Wordpress Tradesman / Plumber / Electrician themes? Can't find any?

by krzysiek 11 replies
Hi guys,

Thinking of trying to find some tradesmen as prospects to sell sites to, but I can't seem to find any plumber or electrician themes (have not looked for the other trades yet... but I am sure the same problem would apply).

Anyone have any idea of such themes, or perhaps direct links to sites selling such themes? What would you do in this situation?

I want to put together a WP theme for plumbers on my site, so that I can call them and then tell them the URL for them to take a visit and look at it, so they know what they are getting - but I can't seem to find anything decent. I did find a couple but they're from around 2005 etc, I was hoping for something newer.. ?

Thank you for all your help!
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    I've used itheme's essence with a custom logo for tradespeople.

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      Pick a good business theme and change the header and graphics to represent the industry you're targeting.
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    I like Peter Beattie's WSO, Offline Power Pack. It will give you WP themes and Facebook Fan Page templates that match.
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      Rather than running the risk of using a trade specific theme, and having it look like so many others, why not customize a site for each client? After all, most successful businesses make their bones by showing the world that they are different than the competition. Just a thought,

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        I LOVE all the themes at Press75.com

        Super reasonable and gorgeous looking themes. I use the cafepress theme for almost all local businesses.
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    I can create a custom theme for each professional if you would like.. shoot me a message.. i have a design team that does Wordpress Sites.
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  • My programmer ALWAYS wants to start from scratch. I keep telling him to try some Wordpress themes. He just starts with DW,PS,A and just starts making them. So, I guess I just sell custom sites for each client.

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      Originally Posted by www_retireonme_com View Post

      My programmer ALWAYS wants to start from scratch. I keep telling him to try some Wordpress themes. He just starts with DW,PS,A and just starts making them. So, I guess I just sell custom sites for each client.
      Using a basic WP template would save a lot of time I imagine. That's why I am looking for these themes as I don't want to build from scratch for each client!
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        use wordpress..........2010 theme
        find free pictures of a real plumbing company on line
        change header to that picture
        then when you talk to the plumbing company you are trying to sell
        tell them you can take pictures of their company and change the
        header once again.

        dave in indy
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    Thanks for all of the replies guys! I Eventually went with vndnbrgj's suggestion as the price was right and it seems quality is there, too.

    Thanks a lot, I hope these will do the trick!
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    Another thing you could do is what I do which is use the Headway Theme and then go to templatemoster.com and search for a plumber template (or which ever other industry you're looking for) and use the images to build the site (with Headway its really easy, you can see two that I've built here: www.edmontoncleaningpros.com and www.edmontonroofingpros.com) That being said, I'm going to be implementing a Plumber theme.

    To Your Sucess,

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