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Hey guys I was wondering where people find investors.
I noticed there are many here looking for a way to make money. They invest tons of money in WSOs, mentoring and training.

I always wondered why not take that same money and invest in a project with someone who might have more skill than you in a certain area.

Why not invest in a project that could make you money?

Where do you find these people?

Has anyone had experience with raising investment money for a project?
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    You can try the joint venture (JV) section of this forum

    Keep in mind that investors who know what they're doing a more likely to invest in product/trainers who have a track record.
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    I'm interested to know as well.
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    Originally Posted by Shawn Arms View Post

    Where do you find these people?

    Has anyone had experience with raising investment money for a project?
    Nowadays with crowd funding it is a lot easier to get small and quite large projects off the ground.

    Sites like Kickstarter, Indiegogo, Pozible are some places to look amongst the many options that are springing up everywhere.

    You used to have to go to events where you pitched to angel investors and this still goes on but the crowd funding model is here to stay and would be the route I'd take once I had proof of concept and got the business model to a certain stage.

    There is an innovative property investment scheme started recently where people buy "bricks" in an investment property. - brickx.com . This allows people who can't afford to enter the property investment via traditional means a way to invest in property and generate a return.

    Several years ago you could get pretty good returns just saving money in the bank but as these returns are not what they once were it causes people to seek out other investment opportunities where they can grow some wealth.

    Crowdfunding and many other small lending operations are providing some of the exposure a small investor might look for as part of a broader portfolio.

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    One of the best ways is to talk to people you already know. You'd be surprised how many of them might be interested in supporting your endeavors.
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    I didn't check out the JV forum.

    The thing is I already have a track record of making money online. I'm part of what the 4 Hour work week calls the "new rich." I have freedom to live anywhere in the world and have been doing that now for the past 2 years.

    However I've just wanted to move onto other things. I have a new venture that should start making about 14K-20K a month but it is kind of a boring venture. Personally I don't want to spend as much time on it as I have other pursuits that I think will make more money and be a whole lot more fun.

    Through the years I have actually made good contacts in the fields of animation and visual FX.

    I have a kids line of characters coming out that will be a straight to Youtube venture but will be attaching a line of Children's books to them. Right now parents look online for Nursery Rhymes and educational videos. I have more unique characters that I will license.

    It will not only be Adsense profit but actual products tied into the series.

    Here are some of the background generic characters.

    and here is one of the 6 main characters, Jiro Beetle.

    But this is a whole media company I'm creating. Not just for kids but for Webtoons, Movies, etc.

    You know the Asylum? They make goofy movies like Sharknado.

    I have enough contacts now in the VFX group to get some crazy stuff awesome stuff done.
    Here is one of the groups I'll be working with.

    So lot of cool stuff in the works but looking for investors to get it done faster and let me concentrate on the direction aspect of the creation process.

    This is more from the young teen line of stuff.

    I was thinking Kicstarter but it really is a pain to deal with Kicstarter vs real investors who have a vested interest in the project. I don't know if I want to waste my time on Kickstarter or just go to doing my other "boring" business to get it running.

    But I will try the Joined Venture group and see if that may work.

    But check out the stats on many of the few Nursery Rhyme channels.
    LittleBabyBum YouTube Stats, Channel Statistics - Socialblade.com
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    how much are you looking for? have you written a plan/proposal? local angel groups are less "sharky" in general. seek successful entrepreneurs and bored business people.

    best way is call local attorneys and CPA's that deal with high net worth people. they'll pass on your information and you then get a warm introduction from someone the angels trust.

    this is if you don't need contacts and special expertise, just business partners/money.

    what entrepreneurs overlook when dealing with VCs is that network and special expertise to quickly grow a company and get an exit for cash. It's harder to put a price tag on that.

    look at many tech hundred millionaires/billionaires, they aren't majority owners either, they end up with a smaller piece of a huge pie.

    yep, look out for your own interest but also good to align interests to benefit everyone.

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