Best Way to Market a Dental Insurance Plan

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I'm new to the forum and had kind of a newbie question. I'm an insurance agent and I'm looking to market a dental plan that I sell online. I'm new to all of this and have always sold insurance over the phone. With that being said I'm just looking to market this one specific plan and not sure what the best place to start would be so any tips or advice would great. Thanks
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    1. Register a domain name.
    2. Get website hosting.
    3. Build your website.
    4. Create an e-book related to your niche, e.g 15 Common Causes of Tooth Breakage.
    5. Get a squeeze page and give the e-book away for free in exchange for prospects' name & email address. You can give it away via LinkedIn and Facebook.
    6. Follow up prospects via email and market your insurance plan to them while also providing them with educational information pertinent to your niche.
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    Facebook.... Literally it's never been easier. Here is what you should do.

    1) Find your target audience on facebook. Facebook makes it so easy because you can literally target the very specifics of the market you wish to target (Age, Demographic, Income, Job etc.)

    2) Develop the ad and offer a something of value like a free ebook explaining the benefits of dental insurance or something along those lines

    3) Run the ad and link it to a landing page which offers the ebook for free but in order to collect it they need to offer their email, name, or whatever it is you want from them.

    4) Follow up with those leads by contacting them by email and asking them if they would like to learn more about the dental insurance or more benefits by doing a consultation call.

    By doing this you can easily market your product, and it's budget friendly.

    Hope this helps.
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