How Much Do You Charge for Services?

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How much do you normally charge for services like website creation, creating facebook page, youtube channel etc.?
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    We make full corporate identity with 500$-1000$ Budget.
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    Charging for service is based on your personal ability and negotiation skills.
    Check out your competitors prices if they have stable/fixed price.
    Also, the quality of service you want to render will also be determined by price too. Meanwhile, its always to set price higher and customers/clients also believed High price will always produce quality and best service.

    Lastly, dont sell below your means or marketplace. If you do, you are killing your business.... WHY: Some folks want cheaper services and these set of people wont mind getting it for free or even lesser than the actual price.
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    You will find such information in Warriors for Hire section of this forum.
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    This is a huge question and it brings up all kinds of different issues.

    It's almost impossible to charge a business too much because most people starting out are way underpricing their services.

    There's also the issue of your "posture" you come across to your client...which dramatically effects how much you can charge.

    For a website I know of people who charge between $250 and $20,000+ for one website.

    People I teach don't charge $250. There's just no sense to it.

    If you're going to help a client create a website you should be designing it as a customized marketing tool that brings them in sales and profits.

    And clients buying a sales tool that brings them in profits are willing to pay a lot more because they know they're going to get a return.

    It's no longer a's an investment where they're expecting to get their money back many times over.

    Kindest regards,
    Andrew Cavanagh
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    Why don't you find a prospect. Offer to do something for $x. If they take it, you know you can charge at least that much some times. So, find another one, charge $x+100. If it works, repeat.

    If the first time, they say no, offer a discount. If they still say no, find another prospect and start lower.

    Base your starting price on what others in your area are willing to do it for. How do you find out? You pretend you're looking for that particular service.

    If 3 out of 5 quote you $573.27, start around there.
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    I charge $495 for an analysis of the first 10 organic search results for the business's niche; takes me about 4 - 8 hours. I don't do it in one shot. I spread it out over a couple of days. Gives me time to mull over ideas and come up with the best course of action.

    That includes keyword research and why the client's asset is ranked where it is.
    It also includes what the client needs to do for higher ranking; better page optimization etc...
    I do a good job. I read every page of every organic listing in the top ten.
    I have accounts with all the online SEO tools and and look at all their links etc...

    If I get the deal, I'll charge a minimum of $1500, generally not higher than $3,000, for site redesign (I haven't run into a business without some type of website yet), optimization, a video or two or more, social stuff, natural looking link building using content etc... plus $195.00 per month for me to use my proprietary software.

    Local business owners eyes glaze over after about 5 minutes of talking about SEO for their business. I have found if I explain in full, excruciating detail, the nuts and bolts about SEO, and how THEY can do it, they'll interrupt and ask if I will do it for them. You can't be selling, just explain how they can do it after work or in the evening.

    Every one of my clients don't want to take any part of their free time working on their Internet Assets.
    They all try and beat me up over price, I find silence is the best answer after saying this quote is my best deal.

    IMO, leverage is always the best negotiating tactic.
    Because I have a good business, I can walk away from any quote, I don't need it.
    The prospective client has no leverage on me.

    If I was broke, it would be a different story, the client would have all the leverage and if they felt the weakness, if they're smart, they would pounce all over it negotiating a better price.

    The only way to get to that point is pounding on doors and using your existing clients for referrals.

    I still get a ton of work from referrals. Even from clients I worked for years ago.

    Of course you have to have results.
    Everyone loves to brag about something great they got.
    Everyone loves to complain about something shitty too.
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    $250-300 for complete SEO and SMO Services..

    Originally Posted by dandagger View Post

    How much do you normally charge for services like website creation, creating facebook page, youtube channel etc.?
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    My last simple static website I charged $500. Normally it would be $800 but it was for my sister's boyfriend.
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    Oh jeeze this is almost embaracing..

    CRO starts at $9000 for 3 month contract.

    SEO starts at $6000 for 3 month contract.

    Site development starts at $3000.

    Social implementation starts at $450 a month

    Not willing to start over, and want me to "Fix" what's there DOUBLE! LOL ( Really )

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