Do you use free screen recording software?

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Hi guys,
Recording computer screen has become one of my favourite activities everyday. It can not only show what i am doing with my computer but also showing my audience about useful tips on SEO, marketing as well as product demonstration. I especially like to discover new FREE SCREEN RECORDING SOFTWARE that work well.
And of course, this activity is one of the most important part for my marketing campaign.

I am currently working with ActivePresenter, created by Atomi Systems. It allow me to do such work like:
- Recording computer screen in full motion, high quality videos.
- Customized screen area for recording.
- Record mouse cursor path that is very useful when you want your audience to look at the movement of the mouse.
- Some basic video editing feature to create screencast.

So, that what I wanna share with you. How about other free screen recording software you are using? Share with me.
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    I've used TinyTake and Open Broadcaster so far. Haven't come across the one you're using, but almost all screen recording software are the same. It's just a matter of choosing which one you're comfortable with while getting the results that you like.
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    Screencast O-matic is great! how long do you need to record?

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