The Absolute best Rebuttal to "I'm Not Interested"...

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"Nah, I'm not interested..."
Soooo maybe you've heard this a time or 2!

I was reading an ebook from Mike Brook "Mr. Inside Sales" and found this rebuttal...thought I'd share it.

Customer: No, I'm not interested...
You: I know that (Name), heck if you were interested YOU would've called ME! (Give a slight chuckle) But seriously, I'm sure you get a ton of calls and it seems like everyone wants something from you, I know how you feel but every now and then there's that conversation you have with someone and it's of VALUE and things make SENSE! While I can appreciate you not be interested I'm sure you're interested in (Give, having more customers, making more profit etc...) and that's what I would like to talk to you about. Let me ask you a question (Go into your presentation...)

It's a little wordy but nothing you can get down pat in a few days. I'll have it next to my normal script and just read til I'm comfortable with it. This is one that you can use on half your prospects because almost all will say they're NI.

Hint: Practice practice practice this rebuttal... You wanna use voice inflection at the BOLDED words... Hope some of you like this... :-)
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    This is a great rebuttal. I am guilty of "buckling" to early, but that is all going to change next week.

    I need to work this into my arsenal
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    "Let me ask you a question...". Directing them back to the conversation.


    Bob have you've heard of facebook marketing right...? "The reason I asked is because..." lead them back in...

    A: Ask a question

    B: "The reason I asked is because..."

    Lead them back in.
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    John I REALLY like "the reason I ask"... When I read that in your e-book I was allll over that one! :-)
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    Wouldn't work on me, but then again, I'm not your average prospect. I'm DR NO. No to everything, and what part of NO didn't you get the first time?
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    I tell them its off to (competitor's name) that instantly makes them stop me.
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    I like my condensed version to Not interested and I will explain what I feel it does for me.

    I'm not interested.

    Wait, I don't understand something here. How can you make the decision of not being interested when you haven't enough information to make an informed and intelligent decision about what I can do for your business?

    Then shut the hell up and wait for the response.

    Response: Still not interested. OK great good luck to you.

    If they do not realize that my statement is indeed true I don't want them for a client no matter what. They may tend to make snap judgments not based on all the available information, can't deal with that for a client.

    Response: Ok, go ahead I'm listening, or good point or pretty much any response other then still not interested.

    This is good and shows me that they might have realized they are not dealing with just a "sales person" trying to talk them into something.

    This is, from my experience how to best handle for "ME" the I'm not interested.

    Every word that comes out of my mouth is doing 1 of 2 things, qualifying or disqualifying.

    While the OP has posted a good canned response to me it comes across as trying to twist their arm or talk them into listening and if you do that you really "don't" have their attention. All you have is a one way conversation with yourself.
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    I might try:

    " Sure but just to let you know, we will only be accepting 4 businesses to join lead our generation programme from this postcode, once we get that, we begin building the sites.

    OK so you definitely don't want to join?

    No. Ok thank you for time. Goodbye

    Maybe? Ok call me back on 555-5555 if you need some more information.

    Yes. Can I drop by next week sometime?
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    Good info:

    When you go with them in the not interested room and bring them back into the sales room it basically keeps them in that comfort zone but now they are back in your arena with the question that they must ask
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    On the charges and how much is too much....I recently tried completion of the task and then asking the client to pay me how much they would have charged me ( if they had done the work for me ) to do the same thing.

    I have done this 7 times and each time they paid me more than I would have charged.....that tells me I under value my work. $ 3-k ( and more ) might not be out of line given the right client & market.

    Just food for thought,
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    "Not interested" never, ever means that someone isn't genuinely interested. It means things like:

    "I'm too busy"
    "You're not articulating the value of what you're offering"
    "I'm a terrible decisionmaker"

    All manner of things besides the actual words "I'm not interested".
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    This thread is becoming epic LOLZ!!!

    We are conditioned to say, Not Interested, or No, not right now, Can you send me some information. If you don't think we are, look back at the last time you responded to a sale call without actually taking the time to hear what the person had to offer in its entirety.

    We've all done it and we will all do it again in the future, if you deny it. Don't lie and deny it!
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    Originally Posted by Kirrybows

    And you obviously are a stuck up prick who doesn't realize that not everybody lives in your town where everybody is nice and open to new ideas. Why don't you open those squiggly little eyes of yours and think about the different types of people one may encounter. I'm talking ethnicity and nationality, moron. Get this through your head. Do you live in New York City? I don't think so. Stick your tongue in your asshole.
    I've had clients pay my $200/mo. to $120k/mo. for JUST seo services, let alone all the other services I've provided over the years to clients. You don't need to live in a big city to close big deals. The city doesn't matter - finding the right clients for your service is, regardless of locale. If I know my price-point for my services starts out at a min. of $1.5k, then I know that I can't take any clients that aren't doing at least $1mil (this is still debatable) in gross revenue.

    Originally Posted by MarciaYudkin

    Sorry, I strongly disagree.

