How Would You Contact These 14,000 leads?

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Hi all,

Wanted to get some ideas from the forum about how to attack a list of leads that my company has come into.

My team and I offer conversion rate optimization for PPC campaigns, as well as some local SEO, web design, and social media management.

I spent a VERY heavy investment with a data analysis company here in Canada to get a list of small-medium sized businesses who are currently spending on digital marketing.

The list has finally been created and I’ve got 14,000 leads with the following information:
  • Company Name
  • Company Phone Number
  • Company Mailing Address
  • Decisionmaker name
  • Decisionmaker email address
  • Estimated Adwords PPC Spend*
  • Estimated SEO Spend (including relevant keyword positions in Google)**
  • Estimated Yellow Pages Spend***
  • Facebook Ads: Yes/No****

In Italics, you can read a quick summary on how this data was quantified if you're interested. If not, skip below the italics...

************************************************** ************************************************** ***********
*Estimated PPC Spend was based on keyword planner data, and other factors and is presented within ranges of $500.
**Estimated SEO Spend was based on keywords tracked in organic results, the difficulty to rank those keywords based on 1st page competition, and prices were determined based on the pricing that we would charge to rank those keywords.
***Estimated YP spend was based on placement in online and print directories, in Canada, YP prices aren’t too hard to find so I expect these numbers to be reasonably accurate.
****We don’t know information about how much the prospect could be spending in FB, but at the time of the report, they did have ads running.

My cold-callers and I have dialed a random sample of 300 businesses under the pretense of a survey, and we’ve found that out of the 110 businesses who agreed to participate in the survey, the information we had about them was correct for over 85% of these 110 businesses.
So we know our list is good quality.

************************************************** ************************************************** ***********

I’ve never had a list to contact that was this detailed, and I have no doubt that my team and I can make a good ROI from our investment in having the list created.

Here’s my question:

We’re trying to come up with the best way to initiate contact with these businesses, and there are so many scenarios that it’s becoming overwhelming. We have 2-3 strategies that we are considering in how to make the best use of this list, but would love some suggestions from the Offline Warriors about how THEY would make contact with this list.

Here’s our goal; book a 15min sales presentation over the phone (and then obviously structure follow-ups to get the sale)

How would you contact this list?
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    Originally Posted by JayKay Dowdall View Post

    How would you contact this list?
    Hi JayKay,

    My personal preference would be a combination of direct mail and via telephone.

    As your stated goal is to get people on the phone for a 15 minute sales presentation then it makes sense to get on the phone to them from the beginning.

    A combined approach to help boost awareness will assist your phone efforts as will having a well composed and crafted phone script delivered by professionals.

    Test it out and let us know how you go.

    Best regards,

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      Hi Ozi,

      That's one of the strategies we've come up with to start, direct mail is a little pricey so we were looking at putting together email outreach instead.
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    How did you get these (below) and how do you know the data is correct?
    • Decisionmaker name
    • Decisionmaker email address
    We have the technology.
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      Hi Yukon,

      That was down to the data analysis company we hired. From my understanding they used a combination of Linkedin, Social Media, and more to come up with the DM name/Email.

      In either case, out of the 300 sample accounts that we called, the DM name was correct for over 250 of them - which is excellent.
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    Great responses, thanks everyone!

    We're going to look into Direct Mail pricing a little bit more and then structure phone/social media follow-ups.

    Will update the thread after we get through some of the nitty-gritty!
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    Probably a combination of multiple approaches including phone contact, email, and direct mail. Would also construct a funnel with a compelling opening offer to initiate engagement and hopefully build some testimonials as you continue to harvest your leads list.

    Best of luck!
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    You answered your own question.

    You stated that you contacted 300 businesses under the pretense of a survey and 110 businesses agreed to participate in the survey. That is a 36% uptake. If 36% of your list is willing to engage in dialogue that my friend is a home run.

    Just keep going down the path of the survey and develop a reward that takes them into your sales funnel. Don't change how you got them to take the survey with some big promise on the front end because you do not want to harm the take up rate. At the end of the survey you can tell them what they are getting.

    Done properly you will accomplish two things. With the survey you can determine how they feel about their marketing and possible issues they have. With the reward you can provide them immediate value and move to pitching them your offers.
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