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The last couple months I've had well over 30 sales calls and I closed 0. I think you could call that kind of a problem. Many of those calls were good companies who had the money to buy, could really use my product but I closed 0. I hope you can understand how frustrating that is..

Now for much of those time I had to put a lot of work in getting the appointments and learning how to get the apointments and what to say to get the appointments etc. I could not focus to much on spending a lot of time learning how to get a proces in my sales calls. And I'm not really smart so its hard for me to focus on 2 things at the same time.

Now that the appointments come easy I want to fully focus on becoming really good in my sales calls. I want them to have a good structure/proces that I can follow.

Can you all help me with this?

Right now I set up calls for consultancy calls. Companies get asked if they are interested in our product. Then I call them, and set up a appointment for a consultancy call. (I do explainer animations)

I get on those calls with business owners of big companies who really can buy but nobody does.

I start by asking questions and trying to find a problem and make a conclusion that they have a problem.

''What is it that makes you unique?''
They tell me what makes them unique and then I see that they don't show this on their website and I tell them this. And then I say that I want to make a video for them that wil do this for them.

I show examples of other videos but nobody wants one.

I hope you can give me some big pointers and tips on making my own good sales proces for my consultancy calls.

And if you want to share, curious how you would do one

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    Originally Posted by Ramon Zwiggelaar View Post

    I hope you can give me some big pointers and tips on making my own good sales proces for my consultancy calls.
    I made $65k last year. First time (commission only) phone sales. Wanted to learn sales the hard way. Downloaded tons of books, Grant Cardone's material, listened to a lot of motivational tapes. Thought I was going to be superstar from all I knew.

    ...Despite my "hard work"...first 6 months I made a measly $11k. Bottom of the barrel in a room of 15. Just scraped enough to get by and most weeks I was missing targets. Made a few friends and the manager took a liking to me, so I kept at it. I'd be there 2 hours early everyday practicing my pitch before it was official dial time (calling people 5 hours behind us). I did that to impress... but I also genuinely wanted to get good.

    But I was anything but good. Anyway, you're probably thinking "rags to riches" part incoming, you're right...

    One morning in July, the manager fired 5 people for "attitude and performance issues" right there in the morning sales meeting. At the end he called me into his office and told me I sounded !@$ on the phone. "What do you mean?" I asked
    "Garbage. You need to listen to your calls" he said and gave me one week to start performing or I was done.

    That was a huge blow to me. I was putting in the hours, slogging it out, but that moment I slowly realised my dreams were being pissed on. Reality sucks. But I go home determined to practice the pitch again to "sound" better.

    It's now next week and I'm having a rough day. I let out some frustration on a call, when the manager calls me into his office. Instead of firing me, he loads the recording of my call and proceeds to dissect every nuance of my call.

    I sounded like an idiot. Not letting the prospect speak...not repeating their words to build rapport... not using tie downs to engage...not pausing enough... adding in unneccessary statements and words... being too serious...

    The basics! I thought 6 months on the phone meant I had mastered the basics and now needed something advanced... special... NOPE!

    I remember feeling my face go bright red. I was nauseous and felt my body go weak from the embarrassment of listening to how PAINFULLY bad I was... but I managed to write down all his pointers and thanked him for the chance.

    In the 6 months followed, I took home a paycheck without fail. I'm no superstar salesman, but I fortunately learnt the best lesson. Sometimes you don't need to add anything, rather take away what's unneccessary.

    The best of the best analyse their own play. Boxers watch their fight videos. Athletes analyse their recordings for form and performance. Again and again.

    I recommend you record your sales calls and analyse them. Even better, watch or listen to them with a sales mentor whose selling style is similar to yours. Pay them.

    As a warning, listening to your calls isn't easy. Your voice sounds different to what you think it sounds. There are well known movie stars that refuse to watch their own movies... because they hate seeing themselves.

    In my experience, as a salesperson it's feels so good when you buy a fresh new book on sales from amazon... and tease open the pages as the author tells you how selling will always be selling but living in 2017 the way people buy has slightly changed... and how this new book will bridge the gap and arm you with a new armoury to succeed.

    Compare that to the effort required to painstakingly analyse your calls and failings. It's very difficult. And I still hate listening to my calls.
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      Originally Posted by ThePowerHouse View Post

      It's now next week and I'm having a rough day. I let out some frustration on a call, when the manager calls me into his office. Instead of firing me, he loads the recording of my call and proceeds to dissect every nuance of my call.