    If someone says, "Do you want to buy a motorcycle?" and I say "No, I'm not interested," then I mean EXACTLY that I am not interested. Nothing you can say can get me to be interested. Period. And all the sales maneuvers in your bag will not change that.

    Marcia Yudkin
    Marcia -

    What you're proposing is apple and oranges in your response back. If someone walks into a bike store, then they have interest and possible intent to buy. If you're cold-calling for bike sales, right, your scenario would work, but that's not a reality.

    The reality is businesses ALWAYS NEED more sales - marketing isn't a luxury item, like a bike is, it's necessity for a biz owner. And we provide a service to increase revenue and net profits - so them saying "I'm Not Interested" isn't a real statement... it's a "F-U, I'm the boss and I've heard it before" statement. You just need to get them to hear you.

    I tell my sales reps that every single business is a potential client (relative to our target demographics) and them saying "I'm Not Interested" is just a way for them to get you off the phone - never acceptable... Unless... of course... they just don't want more business bcuz they just have too much money, don't know how to run there company or have a sudden urge to give all net profits to charity.
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    Very interesting thank you for sharing!
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    In agreement with Michael,

    I tend to think of people who wont respond to an intelligent rebuttal, when I have a 5.00 harley to offer them as "simple minded".

    In other words they are stuck on an answer, and they arent even "open" to reason.

    Intelligent people are open to reason.

    So I just let em go. You cant argue with a simple minded person... In biblical terms one might say " the carnel mind cannot know the things of God..."

    The simple mind cannot reason intelligently.

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    Originally Posted by marciayudkin

    I'm sorry, but I do not agree with this statement, either.

    If you walk in or call up as a perfect stranger, you truly do not know the situation of that business. There could be a million legitimate reasons why they do not want more sales at that time. If you can't imagine any of them, then I would not want to take your sales calls. Frankly, you sound like someone who is absolutely determined not to listen but rather to impose your views on others.
    You're talking in EXCEPTIONS... yes, they might not have enough room in there warehouse for growth, they might need more space for employees, they need more equipment to handle there service, owner just died, etc... (which, of course, are additional services you could be offering them as a part of helping them grow)

    ... but the RULE is that 90% of companies are out there to make money, and in doing so, need more business/leads/sales/conversions to better profits.

    I don't just say this because this is how I think it is in the REAL world, it's because I listen. I come from SEO "boiler rooms" that just dial all day long for there $199 "listings" that gets the client nothing. I've started my service as an alternative; as a company that listens to the needs of the client.

    Our sales team actually spends quality time on the phone and what we've found out, after listening to them, is that 8-9 times out of 10, they need something - more leads, more traffic, better conversions, direct mail set-up, sales funnel process, etc... to grow there business. They don't want a $199 package that does SQUAT for them, they want to be heard. They know there business and want to grow it - they just want there input too. So we get this reflex of "No, Not Interested" bcuz they think it's, once again, a boiler room calling on there $199 product - when we TALK to them, and more importantly, LISTEN (most of the time they do a majority of the talking in our sales calls) they always have a need for one of our services.
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    High probability selling is about continuing to ask until you determine whether their is interest or not, and letting go if there is not. Almost always at least a soft rebuttal however is needed to determine that, if after one or two soft ones you determine they really arent interested then let em go, but give them an opportunity or two to hear you first.

    Some are just flat "Im not interested thank you" and you know not to waste your breath, but most can be rebutted.


    "Do you folks have a website"

    "Yeah we already have one I think we're fine"

    "Really great. Hows that working for you , you getting some business"?

    "Okay, well the reason I asked is because we are also offering...."

    Thats a soft rebuttal. If they still arent interested let em go... but "trying" softly... can double your conversions as opposed to just "Hello, Goodbye".

    Im never for pushing, but Im all for giving the customer a chance to know if they are really interested or not...

    In either event, 90% of your calls arent gonna last 30 seconds... thats how it goes, thats how hundreds of thousands of sales are made everyday and have been for years by the top companies in the world.
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    This thread just keeps getting better and BETTER!

    I need more popcorn and soda pop!

    Marcia is an "attraction marketer" so its only natural that she'd disagree with those who are more extroverted markets that go out and get the business instead of trying to attract it.
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    Well attraction marketing doesn't work in a crowded marketplace full of people trying to "attract" the business.

    The concept might have been relevant in a hot economy where people spent money hand over fist. But in a hot economy, the most anti-selling, non-marketing person can still figure out how to make money.

    A flat economy separates the real players from the talkers.
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    I think there is enough business out there not wasting your time to someone who said no. If you have a good strategy in place to keep on top of people's minds (like newsletters, authority blog, social media, etc) they'll come to you when you're ready. Trying to convince someone that they should buy your services when they have said no is a waste of time and energy because even if they become your client they are more likely to be a low quality client who expects the same sort of attention from you all the time.

    I'd rather move on to the people who say yes and let the others contact me when they're ready.

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