Can't decide which flyer to go with!@#$##

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Hello all! I'm new to this forum and came here looking for your professional opinions. I'm stuck on which flyer to go with. I would like Your opinions and will take ANY criticism. I came here because I believe and trust everyone here knows (or has a close idea lol) what works and what doesn't.

Here's the two proofs. Please note that there will be 2 runs for these flyers. The first (below) will be for attention only and the second run flyers will be modified with a grand opening date, special offers and a coupon.

Please I need your input on these as we need to get these printed asap!

Thanks in advance!

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    easy. Second one
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    Neither have anything to say why I should change my Barber... or even take the trouble of trying you out.

    Where's your compelling offer...?
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      Thanks for replying. Good question and point! There will be 2 rounds of flyers. 1st round is just for attention and 2nd round will have a grand opening date and $5 off coupon . With that aside.. which one of the two would you prefer?

      Thanks in advance,

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    OK, If you're gonna force me to choose between the two... I guess I'd pick #2

    The cartoon characters add a little cuteness, and personality. (and the cuteness is good, because you've got Al standing there with his cap on backwards, high top shoes, and a straight razor in his hands. And if it wasn't a cartoon, you'd probably be scaring people away )

    Also, your pre-headline could be more compelling. I think I get what you're trying to say, with the "independently owned" and "local neighborhood barber" angle.

    But neither one is making much of an offer, or solidly calling out your target audience. So in this case I'd say the shorter one is better.
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      I REALLY appreciate your feedback! When you say you prefer the "shorter one " I assume you're referring to the headline? With regards to offers/ calling out target audience, this is the first run of flyers and it's going to be for attention only. On the second run of flyers were going to add pricing,hours, grand opening specials/ offers along with a coupon.

      Thanks again for your input it really helps a lot!!

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    In both examples you are failing to use the real estate on the flyer.

    Any graphic artist will always stroke your ego by giving you a design where the business name and other business info is the most prominent.

    The only thing going for either is the end result photographs.

    If someone wants a cut like the photo they may be interested.

    Why would you waste valuable paper and distribution costs on an exercise promoting your ego?

    Think about calling out to people who want a haircut.

    "Hey Goldie, Are your locks looking dreadful?"

    "Want to change your look?"

    Anything to call out to people looking for a new cut.

    If you are going to make an offer don't waste a mailing or distribution without a solid offer from the first go.

    You will just waste money if you think it's cool to distribute something without an offer.

    There are three vital components you must consider.

    You need to find the right target market.

    You need a solid headline.

    You need a solid offer.

    If you think wasting a lot of space on BRANDING when you are new is a good idea then ignore my comments.

    When I started in business I could have put my business name as the biggest thing in all my signage and promotion but my name wasn't known.

    Instead I called out to the prospects.

    "Looking for a picture frame?"

    "Is your home picture-poor?"

    Once known you can do the fun stuff and ego stroking.

    When unknown the primary purpose of any communication is to get customers to come and try you out.

    I'd think carefully about the cost of printing and distribution.

    If I was a new barber I'd be offering FREE Haircuts.

    I'd be offering a prize for the person who shed the most locks.

    I'd be promoting to WOMEN who want their man to look good.

    Tell me....are you more likely to look at a picture of a guy with a hot girl running her fingers through his hair or some photos of guys sitting in the chair?

    Why do you think every rap video has hot women, hot cars, money, gold, jewellery etc?

    I wouldn't be doing the obvious things you are thinking.

    Best regards,

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      Very good and solid points! I can assure you this flyer has NOTHING to do with ego, but if that's how we're coming off then we got some rethinking to do! So question for you and everyone for that matter... Let's forget about the content for a moment and I want to hear what you think about the cartoon graphic. Please advise if we should go with or without and why?

      Thanks so much, this means a lot!!

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    To make it simple, I would place the statements "Men's cuts.Seniors cuts..."etc at the top. It's not a great headline, but at least it tells what you do.

