey in Off Topic

    Hi everyone My first post on WF, be gentle with me please. I found the forum in the way that I guess many members found it, I was googling things ... [read more]

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    Inflation or Deflation?

    dvduval in Off Topic

    I subscribe to a newsletter by John Mauldin that I always find to be an informative read. Lately, we have been hearing people complain the fed is "printing money", and ... [read more]

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    Need suggestions on aerobic videos

    Laura B in Off Topic

    I've got quite a few older aerobics videos that I use to vary my workouts, but I'd like to get a couple new ones that incorporate more dance, sort of ... [read more]

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    How To Focus At Work

    grook in Off Topic

    How To Focus At Work SLOW DOWN AND FOCUS - it's my mantra of late, and I've placed a sign on top of my computer monitor to remind me to ... [read more]

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    ICQ - anyone still use it?

    abednego in Off Topic

    Well, besides CDarklock anyway I stopped using it back in 98 when AOL bought it. Looks like it was sold again though...

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    Fruity Oaty Bars

    abednego in Off Topic

    Probably one of my favorite easter eggs of all time... YouTube - Fruity Oaty Bar

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    How Would You Monetize My Canoe Trip?

    VegasVince in Off Topic's the deal: A few years ago I discovered a guy who claimed to have canoed from the California straight through the continental United States....ending up off the coast of ... [read more]

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    Anyone boycotting BP?

    AffiliateCashPile in Off Topic

    Since the oil spill started I find that I now only pump gas at gas station that don't have the BP brand/logo anywhere. I'm sure all these oil companies are ... [read more]

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    Is there a way to know how much traffic an expired domain was getting??

    sarahberra in Off Topic

    I keep hearing about all these people who buy expired domains and then redirect the traffic to their site. How do they know which domains to buy?? These are domains ... [read more]

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    The Good Old Days

    Scott Ames in Off Topic

    My father is fond of telling me about the good old days when people were honest and you could do business with a hand shake. I'm trying to decide if ... [read more]

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    I Have $600 to Invest; Please I Need Your Help

    King Shiloh in Off Topic

    Hi Warriors, I have not been working online recently because of some challenges in my family. Thank God that the storm is over now but something is bordering me. What? ... [read more]

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    Something strange going on with post formatting!

    Entreprenette in Off Topic

    Hello, please help. I've tried numerous times now to post a message and use spacing and smileys etc. But I can't add a smiley to my post, it just won't ... [read more]

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    Google Sandbox

    jonny402 in Off Topic

    Hello everyone. I an new to this forum. Anyone know more about Google Sandbox? How long does it takes a website to be 100% trusted and removed from Google Sandbox? ... [read more]

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    One of my secret links! (music related)

    KimW in Off Topic

    A lot here seem to share my love of music, so I'm going to give a link to a site I came across by accident about a year ago. I ... [read more]

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    "Hello, warriorforum members" : Pratish

    pratish7 in Off Topic

    Hello dear warriorforum members, I'm glad to be a member of this awesome warriorforum family . I think I'm unlucky that I joined this forum so lately. I must have ... [read more]

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    Internet Nostalgia

    I.M.Retired in Off Topic

    I've been online since 1998. Seems like an eternity. I am in the process of downsizing, upgrading, rethinking and well, retiring. I no longer have the thrill and excitement that ... [read more]

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    iTunes are now HiTunes. How These Seven Secret MP3 Files Will Get You Stoned Now!

    Tim Thach in Off Topic

    The latest “urban legend' going around is how some kids are using binaural beats with their portable MP3 players to get high. News story from Tucson, AZ Digital drugs: the ... [read more]

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    Let The "How Can You Tell?" Jokes Begin!!

    Lawrh in Off Topic

    "They" say no damage was done...comedians may disagree. Twelfth Russian spy worked at Microsoft - Monsters and Critics

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    Mobile Home giving me crap after move out...

    dsimms in Off Topic

    We purchased this run down mobile home last year, so we just recently left the park and put the home up forsale...not so fast the park says...they are giving me ... [read more]

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    Electric vehicle article for Kurt

    Lawrh in Off Topic

    No, Electric Vehicles Won't Bring Down the U.S. Power Grid - Green Car Reports There's a discussion at Slashdot as well. Slashdot Comments | Electric Cars Won't Strain the Power ... [read more]

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    Hey guys - New here

    waloosh in Off Topic

    Hey everybody, I'm new and happy to be here. My girlfriend and I are starting our own company that actually covers a lot. I was just wondering if advertising hosting ... [read more]

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    Light comment relief

    rosetrees in Off Topic

    I know someone start a thread a few weeks ago about the spam comments on their blog. This one was left on one of mine today. I think (??) it's ... [read more]

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    Facebook Assets Frozen

    mywebwork in Off Topic

    Not sure if you've seen this yet, apparently someone is suing Facebook seeking 84% ownership claiming that they had a contract in 2003 to own 50% of the company. Facebook ... [read more]

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    Can you make minor changes to a live WSO?

    Adam Roy in Off Topic

    problem solved! You can in fact edit one. Thanks.

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    Awesome golf tutorial video!

    alghaz01 in Off Topic

    This is just awesome! Thought I's share it with all my fellow golf enthusists (you know you are)...enjoy! How to business golf? alghaz01

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    How to edit pictures and add dimensions??

    cordi in Off Topic

    Hi! I'm new to photoshop.. I am googling this question but it seems i don't know how to put the right keywords for the spider to find what i'm looking ... [read more]

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    George Steinbrenner...