      I sounded like an idiot. Not letting the prospect speak...not repeating their words to build rapport... not using tie downs to engage...not pausing enough... adding in unneccessary statements and words... being too serious...
      First, incredibly helpful post. Your manager should have had you listen to your calls the second month you were there. Nobody sounds like they think they sound when selling.

      I'm glad you turned it around.

      Originally Posted by animal44 View Post

      Find people who want one...!

      Edit: If you make good videos, why not make a video to sell your stuff... Take yourself out of the equation...
      I agree.

      To the OP; Make a sales presentation using the type of videos you create, and produce a webinar. Invite people to watch it, and then call them afterward.

      Videos sell. Today, someone called and asked me to mail them an $800 vacuum cleaner, because they watched one of my Youtube videos...a complete demonstration. This happens a few times every week.

      Yesterday a CEO ordered 200 copies of one of my books, after watching a 5 minute video where I talked about the book.

      Really, if you are selling videos as a marketing method, you should be able to sell them with the videos.
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      Wow...that was an awesome share. Although I don't do enough cold calling this reply has a lot of value and insight because sales is very difficult and can be disheartening if you let it. Your share can bring a lot of insight to those in direct sales on the forum.
      Thanks again
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      Sorry for the late reply! BUT THANK YOU SO MUCH! I really loved this reply of yours, thanks for sharing this story with me. We are a week further now did I do something with it? Absolutley! I make calls for appointments with my phone and I installed a recorder on that. Since yesterday I started to upload the audio file, then start screencast, lissen to it and analyse it myself first, then I send it to my sales trainer for extra feedback! Yesterday I analysed something and I thought I did many things good but he could show me points that I did really bad or could really improve up on. And I realized,, wow.. This makes me able to improve 10 times faster it is really insane.

      I also found callnote for my mac to record my skype calls. On skype I do my 'consultancy' sales calls. I have 0 recordings of all those 30 calls so far, so I hope with this change I can also start analysing my sale calls, and see where I go wrong and improve upon it 10 times faster.

      Would not have done that witouth your reply

      Question: What would you say what 5 things or 10 things are that you MUST DO in each of your sales call in order to get a sale? For example, if you don't use examples of current customers or tell succes stories your chances of a sale are getting lower

      Never thought about letters.. Not sure if I can ask this but if you made animation explainer video's. How would you format your letter?

      I do have a list of 3000 companies so far, maybe worth a good try, but I'm really bad at writing such letters, already horrible at emails

      Thanks for your reply, what I took out of this and what I started doing was after each call I open up a new word doc and I start writing down everything that I did well and what went wrong and why I think it failed. Really notice it helps to reflect. I also stubmle upon some objections that I could not deal with, when I write it down I can practice it for the next call
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    Originally Posted by Ramon Zwiggelaar View Post

    I show examples of other videos but nobody wants one.
    Find people who want one...!

    Edit: If you make good videos, why not make a video to sell your stuff... Take yourself out of the equation...

    I stayed up all night trying to figure out where the Sun went.
    Then it dawned on me...
    What I do for a living

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    I like to send letters out first. Then when people contact me they're warm leads. They convert far better than cold calls. Costs a little money but saves enormous amounts of time and effort. If you price your product correctly the cost of the mailing is a small price to pay...
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    It's going to take time. Phone sales especially take awhile to really get a good grasp of. You just have to further develop your sales funnel through trial and error and learn from you mistakes. That means every call really writing down and understanding what wrong with your sales call. It could be various reason why your sales calls aren't working. But it's up to you to really dig deep and find out why your calls are not turning out the way you want them to. Maybe you're selling to the wrong market, maybe you aren't generating enough desire for your product or the benefits of your product to their business. There could be so many reasons but it is up to you to find them if you really want your product to sell.
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    I'm probably the most qualified person here to answer this question. I've made millions of dollars selling over the phone.

    If your getting warm appointments you should be rich right now. Closing the call is the easy part. Going from cold to warm is where the money is at. But based on what you explained above I can already see 2 HUGE problems. the first problem you already know about. You need a structured pitch and you need rebuttals written out for you. The second problem is your doing the process backwards.

    You should be doing the consult call before the appointment. That should be where you qualify them in or out and get a good idea of there needs so when you call back for the appointment you can close them.

    When you run a sales appointment your only goal is to close them, you cant turn a consult call into a sales call effectively. Let me ask you a question though. When you ask for the order at the end of your consult call. What kind of response are they giving you or what obstacle are you running into thats preventing you from locking down a contract?
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      Thank you so much for your reply! This gave me some hope again Sorry for my late reply I was very busy with family and a bit depressed that things were not working out..

