Who would be a good customer to send this postcard to?

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I was thinking about ordering these postcards that advertise my companies benefits https://indexprints.net/products/det...MCA-Postcard-4

But was wondering what kind of list should i send this to? Meaning what customers would go best with an offer like this?

Any help would be great thanks.
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    Drivers who own cars nearing ten years old.
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      yeah, people with older cars, but how do you find them? The real question is how do you find a list of people with old cars? There are tons of them on craigslist but then you will have to figure out a way to get their addresses to mail them a post card.
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      Originally Posted by misterme View Post

      Drivers who own cars nearing ten years old.

      Just some food for thought - I own a vehicle that is about ten years old. I would never consider this post card and I probably would never even read it. When I get the mail if it is not something I immediate recognize it goes directly into the trash which is between my mailbox and the house.

      I read a stat a few years back that 80 to 90 percent of phone books are thrown away prior to them ever making into the residence home.

      Obviously I do not believe direct mail marketing is very effective, just my opinion.
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    Personally I pay for an ultimate type coverage in Australia and I have done with NEW vehicles.

    The reason for me is I drive four wheel drive and travel extensively often towing a boat to some quite remote locations.

    Sometimes with family members or alone.

    In the last five years I've utilised the service on four occasions.

    Once was a pretty serious recovery from what would be considered off road but it was a gazetted road on a map so they covered me.

    Two other times with broken windscreens.

    Once with tyre blowout on a trailer I was towing where a flat bed truck was required.

    So yes the 10 year old vehicle owner is the obvious choice but often, at least in Australia, that type of car owner is often the person with the least ability to pay for roadside assistance. Usually students or aged and drive just locally expecting to have issues every now and then.

    Better targeting could be towards people who have something to lose, be it time, safety for their kids, mobility due their work circumstance where loss harms their income etc.

    Also new car buyers particularly foreigners or immigrants who might be scared of calling a local tow truck operator or mechanic and would prefer to have insurance for their safety.

    You could probably target those markets with different messaging to match their specific worries and superstitions.

    Kind regards,

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    In truth....every person that owns a car is a potential customer for your service.

    Why should the age of the car matter? ..because we assume that it seems more likely that an older car would need help sooner?

    Ok, Why aren't new and expensive car owners being talked about? ...Wouldnt they be more likely to protect their investment?

    You could pull your hair out all day long paining over this type of person or that type of person.

    End of the day...every household is your potential customer. Period. Every household has a car. Every car is a machine with moving parts...anything can happen to any car on any given day.

    You don't need a list...Use EDDM and get your card in front of the eyeballs of every car owner in the neighborhood.
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    The best list would be those who already have roadside assistance coverage and MAY be interested in looking at something better/cheaper.

    You want proven buyers of the service only. Everyone else will be a waste of time and money.

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