    MikeAmbrosio in Off Topic

    ...passed away lat night from a heart attack. He was 80. Steinbrenner dies from heart attack | News As a Mets fan, I have to say, I enjoyed watching ... [read more]

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    Dim question - how to add youtube video to post on WF

    rosetrees in Off Topic

    What the title says. How do I add a youtube video to a post? I'm sure I should know really.

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    The best 10 iphone apps for world cup

    Enetwork in Off Topic

    The soccer, football top iphone world cup apps 1. World Cup Countdown World Cup Countdown for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad on the iTunes App Store 2. ESPN 2010 FIFA ... [read more]

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    How do I find out who sent an anonymous email

    SylviaC in Off Topic

    I received an email from someone who sent it anonymously. Can anyone tell me how to find out who it came from? Thanks Sylviac

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    expiring domains with PR rank

    behomebased in Off Topic

    Hi, about a year ago someone was selling a video on how and where to find and buy high PR expiring domains - which I bought. Maybe it was longer ... [read more]

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    What food chemicals to you "try" to stay away from?

    The 13th Warrior in Off Topic

    Think I need a twelve step program, addicted to Whole Foods Market. Mostly, too lazy to cook. But once you start tasting food with very few to no chemicals and ... [read more]

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    Approval Time For WSO's?

    Heimir Finnson in Off Topic

    Hi all, What's the normal approval time for WSO's? And are they all manually approved or automatically? Thanks Heimir

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    WSO and registration of details

    David Louis Monk in Off Topic

    I paid $497 for a WSO and after the 1st module decided it was not what I wanted and I asked for my money back following the no questions asked ... [read more]

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    Who's going to win the world cup?

    drewman2010 in Off Topic

    My money is on spain... your thoughts..

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    Anyone here from France?

    MicahF7 in Off Topic

    Hello! I am thinking about moving to France... It would be so nice to be able to talk with someone about what it is really like there. Government and stuff, ... [read more]

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    Professor Green - UK Hip Hop

    GuerrillaIM in Off Topic

    Not sure if you heard this guy but I'm looking forward to his album release in a few days. I am into Eminem and that style of USA music but ... [read more]

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    OMG - Rockers not aging well

    whateverpedia in Off Topic

    Check this out: Rock Stars: Then and Now | NBC Los Angeles Some of them just look like more mature versions of the way they looked in their glory days ... [read more]

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    Wal-Mart spends millions to fight $7K fine

    TLTheLiberator in Off Topic

    The $7,000 fine from OSHA was for the trampling death of a Wal-Mart employee , crushed by a surging mob of customers outside a Long Island Wal-Mart the day after ... [read more]

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    Buildings & Rooms: Which is More Logically Sound?

    Dan C. Rinnert in Off Topic

    Working on a metaphor. Is it more likely for a building to contain another building than for a room to contain another room? A building housed within a larger building ... [read more]

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    Why Didn't I Think Of That? 14 Obvious Inventions You Could Have Easily Thought Of (PICTURES)

    TLTheLiberator in Off Topic

    Here's the slide show if you're interested. Why Didn't I Think Of That? 14 Obvious Inventions You Could Have Easily Thought Of (PICTURES)

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    Polanski free, Swiss reject US extradition request

    TLTheLiberator in Off Topic

    The Swiss have set Mr. P. free... Here's the story if you're interested... Polanski free, Swiss reject US extradition request - Yahoo! News

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    They are confused with me.

    dodgefernandez in Off Topic

    Ok aside from my introduction, I wanted to share more from me. I am a female, they though I am a male because of my name. My name id Dorgina ... [read more]

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    The Creepiest Fan Art Of All Time (PICTURES)

    TLTheLiberator in Off Topic

    There's being a dedicated fan. And there's the folks behind these disturbing pieces of art. They take fandom to new levels of creepiness by letting their imaginations run wild, depicting ... [read more]

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    11 Russian Spys Charged...

    TLTheLiberator in Off Topic

    Spys among us!!! After years of F.B.I. surveillance, investigators decided to make the arrests last weekend, just after an upbeat visit to President Obama by the Russian president, Dmitri A. ... [read more]

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    What's Your Favorite Summer Record?

    raydp in Off Topic

    My wife and I were sitting on the patio supping wine and listening to her MP3 set to "random play" and hitched up to the hi-fi. The Beach Boys recording ... [read more]

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    What percentage of people on here do you think are LYING?

    GeezerXtreme in Off Topic

    I mean there can only be so many outrageous claims about "making thousands" from "proven techniques" that people make over and over on here. I'm sure not every person has ... [read more]

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    worst thing I have ever witnessed...

    abednego in Off Topic

    ... yeah, the new Twilight movie. I got suckered into seeing it.... it was really bad. possibly the worst movie I've ever seen in my life. Whats interesting about it ... [read more]

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    Man claims 85% ownership of FaceBook

    rondo in Off Topic

    A New York judge has issued a temporary restraining order restricting the transfer of Facebook Inc.'s assets, following a suit by a New York man who claims to own an ... [read more]

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    Low Post Count = Newbie?

    IM Listing in Off Topic

    I am new to the forum and I have taken notice that although I've been around the industry for quite a while people on this forum tend to assume I'm ... [read more]