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    Religious & Political Topics Are Forbidden! STICKY in Off Topic

    Religious & Political threads and posts are not allowed in this section or any other section on Warrior Forum. This opens up unnecessary arguments and leads to nothing good. We ... [read more]

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    Quick Gmail Question...POR FAVOR!

    rockyk in Off Topic

    OK simple question on going through my Inbox. I want to simply move on to the next message after deleting an email. Instead, Gmail takes me back to my inbox ... [read more]

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    Computer tricks that you'll love to enjoy

    akki313 in Off Topic

    Here I am going to mention some of the pretty funny and good computer tricks. You might be aware of many of them. They are great to show off your ... [read more]

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    Michael Oksa in Off Topic

    Howdy music fans... This is my first attempt at a video. Really any type of video. It has the lyrics, the song, and some stock images that (hopefully) punctuate the ... [read more]

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    Save $5,000.00 - $10,000.00 Per Year By Changing Your Print Font!

    Thomas in Off Topic

    Hello Warriors: Here's something I thought was very interesting: Here's a legal way to print money: change the font On an individual level, changing fonts might not have a noticable ... [read more]

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    Squeeze Pages

    debstov1 in Off Topic

    What is the best way to build a squeeze page? And, what is the best way to be found by the search engines?

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    Business days or straight days?

    ddude78 in Off Topic

    Hi. I can't find any forum that talks about shipping on here, so I am going to post on this one. I have ordered something from China and it was ... [read more]

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    Can You Die For Someone To Live?

    King Shiloh in Off Topic

    Hey warriors, Can you die for your spouse, kids...anybody? I'm just curious as usual.

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    Ladies - Who's The CUTEST Affiliate Marketer IYHO

    PrincessPeach in Off Topic

    Okay I'll go first, I love Mike Hill. After watching CPA Tsunami I was like what a cutie! I know lots of guys think hes kinda dorky.

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    My luck (or lack thereof)

    Andie in Off Topic

    Running close to a year of this now and my monitor has yet to spit money out at me (ha ha)... Have had a couple of little checks come in ... [read more]

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    Please Before You Do Any Business With Anyone Use The "Search This Forum" Feature To...

    King Shiloh in Off Topic

    Check whether the person was once a member of this forum but he's banned for one reason or the other. I got a call from an old friend last night ... [read more]

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    Can you dance the Landler, folk dance in Sound of Music?

    dbarnum in Off Topic

    This looks like fun. Anyone know how? YouTube - Landler (Sound of Music)

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    You have entered The Twilight Zone...

    whateverpedia in Off Topic

    ...beyond this world strange things are known. Here's some erm, interesting stuff to read if the lights are down low and there's no-one else around. For someone who wants some ... [read more]

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    Why do these kind of things even surprise me anymore??

    Andie in Off Topic

    The things people do at times....I just wonder "what the hell were they thinking???" :confused::confused: LONDON — Police have arrested two women at an British airport after they reportedly tried ... [read more]

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    The thankyou button: My proposal

    acrasial in Off Topic

    Recently, I have been reading a few old threads, and new threads, and have seen one common issue: People get a tad bit upset with some warriors, when they spend ... [read more]

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    Admin of this forum is not a war room member

    secondeye in Off Topic

    Can you believe it? the admin of this Forum is not a war room member and he is reading WSO products for FREE :confused: Thats totally unfair HAHAHA

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    Mac vs PC...What do you think....?

    Nathan2525 in Off Topic

    I moved to the Mac 6 months ago and I have to say its the best thing I ever bought. Programs like, - Keynote - Screenflow - Garage Band are ... [read more]

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    Do You Use These Warrior Forum Tools? What Are The Benefits of Using Them?

    King Shiloh in Off Topic

    Digg This Post Add Post to Delicious Bookmark Post in Technorati Furl This Post These tools are below every post we make here but I have never really thought about ... [read more]

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    Do you have a financial freedom?

    casius in Off Topic

    Hey guys I was wondering...How many of you have financial freedom? What I mean is are you able to live somewhere in south France, wake up when you want, go ... [read more]

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    The Ages of Man(hood)

    Edk in Off Topic

    When a little girl smiles at a boy, he tries to decide what makes him so sexy. When a young lady smiles at a man in his 50's, he turns ... [read more]

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    Still waiting for connection after 6 days!

    HeySal in Off Topic

    So I just moved to Stockton, CA for awhile - Clearwire was my server in Boise and since I paid around 200 bucks 6 months ago for a modem, etc, ... [read more]

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    Service other than Paypal

    Kpick in Off Topic

    Hi All, I'm a complete newbie here with lots to learn. Paypal has recently let me know they will not allow me to use Paypal service on my site due ... [read more]

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    What is it that you usually think about?

    fallencrest in Off Topic

    What is it that you usually think about? I often think of digging some pot gold on the end of the rainbow.

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    Internet Takeover Is Here What Will You Do?

    socomplete in Off Topic

    This is not rhetoric, this is fact. Just recently CNN was doing a fake simulation of what would happen if the internet was attacked with some kind of cyber attack ... [read more]

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    Is joining the war forum worth it?

    ceyefly in Off Topic

    Hi everyone, Just wondering if joining the war forum is a good deal or not?

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    Duke or Butler who wins?

    craigslist in Off Topic

    OK Duke or Butler who is gonna take it??

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    This forum is unlike any other.

