How much would you charge a client to setup a Facebook Fan Page?

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For a business that has poor online marketing skills, but know they need to have some online presence, how much would you charge as a one off to setup a Facebook Fan Page? And if you offer to manage it for them monthly, how much per month?
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    one time with a custom image and a name capture landing page $300 no friends added, they need to tell thier customers about it.
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    For me it's one time set-up fee of $197. I have a number of templates i use and customize it as I need to ie. logo's etc.
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    I charge $200. You can buy some really great templates on this board that'll make things quick and simple. I'd do them all day long at this price.
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    Here in the UK I charge £75.00 to set up their Fanpage, no fans added. This is a very quick and simple proces using fanpageengine and normally takes no longer than an hour.
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    I charge $200 for the FB page. Which is completely customized.
    They can import just about anything, and have a second page made as well.
    For $300 they can have a custom Twitter, YouTube , and FB page as well.
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      My thoughts are that "setting up" the fan page is only half the battle, the easy part, and the less important part.

      Getting traffic to see the page, "like" the page, posting info. to the page, setting up incentives, building / engaging a fan base ... that's the hard part that many forget about.

      A page without likes/friends is not worth anything. So, include costs to make the page useful for your client in your quote.
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      WE only create custom fanpages for our clients (not templates). We believe that templates can not represent the business as needed. Each design we do is tailored around the business. I know some use templates for their customers, and that is fine, it is just something we do not use. WE offer advice as far as adding fans, but we leave that up to them to finish.

      I charge anywhere from $150 - $275 all depending on the number of pages (1 or 2) and video, or optin forms.

      Here are a few personal pages done for some local businesses in town.

      Used Atv's Bismarck
      Window Tinting Bismarck

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    $129. is a fair price I think and a HOT one. Its easy for the customer to say yes.
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    I agree John, $129 seems like it is reasonable for anyone to afford. MOst of my clients do like the $149 price. Some do ask for a much more detailed design, therefore raising the price.

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    I charge $89 for online clients for a basic 1 but offline clients usually pay a bit more. I'd say around $200. I signed up a few offline clients last week at $200.

    That 25% off for clicking like is a good idea.
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    An average between $150-450$ depends upon no of pages,video options and more.
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    Much depends on the fans page
    but approximately $ 100.
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    How do you manage the creation of Fan pages for your customers?

    If the customer already have a profile on FB,
    Do you create the page under your login and once completed you add the customer as admin and get yourself removed from admin?

    Or does the customer add you as admin during development process?
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      Only the second solution is working. If you make the page and after that give him the login you will stay as an admin. The original admin of a page can not be removed.
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    I've been starting at 99 for just the initial setup and 50 a month in updates. If you have a new client wanting a web presence what I've been doing is having a upfront package rate for the wordpress site, facebook fanpage, twitter, etc... The 99 for facebook setup is if they already have a site and I'm managing the site for them. Its really an easy sell when you first get a new client to talk them into "the ultimate package" and then "the ultimate monthly maintenance".
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    Like I said , I will charge more when they are complicated like these.

    Facebook Fanpage Designs | Facebook

    These require a Lot More Work!!

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    $100-$250 is a good price range, depending on how good you are.

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