      I am really glad that you were able to point out 2 major problems I am having.

      Now first I have to say I decided to do a major overhaul. I will not focus on the sales calls anymore at this moment. I will only focus on appointment setting. I need to actually learn this skill and be able to set ALOT more appointments for myself then I am doing now.. I tell myself I need to practice my sales calls but

      1. I only have a few because I suck at making many appointments. So I can’t improve fast enough.
      2. I am doing things wrong as you said. I just call and ask for a consultancy call and then I need to go from consulting to selling.

      What you told me the second problem was nobody ever told me before. My boss says that we have to sell the consultancy call over the phone. Just tell him that you can find process in his company that could be improved with video. That you can make him a nice offer and he can see wether he wants to do something with it or not. Then on the call I have to find out everything about them, really find out where and why the could use a video. Is it because they could use more conversions?

      I really like what you are saying about do the consultancy part on the call where you want to make the appointment. Is that something that you always did or that you learned the hard way?

      So I must focus now on improving the appointment setting call but do the consultancy part there and actually find out reasons for them to take a video and then suggest that we can discuss it when we make a appointment
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    I could see this as being a hard sell. Think for a moment here.. "explainer video" what is its function? It explains what a business does or what a product is - simple enough right? But the people you are talking to think they have the best thing since sliced bread and their web presents explains what the service or product is...

    They ( the people you are trying to sell ) know what it is they do and sell... and you have to convince them that there is a gap... what THEY know, and what is communicated to potential clients. The explainer video should bridge the gap between the enthusiasm of the business to that of the potential customer.

    If you look at 20 Animated Explainer Videos That Are Awesome you get an idea how that gap is closed.

    So how do you close your clients? I would beat them up with numbers... web visitors make an evaluation of a site in 8 seconds.. more can be said in a 60 second video than 60 seconds of read time ( reading their site ) YouTube is the #2 web property on the web for good reason... video is the prominently preferred media choice of consumers today.

    Ask these people directly.. when was the last time anyone shared a site link with you.. when was the last time someone shared a video link?

    Video is sharable content, it can be housed on multiple platforms to be found by potential customers... be it youtube, vimeo, facebook, twitter.. where ever... the website is static in nature...

    I would make an explainer video that covers these points Explain what an explainer video can do.. how it does it, and why it is so effective. I would then base my pitch on the video.

    Once you have set the appointment.. I would send that one person the video... if the next call there is more than one person on the call I would ask.. have you all seen the video? I will bet they have... you will have just demonstrated the viralness of video.

    Hope that helps
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      Hey there, sorry for the late reply. Been really busy.

      I decided to first focus more on improving my appointment setting skills as it was not really a great skill yet.

      I have wrote down pointers of what you said and will use it! And wil definitely use the idea of sending that video before a appointment.

      Now here is a new question that I have. You tell me amazing things why people need a video and they are all so true and its so important for a business.

      But what I'm taught right now with booking the appointments is that I can't state those benefits because I don't know what would be relevant to them. A video can be used for multiple reasons and it can have multiple different benefits. On the call I can find out if it would be relevant for him to improve the message of the website. Maybe a company never uses the website or is already getting amazing conversions.

      So now what I do is just focus on selling a consultation call where I can find the points relevant to him. I'm a bit in doubt due to this. Could you shine some light on this issue I am having?
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    Been working hard latley! Managed to set 6 appointments in the last 2 days. That is going a lot better. I want to learn how to do sales calls but I'm kinda stuck with the reply of SalesGod. He says that I have a extra hard time selling because I do a consultancy call and going from consulting to selling is hard. What are your thoughts on that?
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      This is exactly how I sell and I suggest you do the same. First I cold call them to set an appointment. Durring the appointment call I gather information with questions so I have a very clear understanding of there needs. I always set the appointment for 3 days out.

      Durring that 3 days period I BOMBARD them with testimonials, case studies, videos ect. I want them to already be sold on what I offer before I even call them back to run the appointment.

      if you do this right you don't have to be a pro as sales calls because A good portion of them will already be sold.

      When you call them back on appointment day you simply ask if they liked what you sent them and then you ask for the order right after. Its just that simple.

      Going from cold to closed in just one call is just as simple when you learn how to sell but for now I'd stick with the strategy I wrote out above. Of course you need to have a bullet proof appointment script for this to work.

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