    "Independently owned. Come check out your new and known neighborhood barbers Al and Zee" isn't a headline. It offers no benefit, no reason to read further.

    What makes your barbershop different? Better? Is there an offer? A discount? A reason to get a hair cut from you, and not the guys down the street?

    "All haircuts include optional neck shave. Ask about our fresh fades" is at least part of an offer. It should go directly under the headline.

    My suggestion is that you don't get these printed as they are. It will feel like you are doing something, but these are not flyers that will get any results.

    The headline has to make an offer..a promise..that grabs attention.
    For example, "Make your first impression, a great impression"

    Or better yet, "Our Cuts Are All Designed To Get You Noticed" or even "Get Yourself Noticed!".

    "We won't just cut until you are done. We aren't done until you (and your friends) are impressed".

    And an offer...maybe a coupon that can be clipped out and handed in, would be a huge help. For example, "New customer special. Your first cut is only $5" And make it a coupon.

    There are a few copywriters here that could make this "brochure" really pay off.

    But if you print one of the ones you have, it's money wasted. I promise.
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      Awesome advise! We're definitely not doing these coming soon ones anymore. Just one with a now open that includes offers and what we do
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    Some excellent advice from Claude and others - but one more thing.

    "Coming Soon" is vague - am I supposed to keep checking to see if you have "arrived"? How about a date - or issuing flyers advertising your opening day or opening week?
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      Originally Posted by Kay King View Post

      How about a date -

      Originally Posted by DABK View Post

      I understand that you're going to use the 1st flyer for awareness purposes. However, good offers really increase awareness.

      That's a very good point. Awareness can be a byproduct of a great offer. In fact, it will be easier to remember.

      And, I hate to say this...but every time I see an ad that is supposed to increase awareness, it's just a way for an ad rep...or graphic justify an ad's existence.

      Originally Posted by Oziboomer View Post

      "Looking for a picture frame?"
      That's a great headline. I'm serious. Just saying what you sell is better than just about any clever headline I've read. My single most profitable headline in my retail store is
      "Allergies? Pet Hair Problems? Have We Got A Vacuum Cleaner For You". It grabs the attention of the people we want to read the ad. And that's the purpose of a headline.

      Originally Posted by Oziboomer View Post

      If I was a new barber I'd be offering FREE Haircuts.
      Best idea, I think. Your costs are almost nothing, and as a marketing of the most proven. I'd just give free haircuts for a month. You want lines around the corner..andf you want to take photos of the lines, to be used in later ads.

      The best graphic in an ad is a real photo of a long line around the building...of people trying to get in your store. In fact, a good line would be "We apologize for the wait. But it's worth it. Ask the guy leaving..with a big grin on his face"
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      Very valid point! We're only going to be doing a flyer that states "now open"

      Thanks and if you can give some input on the cartoon graphic that would be awesome!

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    I'd too not choose either one. For the reasons mentioned above. Also, because the color scheme makes things hard to read.

    Why is 'independently owned' the first thing on your flyer? (Nothing in the rest of the flyer refers to anything that has to do with independently owned.)

    I understand that you're going to use the 1st flyer for awareness purposes. However, good offers really increase awareness.
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      Thanks for your input! It's supposed actually state "independently owed and operated". Why state that? Because of all the franchises that have been popping up left right and center. Most people tend to stay away from those places and we want to make it clear we're not another franchise and promise to give more attention and quality. Especially because we're going in a neighborhood that was in dire need of a barbershop!.

      Can you also give some advise about the cartoon graphic?

      Thanks so much!

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    If you offer "free" - make it a smart "free"....

    "Bring a friend - pay for one - get one free"

    "Bring your son - get two for one."

    Use the free option or 1/2 off or whatever to get more heads in the door...

    You get the idea.
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    Hellor Alexbarber,

    This may sound "Old School" but

    "GRAND OPENING - (DATE)" is still working in 2017.

