Help Critique This Lawn Service Flyer

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I designed these Lawn Service flyers with two different target audiences in mind. The first one is for directed toward middle class people who already mow their own lawn. The second is directed toward people whom already have a lawn service.

Should I combine these two into some way or stick with the way I have it? Any advice in text? What I could take out or add? Please keep in mind both are zoomed out so I could screen shot them. Text is much larger on "Actual Print Size 8.5 x 11." I'm not the best designer, but tried to sell more on benefits and making my marketing material stand out from all the competition (small business cards and post cards) with no headlines and listing only services.


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    My opinion would be to throw in some humor. So many flyers get thrown around as-is. At least give um' a chuckle to remember you by.

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    Will express an opinion later but for now fix the spelling of "maintenance"

    Checkout some of Ewen Mack's old posts here on the forum (Dr,E.Vile) as he was pretty successful in the mowing game back in the day and he has some good examples you could look at.

    Best regards,

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    I know this is going to sound naive to some, but honestly, I can't tell whether the image of the lawn is supposed to represent a gorgeous lawn or a problematic one.

    On the one hand, there are those rows that look weird and unsightly. But on the other hand, those rows show up not only on the version whose text seems to imply the lawn is a mess but also on the version whose text seems to imply the lawn pictured is what people want.

    Call me confused.

    Marcia Yudkin

    P.S. Also, I believe the only people who talk about "curb appeal" are those who are trying to sell a house. Homeowners who stay put instead think in terms of being the envy of the rest of the neighborhood because of their lawn.
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  • Thanks and I would like to hear more ideas from anyone and everyone.

    Also Marcia, I think I messed up in the post. I meant to write that these are not actual photos being used on the flyer. I will be using stock images (300 dpi). These images were just threw on there so I could put some graphics together. Sorry for confusing you. Any further advice or ideas that could help me out?
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    The "try us for $9.99" sticker is confusing. What does try us mean? Spell out your offer so people know exactly what they are getting.
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    • ECCJ,

      Thanks for pointing that out. I'm adding your idea to my "To Edit List". Thanks for the pointers and anyone else with ideas and help it will be appreciated!
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    contact neighborhood associations and get on meeting agenda for a presentation for lawn services. you can offer a significant discount if several from neighborhood sign up and that they'll get responsive VIP treatment. it helps you because you do several lawns in one shot, not driving all over town. Give them tiered pricing, if they get more neighbors to sign up, their overall price goes down per lawn. still bill individually but they get the group price.

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