How to find folks to pass out flyers?

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What is the best way to hire people to pass out flyers? I wasnt really sure where to find the best folks. Thanks
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    Craigslist and other classified ads sites would be a good place to start. You may even find someone on Fiverr who would be willing to get involved (there's some crazy deals on there!). Also you could try your local newspaper/free magazine.

    Something that has worked well for me in the UK, is putting a small advert up in a newsagent's window. We tend to have small notice boards in the local newsagent (grocery store), which people always read, especially in villages.

    The only down-side to all of the above, is that you need a method to qualify if the person(s) have actually delivered the leaflets properly and not thrown them into the bin!
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    A lot of cities have services for this. I know my local craigslist has ads for at least 3 different services that will do door to door flyer delivery. They also advertise for hiring people to do it as well on craigslist, so you could also do the same thing and just put an ad up to hire people on your own. It just depends if you want to save money and hire people on your own, or pay a little more for a delivery service and have less headache.

    If you don't find a service on your local craigslist, just do a google search for your local city and you should find one.
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    Two points which haven't been mentioned so far in this thread are:

    If you use a commercial service to distribute your leaflets, you need to establish if they will be doing a 'solus' drop or a multiple one, meaning, will your flyer be the only one put into a mailbox or will it be in a bundle of other ones (which reduces the effectiveness of your message).

    Second point - based on having done and tested a lot of this form of promotion - what counts is the cost per lead and you will find that distributed flyers are weak compared with 'door knocking'. You may not fancy doing the latter, but it will get you around 10 times as many leads as you would from just a simple flyer drop.

    A good door pitch would be 'Sorry to bother you, just calling to let you know about a new (fill in the blank) service in this area. We do (fill in the blank), do you need any of this done? (Better if you can finish with an 'open question' though).

    Hope this helps.
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    You could also find some help on craiglist . Try posting and many a times there are very good response for helping out for a small fee . Besides you can also target by which city you are planning to launch your marketing ...
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    When I used to do door hangers for mortgage stuff, I'd keep my eye on the door in the early mornings and open it before the guy could hang his flyer on my door, then offer him $20 cash to add my flyers to his batch and walk them around for me.

    Worked like a charm, and it was way cheaper. haha. He was $20 richer for doing the same work, and I got my flyers hung.

    Note that I'm not claiming that's the "best" way... haha. It's just A way.
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    I would say Craigslist...Maybe broadcast a message on Facebook asking for helpers. You never know.

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    Way back in the olden days when I was in Boy Scouts, our troop would occasionally be hired by a local business to distribute flyers. The adult leaders of the troop supervised the job, keeping horse play to a minimum and assuring the job was completed properly.

    It was a good deal for all concerned. The business got their info distributed for a reasonably modest price, and the troop added some funds to it's coffers to be used for camping trips and such.

    Don't know if that's even a possibility nowadays, but it might be worth a phone call to find out.
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    Try the Craigslist Et Cetera section. That's going to be your best bet.
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    Just call any business that puts flyer on your door and ask if you can piggyback. Normally they wont care if you are not a competitor. IT is more moolah for them. Expect to pay 5-8 cents per flyer.
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    To make people pass out flyers you WILL have to give them something, get some highschoolkids to pass out the flyers in order for some spare change. They always appreciate that.
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    I use Labor ready and manpower for a lot of this stuff. I know I'll sound stuffy and old (I'm not old, maybe stuffy).

    But they take care of any tax's and insurance. Also you have someone to call if the person doesn't do a good job and there's not having to do much work.

    You can negotiate the price as well.

    I know passing out flyers is no big deal when it comes to paying someone (tax's) and insurance but my mentor always told me "it doesn't matter until it does".

    If cost is a big issue then I'd use craigslist.

    The thing I like that's not me on my soap box is I only have to make 1 call and they show up and I make 1 phone call and they are gone if I don't think they are doing a good job. Basically I'm outsourcing my employee management you could say. I dig it anyway. But I'm also hyper lazy.
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    I just hired two people from one Craigslist ad I posted. I received about fifty responses within the first twenty-four hours the ad was online. One of the two I chose did a great job. The other called at the last minute to say she was sick. I'm hoping to reschedule her for next week.
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    Craigslist is good. Average cost is 10-15 cents a door.

    You can also look for local school groups, like cheerleaders. They need to raise money for various things.
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    +1 for craigslist... or perhaps the bulletin board at your nearest college.
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    Go to a modeling agency, a large percentage of a beginning models work is "promotional". A "promotional" model is one who hands out flyers at concerts... in malls... hands out samples of things...

    Give a broke model a gig. Handing out flyers is such a significant part of their business that they actually created a term for it, some modeling agencies have protocol ways of doing it designed to get your best results and can consult you on how to use a promotional model for your type of marketing.

    You can also ask that the models poll people and get them to fill out forms as opposed to just handing out a flyer, and pay them by the form, so in a sense they are generating leads for you.

    Overall though, cold calling is more effective.

    Here's a site with a list of promo modeling agencies and event staffing companies. You have to click "Promotional models" to the left.

    Here's a modeling website where I did a search for "promotional"... and here is an example of some models looking for promotional work. You can look for an agency in your city as well:

    Believe it or not, if you are gonna hire someone to hand out flyers, there are semi pro models who will do it cheaply and are trained to get results.
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    Have anyone tried Fiverr?
    I found this, Fiverr / Search results for 'flyers'
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    Mr. Durham,

    That is awesome and brilliant sir.

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    fiverr dot com
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    Gumtree if your in Australia.

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