    Michael Motley in Off Topic

    I just want to let anyone know that reads this, that this forum kicks ass and you would be a fool not to join it if you havent already. If ... [read more]

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    This Technical Idiot Fixed His PC

    Steven Wagenheim in Off Topic

    I am so freaking proud of myself that I am in tears right now. My PC was close to death. I had 2 problems. 1. CD Drive wouldn't open. 2. ... [read more]

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    Getting drunk no wait WASTED

    jlxsolutions in Off Topic

    Soo today i got my wine beer and a new bank account in someone elses name So a 24 pack of beer 2 bottels of wine and some juicy white ... [read more]

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    Help! How Do I Move a Joomla Site to Wordpress?

    indemand in Off Topic

    Hello Fellow Warriors, I have never used Joomla. I have a client who has a Joomla site and I would like to change it to Wordpress with the least amount ... [read more]

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    should i go to grad school?

    csrpj in Off Topic

    first, tell me what you think about my perception of my ideal lifestyle. it is this: get good at IM, and in the course of a year, get to the ... [read more]

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    She Said "You Can Only Take One!". (Help me Choose)

    x3xsolxdierx3x in Off Topic

    T minus 8 days until our Wedding. T minus 10 days until we leave for Jamaica on Our Honeymoon. Even though avid readers, my soon-to-be-wife recently told me that I'm ... [read more]

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    Helping science&the world

    jlxsolutions in Off Topic

    (lol edit sounds kinda spammy lol) Just hit me that there are many ppl reading stuff here so i tought i throw out a idea for ya. Well there is ... [read more]

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    Happy easter everyone

    Davey T in Off Topic

    I hope everyone has a happy Easter...

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    Too funny....

    J Bold in Off Topic

    I saw these two topics right next to each other on the main forum last night and it really cracked me up. Can you understand the humor? So we can't ... [read more]

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    Best Muffin Recipe

    howinfo in Off Topic

    I did lost my muffin recipe. Not a big problem as I did Google the muffin baking and lot of muffin recipes popped up. The problem is that I can ... [read more]

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    Happy Easter

    BrainCopy in Off Topic

    Just wanted to say Hello and Happy Easter Warrior Forum!

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    Do you know about Speaking in Tongues?

    Norma Holt in Off Topic

    Sorry, did not know about the new rule If you are interested you can visit my lens here

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    I have an problem with Search function on Warrior Forum

    Gelu Nastac in Off Topic

    When I tried to search this error occurs: "Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 41943040 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 41 bytes) in /home/warriorf/public_html/includes/class_core.php on line 3263" What to do? ... [read more]

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    Rolls royce loan

    damham in Off Topic

    A businessman walks into a bank in San Francisco and asks for the loan officer. He says he is going to Europe on business for two weeks and needs to ... [read more]

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    Who else saw Blind Side?

    ceyefly in Off Topic

    Hi, Last week I saw a movie called Blind Side with Sandra Bullock. It's a story about an upper class Christian family who brings a young black kid into their ... [read more]

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    California Earthquake! 4-4-10

    Sleaklight in Off Topic

    Yay! We just had a mild to mdoerate earthquake in southern California! So., who felt it?

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    Wanted: Photography related articles

    Chris Morris in Off Topic

    Hey Warriors, Does anyone here know where I can find great photography writers? I've posted on but got no luck. Ideas? -Chris

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    Aagh! Coffee in my laptop

    Voyager64 in Off Topic

    Hi there all, The other day I spilt half a cup of coffee over the keyboard of my laptop and now several keys do not work! I know - no ... [read more]

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    Any other new fathers out there?

    ceyefly in Off Topic

    My wife just had a baby girl. 10 days old. She is sooo cute. She has pretty much 3 states right now - sleeping (majority of time), eating, crying. Any ... [read more]

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    Australians, gotta love them

    armadin in Off Topic

    From my short time in IM, I see a lot of great stuff coming from Australians, especially stuff like Ed Dale's 30 day challenge and countless other contributions from the ... [read more]

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    Some people just don't know how or where to park!

    Ron Kerr in Off Topic

    Pilot walks away from highway landing | Adelaide Now

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    Easter (video)

    Josh Anderson in Off Topic

    A special movie created by my friend David Frey for those who celebrate Easter: Its a parable of the Easter message.

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    highhopes in Off Topic

    Ha, Ha, this bird knows how to dance... YouTube - Snowball is a Rockin' to the Back...

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    Whats The Best Article Directory

    craigslist in Off Topic

    Whats The Best Article Directory to submit to? I see some don't even get recognized by google

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    What About Offering 10 Articles to 10 Warriors In Honor Of Tina (TMG Enterprises) On Her Birthday?

    King Shiloh in Off Topic

    I want to offer 10 original, well researched, keyword-rich, quality and copy scape passed articles to 10 warriors for free. That is, 10 warriors will receive 1 article each. This ... [read more]

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    Once Bitten Twice Shy But I have Been Many Times Bitten...

    King Shiloh in Off Topic

    I have been helping a friend to start a business but he keeps coming back to me to get some financial help and he has not even started any business. ... [read more]

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    Happy Birthday TMG Enterprises/Tina

    valerieSONORA in Off Topic

    Where is my invitation to your party? Have a good one tomorrow

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    How to embedd youtube video into forum post?

    Vanquish in Off Topic

    Having trouble figuring this out can anyone help please? Thanks

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    How Many Home Businesses Did You Go Through?

    craigslist in Off Topic

    Was wondering on how many websites or home businesses did you go through before you started making any serious money? Also how much money did you blow before you started ... [read more]