    The public always and I mean ALWAYS wants to see the newest thing. They flock to grand openings.

    Grand openings with prizes is a grabber. Incorporate your flyer.

    "Bring this flyer in and receive...blah, blah blah."

    This allows you to track your results as well as grabbing attention.

    Then once you know your results from your first flyer campaign. This leads you to create a new flyer campaign.

    But remember this, always and I mean ALWAYS have an irresistible offer.

    Give your buyer a reason to get up from their couch, grab their keys and head over to your place of business.

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    Very good and valuable input and advise so far! I would love some feedback on whether to use the cartoon graphics or not please! Thanks everyone you all are awesome!


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      Hellor Alexbarber,

      Originally Posted by Alexbarber View Post

      Very good and valuable input and advise so far! I would love some feedback on whether to use the cartoon graphics or not please!
      Advice is fine. But let your marketplace show you what attracted them to you.

      Do split tests. Send out half your flyers with the graphics, the other half without.

      As the flyers come in keep track of how many you receive from each group.

      Also key your flyers. This let's you know which area of your community, the flyers are generating the most business.

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    There is a guide written by paul mcquillan that I think was titled "mail and grow rich". You definitely should read this and I think you will look at your flyers completely different and some of the comments made on this thread will make a lot more sense.

    No idea where to find it but I think he is a member on warrior.
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    If I had to choose one I'd say the second one but as others have said you could probably get your message across more effectively. Drop the independently owned and go with the grand opening that someone else mentioned.

    Personally I'd also give serious thought to doing some Facebook ads. You can target very specifically and offer maybe a free haircut on your birthday or a complete package for grooms prior to their wedding etc etc.
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    Actually, I don't like either one, but number two is a bit better. They're both too busy. Simple is better. The background makes the smaller lettering hard to read. Remember the K.I.S.S. method.

    Also, you give no reason why I should visit your shop instead of my regular barber. People tend to resist change unless there's a compelling reason.

    I also think that the words Coming Soon should be at the top, above your logo. Move the logo down and have the list of services directly below it.

    Lastly, have you thought of adding a viral component to the flyer? For example, everyone who visits is entered into a drawing for something valuable (such as a years worth of free haircuts or something like that)? You could get a boatload of people visiting just for the chance to win, and once you have them visit the first time, it's a whole lot easier to get them to return when they see what great service you provide.

    All they have to do to enter is provide their name and cell phone number (or send a text to a number you have set up for text marketing purposes) so they can be notified via text if they win. Now you have a bunch of phone numbers where you can blast out announcements of special offers to past customers. There's even a way to use Twitter to do that so people don't see who else is getting the message.
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    The cartoon in flyer # 2 makes a big visual diffrence. My brain reacted in a positive way when I saw flyer # 2.

    You won't wrong picking # 2
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    I like the second one best. the characters on bottom right are cool but may be better served on upper left near the business logo....just where the eyes naturally go first then flow down. The print under coming soon appears to be quite small and a bit difficult to read. Very cool and attractive overall
    Best of luck
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    I'd go with #2 but I'd rather put the services right at the top rather than below the "coming soon" banner.
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    I like the second one, but i would try to have a special offer and a specific target date instead of coming soon. Just my opinion, good luck !
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    I like the graphic in the second one but I like the first one better. The print under Coming Soon needs to be a little bigger or more prominent.
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    We are talking about the least important part of the flyer.

    It reminds me of a salesperson who ignores completely sales training, prospecting techniques, work habits, and their approach...but keeps asking people if he should wear the blue socks or the black socks.

    And the reason some keep talking about the graphics id because that's what they understand about advertising.

    In fact, most ad reps think that advertising knowledge is really just understanding graphic design.

    Like reviewing a book, and basing your review on the font used...or the thickness of the paper used.

    You need an attention grabbing headline. You need a compelling offer. You need a call to action.

    This is a Marketing Forum.

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